1. I’m tempted to say “first!”, but because I’m not twelve I’ll instead say this reminded me a lot of Stieglitz’ roughly contemporary photo “Old and New New York”. Both of them are strikingly familiar to me and probably to most people today, because the overall aesthetic of construction sites in general really hasn’t changed much in a century.

  2. Very informative. Thank you. I'm an aspiring Architect in college; if anyone has advise, tips, or resources I should know let me know.

  3. Bellows has something in common with John Sloan, showing the gritty polluted reality of the rapidly developing city. The building was beautiful and it's a shame they had to raze it but at least the Landmarks Preservation Commission came out of it. I have to check out that Brooklyn musuem of art sometime. Thank you for another interesting vid that inspires.

  4. I was an art history major in college and surprisingly it is one of the American art movements that has struck me and I enjoy it the most because of its realism.

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