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>>The New York Times editorial board is doing
something a little different this year when it comes to their presidential endorsement. They’re doing interviews of the presidential
candidates and they’re putting clips out on social media in order to let the public know
what their process is a little like. Now, in a series of tweets they wrote, the
Times editorial board has endorsed presidential candidates for decades but never like this. All of our endorsement interviews with the
Democratic candidates were conducted on the record. And we’re releasing the full transcript of
each interview. These interviews have historically happened
behind closed doors. This year, we hope openness from The Times’s
editorial board will give readers a new understanding of the issues facing the nation. Now included in that tweet was a short clip
featuring Bernie Sanders. And I wouldn’t really care too much about
what they’re doing. If it weren’t for the clip they released,
because they asked him a really important question. And I think this is the first time he managed
to connect the economic frustrations that Americans feel today to the racial issues
that the country’s facing. Take a look.>>How about the fact that Trump has touched
a chord in 40 to 44% of the people? What about that issue is that Trump is a symptom
of a widespread problem?>>Yes, so, I mean, how do you address that?>>What is the issue? How did Trump become president? Not everybody, but tens and tens of millions
of Americans feel that the political establishment, Republican and Democrat, have failed them. May be The New York Times has failed them
too.>>That explains the appeal of racism?>>Yeah, people are, in many cases in this
country, working longer hours for low wages. You are aware of the fact that in an unprecedented
way life expectancy has actually gone down in America, because of diseases of despair. People have lost hope and they are drinking,
they’re doing drugs, they’re committing suicide. And when that condition arises, whether it
was the 1930s in Germany, then people are susceptible to the blame game. To say that it is the undocumented people
in this country are the cause of all of our problems. And if we just throw 10 million people out
of the country, you’re gonna have a good job and you’re gonna have good healthcare. And you have good education, that’s all we
gotta do. So all over the world, Trump didn’t invent
demagoguery. It’s an age-old weapon and you take a minority
and you demonize that minority and you blame that minority. And you take the despair and the anger and
the frustration that people are feeling. And you say that’s the cause of your problem.>>So I really appreciated that clip. I thought that that was a great clip. Just the mere fact that he specifically said
maybe the New York Times has failed them too, makes me pretty confident in saying that they’re
unlikely to endorse him. Even if he hadn’t said that, I don’t think
they would’ve endorsed him anyway. But it doesn’t matter, I think that they’re
doing a public service in releasing clips like this and being a little more transparent
with their process. I wanted to get your take. What did you think of that?>>I mean, I think a lot of things. I think it’s a great entertainment product. And I think that, if anything, this past year
has reminded us that news is so often entertainment. I think they know what they’re doing and they
hope to gain subscribers, and they’re a business. I think that their business, my personal belief
is that their business and the way they run their business has to be somewhat toxified
by their proximity to Wall Street. And I think Bernie Sanders said the most important
political thought of our era in my personal opinion, which is that the wealth gap, and
by proxy the racial wealth gap and gender wealth gap and all these other things. Is the leaders, the tip of the spear for all
other ills across our society. Now, he believes that deeply and that is such
a clear belief that he encapsulates so well. For me, that moments thrilling. I got the chills.>>Yeah, yeah, I got emotional watching that
because he has this way of talking about the issues that keep a lot of Americans up at
night. The stuff that gives us anxiety, it’s usually
these worries about how we’re gonna afford our medical bills, how we’re gonna pay for
our children’s education, how are we gonna afford housing? How are we gonna put food on the table, right? And it’s so rare to see a politician who connects
with you on such an important level, right?>>Sure.>>And who can really speak to the issues
you face, because when you really look at the vast majority of politicians in America,
they’re not grappling with the same issues. Many of them are millionaire themselves, I
mean, you look at the insane amount of wealth, just random politician that came to mind right
now. The insane amount of wealth someone like Senator
Dianne Feinstein has, right? And you’re like well, does Feinstein really
understand where I’m coming from or the kind of life that I’m living, or the types of anxieties
that I have? So that’s the reason why I got emotional watching
that because it’s like my god, there’s someone who actually really understands. But I wanted to get your thoughts on this
too, Dan, because I think a lot of people have difficulty connecting economic frustrations
to racial tensions. And I’m curious if you think that Bernie did
a good job answering that question.>>Yeah, and of course, Bernie’s been on the
microscope a little bit for he’s like connecting racial policies to economic policies. Because to some who aren’t familiar with the
way Bernie rolls that can seem like, you’re missing the argument, you’re trying to talk
around it. But what I think he did there which is really
important to have a good diagnosis of the problem from like a macro scale. He’s saying that, like what you were talking
