Bernie Sanders’ rivals applaud his Nevada caucus win

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And now I’m delighted to bring you
some pretty good news. We have now won the Nevada caucus.
[cheers] We can’t go up against him with someone
who’s going to be a moderate. He’s not going to get people excited. We need someone who’s going to
offer a different way forward. What I like about Bernie is that he’s
really consistent. You look back on videos of him back
then like, you know, 30 years ago. He’s still saying the same things. In Nevada, we have just put together
a multi generational, multi racial coalition which is going to not only win in Nevada,
it’s going to sweep this country. I congratulate my competitors on
a vigorous campaign here in Nevada and I congratulate Senator Sanders
on a strong showing today, knowing that we celebrate many of the
same ideals. But before we rush to nominate
Senator Sanders in our one shot to take on this president, let us take
a sober look at what is at stake for our party, for our values and
for those with the most to lose. There is so much on the line. And one thing we know for sure
is that we absolutely must defeat Donald Trump and everything
that he represents. We have exceeded expectations. I always note that a lot of people
didn’t even think that I would still be standing at this point. I’ve got a word tonight for Nevada: thank you for keeping me in the fight. [cheers] The race has been called.
Bernie has won. Congratulations, Bernie. But I want to tell you something else
that’s going on. Since Wednesday night, our support
has been growing everywhere. Since since I stepped on that stage,
a quarter of a million people have gone to
and pitched in their 25 bucks. In three days, people have contributed
$9 million dollars to this campaign. Now we’re going on to South Carolina
and win and then we’re going to take this back. [cheers]

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