Ben Shapiro absolutely wrecks “The New York Times” for purposeful deceit

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Doocy: What do you make of “The
New York Times” being caught, not only in having to apologize
for an inappropriate tweet, but also in an editorial note
fixed on this news analysis that said, essentially, “You
know what, we left out the fact that the woman involved in this story does not remember this story?” Shapiro: I would say
that it’s unbelievable, except it’s insanely believable. Every time “The New York
Times” makes a mistake, it is always in the direction of somebody on the right getting clocked, and that’s particularly
true in the Kavanaugh story. There is a much
bigger story in that book that was not reported
by “The New York Times,” namely that Leland Kaiser, who is the best friend
of Christine Blasey Ford, said she didn’t believe Ford’s story and was pressured by Ford’s allies to change her story. “The New York Times” didn’t
see fit to report that. They buried this particular story in their news analysis section so they didn’t have to run
it through the news section. They actually removed
the line that said that the alleged victim didn’t remember the incident in question
and then replaced it later. That’s not just bad journalism.
That’s not botchery. That’s purposeful at that point. Kilmeade: Let’s see them try to
explain themselves out of this. The two writers of
the book talked about what they wrote for the opinion
section of the newspaper and how it was edited out. See if you buy this. Kelly: There was
no desire to withhold important information
from our readers. We have all of it in the book. During the editing process
there was an oversight, and this key detail about the
fact that the woman herself has told friends she doesn’t remember it and has not wanted to talk about it got cut. It was an oversight. We’re a team at “The New York Times.” We have processes in place. Pogrebin: I think, actually,
the way it happened was that the editors were
concerned about naming her. In that sentence that had her name, it also had that she doesn’t remember it. We also took out the fact
that she didn’t remember it. Earhardt: Is there even a victim? She doesn’t remember it. Shapiro: No, there is no story here. This prompted editorials
from “The New York Times” and the “Washington Post”
talking about how the FBI was engaged in
a “sham investigation” based on them not
investigating an allegation that has no alleged victim. It’s insanity. Kilmeade: Do you buy that explanation? Shapiro: Of course I don’t buy the
explanation. That’s not an oversight. How is it an oversight when
you don’t just remove the name, you remove the key detail
of the entire story? It’s not a detail. That is
the center of the story. Doocy: The center of the story
was from a man who used to be an attorney for Bill Clinton. Shapiro: During the impeachment, yeah. Doocy: He would not speak to
the authors of the book either and only spoke through two
other people, who are officials, and we don’t know who they are. Kilmeade: Do you mean
the “non-partisan” attorney? That’s what they wrote,
a “non-partisan” attorney. Shapiro: That’s right. That’s right. Doocy: …a non-profit or
something like that. Shapiro: Exactly.
The whole thing is absurd. They ignored the real story, but that is “The New York Times”
New York Times-ing.


  1. back in 1890 the publisher like Pulitzer of the Pulitzer prize fame told lies to start the Spanish American war just to sell advertising. It is still on going all the out right lies for the same reasons to sell advertising. The orange clown has just renamed what it use to be called YELLOW JOURNALISM to F A K E NEWS.

  2. This was not a mistake. It was a case of lies and deception committed with malice of forethought. They are guilty of libel and should be sued.

  3. Why are we surprised we live in a time where journalists get their stories from social media like twitter instead of actually investigating and following leads

  4. Legend says that everytime Ben Shapiro spits fire facts, there will be a constantly rising plume of smoke far behind him.

  5. They welded the hatchet and were caught out, the story here is the lying author and the nasty discredited NYT. But what does one expect from a pig but a grunt?

  6. Did you know that the president of the New York times killed a man? I mean, the main guy who saw the whole thing can't remember it, and there's no corroborating evidence, and no police department or government agency pressed any charges…

  7. Fish wrap, toilet paper in an emergency. Are two better uses for the NYT than reading it for factual information.

  8. Real journalists are getting arrested in Canada for reporting facts.
    Fake journalists get paid for favourable opinions.

  9. Bullshit, Shapiro! Start demanding Barr investigate. Quit pretending the status quo is ok. Demand answers or shut the fuck up !