about, Steve, the issues that individual people have the struggles that they face with, paying
bills, their health care issues. That makes them angry and that makes them
vengeful. And when they feel like they can’t do anything
about that, they look to their leaders to say okay, what are you doing? And when their leaders don’t have any solutions
or aren’t interested in doing that, they do things like say blame the poor people, blame
the brown people, that kind of thing. And so people kind of raise their eyes in
that New York Times’ opinion interview because they were kind of shocked at that.>>Right.>>But that’s actually saying, no, Trump won
because he took issues that people are facing, black, brown, white, and weaponized them against
immigrants->>Yes.>>Against people of color as a political
tool. And he’s willing to do that again with war. He’s willing to do that again with race or
the economy. It’s just one of his tactics and the fact
that Bernie can diagnose that and call that out. To me, that does not certainly bring me to
tears, but it’s the kind of confidence that I don’t experience with a lot of politicians.>>Right, and one of the economists who does
a good job in explaining the connection is Richard Wolff, so check out his work. And it will kind of like fill in the blanks
and give you more detail into how even historically this tactic has been used, this divide and
conquer tactic has been used by bad actors in politics, but I also, go ahead.>>Let’s say you were a candidate, right? And you said okay, we’re gonna treat racism,
we’re gonna treat this end product. We’re gonna treat the pimple and not clean
the skin, or whatever it is of racism. We’re gonna play the end game here. And you were also heavily invested in venture
capital or banking funds, tranches in the real estate market or whatever it was. Couldn’t you make the argument and this is
radical, but couldn’t you make the argument that someone who is invested in the stock
market in our modern form of corporatism is just by that, just because we know that that
captures wealth from the system. And that that level of wealth capture is inherently
increases the racial wealth gap. Just that is almost racist.>>Right.>>And so for a candidate to just play that
end game and go I’m gonna treat racism just as this and product, Bernie is saying, we
know where some of that concern. I’m not saying that’s where racial beliefs
come from, but it is damn sure easier to radicalize people who are in this place where they feel
financially disempowered.>>For sure, for sure. I also wanted to talk a little bit more about
what he mentioned in that video about life expectancy, because that’s a huge story that’s
gotten a little bit of coverage. But no one’s really looked into why life expectancy
has been declining in America. So that means the average number of years
a person can expect to live in any given country. And so, I looked into some of the latest studies
on this. There was a great article written on CNN’s
online platform. And they talk about this study in November
of 2019. And life expectancy at birth continues to
drop for Americans, a new study finds. Drug overdoses, suicides, alcohol-related
illnesses and obesity are largely to blame. These problems have been building since the
1980s. I think it’s important to look at the timeline
here, right? So what happened in the 1980s, you have the
Reagan administration, basically cutting taxes, deregulating industry, all of that. And so, let’s give you more. After 2010, US life expectancy plateaued and
in 2014, it began reversing. Dropping for three consecutive years, from
78.9 years in 2014, to 78.6 in 2017. This is despite the US spending the most on
health care per capita than any other country in the world. So when people tell you, no, America is the
greatest country, right, like we have the best healthcare system. We all know that that’s not true. There are lessons that we can learn from other
countries that are doing things right. Industrialized countries that have honestly
beaten us when it comes to education, when it comes to health care of all age groups. According to this study, adults 25 to 64 years
old saw the largest increase in mortality rates at 6%. And I want to read this quote from Dr. Howard
Koh. He’s a professor who wrote an editorial to
go along with this study. He writes, it is a whole constellation of
conditions that have shown the impacts of life expectancy. It is not just medical conditions but also
the social drivers that appear to be at play, like income inequality and mental distress. So these are important issues to keep in mind
when people are telling you that, no, no, the system is working fine, everything is
great. Those who complain about it just want handouts. Those who complain about it just aren’t working
hard enough. That’s not true, Americans are working harder
than they’ve ever worked before. And they’re getting a lot less in return.>>And the point in that last quote, I thought
was the main thing was that, he said that, income and equality and mental distress play
a role in the negative health comes we have in our system. So, we’re paying more to get less coverage
all around. We have a society and a social structure where
people aren’t getting education at the right times, wealth is unequally distributed, and
it’s hard to get, which exacerbates these problems-
>>Right.>>So we have worse to deal with. So when people say yes, economics, and race,
and politics, and all these social things are connected, it’s because in a complicated
world, they are.>>Yep, exactly. Well, we do have a poll on this and we wanted
you guys to jump in and share what you think. So the poll question is, do you believe the
New York Times will endorse Bernie Sanders? You could either answer yes or no. We are already, well at least I shared what
my perspective on that is but we’re curious to hear from you. Just go to,
and share your answer with us.


