Benji’s South East London Tour

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Hi everyone I’m Benji, a second year anthropology student and today I’m going to take you on a little tour around the
area of Goldsmiths for some good places to eat, drink and have fun so let’s go right now we’re on the road outside of Goldsmiths and there are a ton of
coffee shops around here we have Goldsmiths Cafe if you want to catch a good breakfast. my favourite place to go is Out of the Brew I love Out of the Brew so much it’s a
very cute little coffee shop which has a really lovely outdoor garden it’s
usually really nice when it’s sunny but now it’s a little bit rainy but still great Down this road here is Goldsmiths but where I’m standing right now there
are pubs that loads of students go to so right behind me is the New
Cross House they have a really great space, they do great pizza. and over there is Marquis of Granby which is kind of a more traditional pub feel and they do have a jukebox which I love but I’m gonna take you to my favourite one which is the Fat Walrus so it’s not always the best weather in London and sometimes the closest pub to you is the best one My favourite thing to eat here is curly fries If you follow Fat Walrus on Instagram they sometimes have drink
deals and also very cute pictures of the dog So we’re gonna go to Green Onions now which is like a health food store and in this shop you can buy loads of little plants for your house, vinyls you can buy loads of health food, incense you can buy chocolate you should check it out I’m thinking about getting one of the little cacti for my room just to liven things up a bit. So just a short bus ride or like half an hour walk away is Peckham. and Peckham is kind of the place that loads of the Goldsmiths students go for a night out. Behind me we have Bussey Building which I love to go to, the South London
Soul Train nights are amazing And just down here is Canavan’s, which has loads of pool tables and in the evening kind of turns into like a club and what I love most about Canavan’s is that you can do karaoke so you should definitely
come down and check it out So while at first glance you may not think Peckham looks like much you have to kind of go hunting to find the good places. where we’re going right now to Bussey Building is down a little alleyway They have some artists working in there look, potters at work So in this old parking lot there’s
actually a lot to do you’ve got Copeland Gallery you’ve got the nines for a drink we’ve got Spaghetti for spaghetti and up on
that rooftop over there there’s a rooftop cinema Under Peckham Rye station
you have Bar Story and Peckham Springs so they are another hidden gems around
Peckham that you just really have to hunt for. So just down the road from
Goldsmiths is Deptford If you’re really into bikes and coffee this is the
coffee shop for you it’s also a bike repair shop so I’m in Deptford Marketyard
right now and underneath all of these arches like it’s kind of like very
interesting and unique places I’m gonna take you one to right now Little Nan’s
which do great cocktails so many options to choose from they do a great kind of boozy afternoon tea I hope you discovered that you don’t have to go far
to have a good time and you’ll definitely find something that you’re interested in around here See you around

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