  10. Ben Shapiro won’t debate anyone further right than him however. He’s a hypocrite and a hindrance to free speech and true conservatism.

  11. Washington Post is just as bad, they print lies all day long and then they have to delete them when they get caught with their pants down.

  12. Wow. Lying leftist white women. Bald faced liars. Corrupt and disgusting to the core. These bitches should be in prison.

  13. Shapiro is a fucking creep. You little piece of shit. A pedophile. That's what he is. Isn't that how you consersatives talk,? Just call anyone you don't like a pedophile?. Fox is worse than CNN. Fake news

  14. Interesting that the more women that get into media, the less integrity and honor media has. It really shouldn't be surprising to anyone. Women are raised to be self-interested. Women are indirectly raised to believe the ends justify the means. Women are raised to believe their wants and needs are important. Is it any wonder that most women operating in a professional capacity leave integrity and honor at the door? It goes against everything they were raised to believe about themselves and about others.

  15. Used to read the New York Times. They may be better off trying to republish Me in Kampf with a picture of Adolph Hitler always on the front page.

  16. So one of the most important things were just overlooked and it being left out was just an “oversight “ lol. Even if that was the case obviously these people are incapable of their jobs and why would they be on such a big News company??

  17. So a mistake or oversight was not spotted! Don’t they have proof readers or don’t they check their work before printing?

  18. Oh, so a democrat lawyer said a republican judge did something to someone back in the day but NO ONE, not even the "victim" is able to coberate what he said happened? How did this even make it past the National Inquirer?

  19. When my kids tell lies like this I asked them "are you lying or are you just a complete idiot, because it's one or the other"

  20. The NYT has «  processes on place » which are a total bias against conservatives and lick the boots of all leftists ! And this is of course a « total oversight » !

  21. It's crazy how far the left has shifted, if you would have told me 10 years ago that I'd be agreeing with Fox News in 2019 I would have told you that you were nuts.

  22. If the 2024 Republican President/VP primary isn't Mike Pence/Nikki Haley, then it damn well should be Mike Pence/Ben Shapiro. … or Nikki Haley/Ben Shapiro.

  23. The excuse they made over their oversight of her name being in the same sentence is a piss poor one. Do you expect me to believe that NYT's writers have never heard of control+F? I've known about using that to find a specific phrase I want to cut from a paper since early high school. They really do think that the american people are to stupid to pick apart their arguments and excuses, we aren't.

  24. I first thought its a short video. Then realized it has Ben Shapiro so I get to listen more information than normal people. ??

  25. ‘We did not want to name her’

    Then you redact the name. Redacting a name never requires an entire sentence to be removed.

    They are so lying.

  26. oh god, why havent these "news" paper companies died yet?!!! we were so close 10 yrs ago, then all you idiots get baited and click!!!! XD

  27. As a non citizen of the US, I am sometimes astounded by all the bullshit and crap that's going on in the so-called best country in the world!
    There should be jail time for idiocy.
    Only my opinion.

  28. Until these bastards are held accountable they will continue to spew lies and hate, its sure is time to start looking at all the so called journalists at Wash Post and look into their private going ons and destroy them by their own medium.

  29. Doesn’t matter, people made up their minds about Kavanaugh because “believe all women” or some other backwards leftist slogan.

  30. What really irks me is that the NYT takes us for idiots, people are not stupid, any citizen can see them lying, it's grotesque…and insulting.

  31. Here's the kicker. The authors made it out to be about "oversight," saying that the sentence that was left out was omitted because it contained the name of the person who does not wish to be named. But if you go to the book and find that particular sentence, the sentence they claim contained the name DOES NOT CONTAIN THE NAME. So even their excuse is bogus.

  32. these msm need to be shut down by we the people.The only way to end this is for the citizens to shut it down,Why do we allow this evil to continue?

  33. these lairs should be JAILED !!!!!!!
    its easy for a harlet/witch to blast a man even without solid evidence. en even if the man gets the not guilty part his personal record is shatterd !!!!

  34. Boycott them if they are going to be prejudice ! All media needs to be on the level ! They can't be taking sides they either tell it straight or lose their subscribers

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