  1. I really like Bernie, and wish he wins, and think he will beat trump when/if he is the Dem nominee.

    But if he does not, this is a clear indication that America (and the whole world in fact) is not ready for a pure left wing, common sense, progressive yet. Someone who is so clean and with almost perfect integrity cannot win in this world today. Maybe in 20, 50, or 1000 years but not today. There is just too much cynicism and selfishness, even though some countries did it, it’s will be proven as the fluke and not the law. 
    I hope The Hill’s, and The Rational National’s, and The Young Turks’, and Kyle Kazinski’s snide smugness pays off. I really hope Bernie wins – I will be a lot happier if he does I tell ya.

  2. Has everyone seen the Frontline interview of Robert Reich for their "America's Great Divide" episode? TYT, get on this. It is on par with Eisenhower's Military Industrial Complex warning.

  3. Bernie con man Sanders. All politicans are. They know nothing. Ask any politician how can you yield more food from the soil without exhausting the soil. They will answer I dont know. How can you make highways safer. They will say they dont know. They dont know anything. We need scientist and people who are at the top of technology, geology, behavioral science, engineering in all fields to help manage all the world's resources for all people. Equailty will never exsist in a monetary system. Ever.

  4. Bernie the Bankrupter – loved by socialists, commies, and bums. That old fossil will bankrupt the country with his giveaways and free shit.

  5. The FACE of all NYT editors when looking at Bernie! It's so obvious that they HATE him! Arrogant ruling class bastards!

  6. Really makes you wonder why these interviews weren't open-door to begin with…what exactly did the editors need to say to candidates that they felt needed to be hidden from the public? Journalists shouldn't behave that way…it smacks of gate-keeping. The American people should get to decide their leaders, not elites at the NYT.

  7. I secretly get excited at the prospect of having Bernie Sanders as President of the United States, which to me is even more revolutionary than having President Obama. Bernie would be the first US President truly stand for the people, the environment and progress.

  8. Sanders still hasn't fired Jurek, the campaign organizer who wants to send non-progressives to soviet-style gulags for "re-education" if Bernie wins. Socialists never seem to understand that in order to make their system work ,Santa Claus has many malicious elves who do the dirty work behind the scenes.

  9. Bernie… a man so lazy he was kicked out of a commune. After 50 years of 0 accomplishments living on government cheese, please take our healthcare. LMAO

  10. Bernie didn’t hit the mark. Most conservatives don’t hate illegal immigrants, they simply believe that it’s not fair for them to brake the law and then be protected by all these self proclaimed rights groups. There’s also a portion that see the culture of the country changing and do not like the direction it is going in.

  11. Unsubscribe NYT if you can. They are out of touch of the sufferings of the working class. Yes, they do oppose Trump on issues, but they are also shamelessly leaning toward corporatocracy.

  12. Bernie – a politician who knows something about the theory of politics and political history.

    New York Times panel – Whuh?

  13. Bernie, as always, is consistent and stays on message. The NYT works to obfuscate the simple things he says to marginalize him. They'll turn around and signal to their audience that Bernie is similar to Trump, and therefore isn't a viable political candidate. It is, after all, against their class interest for Bernie Sanders to be in the White House, so Bernie comes off as a demagogue to them and is making active threats against them. Meanwhile, they've made the horrendous decision to endorse TWO democratic candidates that have both been mired in personal conflict the entire race. Thus even further trying to muddy the water, hoping that people will just give up on their preferred candidate and fall in line, out of pure frustration if anything.

    It's just the politics of obfuscation. It's completely cynical, and it makes a few people VERY rich.

  14. Simple, effective words.
    Shame it falls on Bernie to say it. For all the articles that beg the question “Why is trump so popular?”, you rarely if ever hear anyone say that his game is as old as the hills!

  15. I'm not sure if I believe in tyin racism to economics, in a large way, but I am open to the idea. If Bernie wins, and I hope he does, he'll have his chance to prove this theory. That said, I'm still a lil skeptical about how big economics' role is in people's hatred for other human beings.

  16. Who in the hell cares who the NYT endorses, or any other person for that matter? It is the same ridiculous idea that you can't be a fan of a certain band, because their fans are annoying. Vote for the person whose policies you support and listen to the music you want to because you like the art they produce.

  17. Cenk Uygur’s Net Worth: $5 Million.
    💰💰💰Cenk IS THE 1% 💰💰💰. Does Everyone who works at TYT co-own the company? Do they share profits EQUALLY at TYT? From the fella who sweeps the floors cleans the toilets and changes the wastebasket liners all the way up to Cenk… are they also having their say in boardrooms? all profits shared equally? pfft. All rights owned equally. Virtue signaling HYPOCRITES.

    Do they all drive/fly to work? Do they, too, burn fossil fuel for electricity? Is every product they use and continue to buy made by burning fossil fuels in the manufafturing and distributing processes? Every item of clothing Ana wears made in a sweat shop would violate child labor laws in America. Every animal that died or was poisoned or injured whe having her makeup and hair products tested on them. Her glasses were made burning fossil fuels. Her ear rings. The floor she walks on. Her shoes that walk on the floor… EVERYTHING they use is made using fossil fuels. Everything. They’re just magnificent hypocrites about everything. Ignorant and on a high horse. Yes… Everything they use, purchase, wear, was all made with the burning of fossil fuels. But no… they stand for the Green New Deal and love AOC and Bernie (who recently threw Cenk’s fat ass under the bus and backed over him a few hundred times). These TYT clowns scold and rebuke and are just egregious 1%er hypocrites leaving ENORMOUS carbon footprints behind their loathsome selves.

  18. Dont TYT of all fake news preach about "Believe woman"?
    They back off only when it comes to their Lord Bernie.
    Glad I left your fake media. You're hypocrite and don't practice what you preach.

  19. Bernie supporters and trump supporters are almost indistinguishable. Same level of paranoia and attacking anyone not offering kind words only.

  20. Its disheartening to hear progressive YTs engaging in similar behavior as their right wing counterparts. For instance, when those on the right take a particular societal ill & – out of the myriad & at times complex causes of such problem- cherry pick whatever cause(s) that best fit their narrative/help push forward a particular political agenda. When the right does this, it's easy for us to see the intellectual laziness & dishonesty propping up their narrative/analysis of the problem. However, are we any different when we do the same? For instance, when in agreeing with Bernie, are we not cherry picking cause(s) that best fits our narrative/our political world view? In choosing to look solely at income inequality & economic anxiety as the causes behind the: (a) continuing rise in mortality rates from drug overdoses, suicides, etc. since the 80s (for instance, is Reaganomics the cause of the 80s uptick? Or should more weight be given to the impact of the war on/criminalization of drugs especially as such impact may have been worsened by the spike in the supply of cheap heroin & coccaine as a result of certain geopolitical events- Russian invasion of Afghanistan/US support for the Mujahedeens & partly US caused political instability in Latin & South America?); or
    (b) the increased use of racist tropes to garner political support/rise in tribalism (income inequality likely is not a major factor for the increased racism/the rise of the ultra right in most Scandinavian countries in the past decade). Prioritising solutions become difficult when we do not look at the major contributing factors underlying the problem. I believe that may be one the reasons why no Democratic candidate's has prioritized decriminalization of drug use – see Portugal- & resulting radical reform of our criminal justice system. Thx

  21. Bernie looks unhinged most of the time. Neither Warren or Bernie seems to remember what they said or when they said it. This could very likely be related to cognitive decline.

  22. Flip a coin, both Bernie and Poco are terrible. If your judgement is so poor that you would consider either, it doesn't matter which one you pick.

  23. NYT just endorsed Warren and Klobuchar.
    Cuz, you know… charitable work for the underprivileged has always been a rich, white ladies' past time.

  24. I stumbled on this youtube video d-YQIYWRisg which calmly, scientifically summarizes our paradox with rather simple math. Enjoy. Hope that helps reduce your confusion.

  25. my question is did they ask all the candidates the same questions or did they one set and another a different of questions

  26. I'm not sure I believe Bernie about the 1930s in Germany, there was some definite "turtling" going on there 🤪

    Joy Reid for Grand Dragon 2020

  27. Cenk, Ana, ….for all the progressive commentators, in addition to campaign for Bernie, please focus on electing more progressive representatives in the House and the Senate. Otherwise, Bernie's can't implement the changes that he is planning to do as the President of US.

  28. I don't think the New York Times understand what the heck it means to endorse someone they chose Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar which you can't choose two different people the whole point of having an endorsement is that you prefer this candid over all else and secondly Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar or so massively different politically don't get me wrong Elizabeth Warren has definitely become a lot more Centrist over the past year or so but she still miles more Progressive than Amy Klobuchar just makes zero sense

  29. The response Bernie gave is exactly what I have said for years. I think most people get this, and understand that it’s not about hate but about fear of the other because of a lack of security resources and so forth. It’s a tactic that has been used for so long to keep division between the haves and have nots

  30. Check these two shorts both on YouTube VOX (channel)
    1. The dark history of "gasoline baths" at the border.
    2. When white supremacists overthrew a government.
    3. Watch 1 & 2 – take a look back at that 2015 campaign see everything that has come after it, and ask yourself if Bernie knows precisely what he is talking about – as he is fighting for (all people) that are suffering at the hands of unchecked greed. It "greed" will leave you all behind in the end. Unless you educate yourselves, in real-time.
    "I love the poorly educated" Donald Trump 2016

  31. The look on NYT interviewers tells you everything you need to know, also gives clarity to their endorsement of Warren & Kloubercic ……..(they have no interest in what’s best for the country).

  32. I love how Bernie didn't play the race card..the "all white people that voted for trump are racists card"…..That reporter wanted him to say so ,so bad.

  33. Did Yang get one of his Silicon valley buddies to create some bot software to flood all YouTube videos? Nothing else can explain his over representation.

  34. Bernie, sadly, will not will. Remember the Democratic Party has super delegates. So even if he beats Biden, Bernie will never get the Democratic nomination. It’s rigged.

  35. The black guy moved the goalpost from "why did 44% vote for Trump" to "that explains racism". Or he assumed all Trump voters are racists and voted for Trump because he is a racist.
    He should know that he comitted a basic fallacy in both possible cases.
    To even post this video just plainly shows that they are hacks who do establishment propaganda.

  36. 9:16 decrease in life expectancy since 2014 + US spending more money per capita than any other country in the world!!!
    One could ask, why the decline? What can explain the trend in death cases?
    TYT: “This country sucks!!”
    Never fail to disappoint

  37. This clip is such a relief to watch, because it amplifies the truth about the desperation of most everyday Americans that Bernie explained to the NYT endorsement group. Thank you SO MUCH for posting this clip. It's a bit of compassionate light in the neoliberal darkness in . which we're mired.

  38. Bernie did a great job explaining "the game" Trump and others have used to demonize "THOSE people" (whoever they happen to be at the moment), and Ana Kasparian, Dan Evans, and Steve Bramucci did a great job analyzing and interpreting Bernie's response to the New York Times interview.

  39. For everyone saying yang has been saying this. Have you even researched Bernie sanders. Hes been saying the same things his whole life. Stop being sheep and vote Bernie

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