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Oh, God Um Hey, what’s up guys, Keaton here so right now It is Chinatown tech San Francisco Edition part two Part one was crazy and to be honest I didn’t expect to be making this video But you guys kept commenting on all the other videos saying dude Where’s Chinatown tech part two? So go ahead check out the first video because all the prices are going to be in there I don’t even remember how much this stuff costs I filmed this thing like two months ago, so go comment over there I watch just to make sure you guys have actually seen it So here we go Here’s Chinatown tech part 2, with fireworks? So in case you guys haven’t seen part 1, I know I’m holding up two fingers But this is the part 2 go check out the part 1 This is what I picked up from Chinatown San Francisco, it’s called Chinatown Tech It’s this thing I do I bring a hundred dollars to different Chinatowns around the world. Haven’t done the global one yet But I have done a lot in the US. So that’s awesome So I go there with a hundred bucks see what I can find this is what I got and what I got first It’s kinda something interesting, this right here is the NOMAD you guys have probably heard of this This is actually a kickstarter And I knew it when I saw I forgot how much this thing actually costs This is what you like get in the mail And it’s crazy because I think this is like a $29 option on Kickstarter. I picked it up for $5 It’s crazy cool because as you can see it’s a card with a cable in it It’s a charge card, is what they’re calling it So you have a USB side here you can plug this in and then you have a Lightning tip so that’s really awesome Where’s my phone? I got my phone here. You can plug it in, bam! You’re covered and then where’s my wallet? Where’s my wallet? I don’t know where my wallet is, it’s lost But if I had my wallet, I could slide this in and always stay charged Also in the video real quick I got this $2.99 Lightning cable, and I said like I don’t think it’s gonna work It’s probably going to blow up my device It’s $3, if this burns my device down I would not be surprised We gotta get it. So I want to try this out real quick This is the thing I was most excited about kind of crazy, I know right I’m weird. If it works I’ll be happy Well, I think I was right Plugged in, yeah, that does not work. I’m getting that out of my iPhone So if you’re ever in San Francisco Chinatown. Do me a favour Don’t pick this up! Now I got to pick it up, and move it somewhere The last thing for like cables with something I also found really cool. It’s kinda like a Zippo lighter retractable iPhone cable. It’s kinda cool You won’t really lose it and with these cables Especially the one I just tore up. They’re going to get tangled even if they weren’t in two pieces So this kinda keeps it all nice, and neat in your bag you can throw it your purse or wallet your pocket whatever This right here, you flip open the top you got the, charge. That’s actually really nice. I like that a lot I like that a lot. Get some length here plug that into your iPhone, plug this in your computer, when you’re done That’s even longer than I thought That’s even longer than I thought Bam, you just tuck that in there, tuck it in there click it together, and you’re good, and it’s the I-floss Ding! Next up is these Burger King and looking iPhone cases, these are gonna be perfect for my weird iPhone cases series That I do with like celebrities. I got a new one coming up real soon I’m not saying it’s with Leonardo Dicaprio, but I’m also not saying it’s not with Leonardo Dicaprio We got some french fries here. Don’t actually have like an iPhone 5S on me. I only have an iPhone 4 Wow, we have a duck and it looks 3D It’s not just a graphic like that is a 3D You see the bill on that thing or the beak, is it beak or bill? Let me know in the comments right now. That is some thick rubber. You drop your phone the beak is going first It’s going to protect your iphone and then this Burger Fries King looking one, looks alright Does not smell like french fries Ew. Next up is something really crazy and hopefully it works because then it’s useful Futuristic it’s going to be in the iPhone 8. This is a wireless charging Pad You can plug into any iPhone, it’s got the like lightning tip right there. And then this is a wireless charging Pad You can use it for any device that has wireless charging that cheese stuff, so in the Galaxy S8 the new G6 You’re going to be covered I want to try it in my iPhone, you get what I’m putting down here could be a video in the future I’m going to plug it in See it kinda sits, and if you had a case or something you can tuck it behind here And that actually looks really good. So just assuming that this one works, it looks like it’s going to work I got this one already out, might giveaway that other one, let me know if you guys want it. Here we go We’re gonna see if it will wirelessly charge My iPhone No freaking way. Oh my God. It worked, it freaking worked We are still charging. We are still charging wirelessly, okay? I know there’s a wire here I could get a wirelessly charging battery pack and just make it even that much more wireless When I take the phone off it stops charging Put it on Bam, just like that you’re charging wirelessly. How does this thing work, but a standard cable? Like, nah, I don’t get it Last up, what you guys probably have all the waiting for. You can’t expect your boy to go to Chinatown and not pick up some fidget toys We got a Fidget Cube here, Fidget Spinner And she wanted me to buy some fireworks. Like put the bottle rocket in the spinners or no I don’t know. I don’t know [woman talks] I legit-irately bought fireworks in Chinatown for under $100, and I got all this stuff So let’s check out this fidget cube here. Alright, so this is your standard fidget cube, it works It feels really cheap that ain’t an official fidget cube. We definitely bought a fugazi cube This feels like it should be a dollar, I don’t like that. Alright the spinner is better not let me down All you have to do is spin. That’s your only job, you have one job Okay, you’re doing your job great. You’re getting a promotion. This spinner works, feels good, it’s doing its job. Now Let’s see how these bottle rockets are. Yeah no, those are the real deal So I’m gonna hop in my bathroom right now And we’re going to see, if these actually work So guys we’re here in my bathroom right now, it’s crazy It’s an enclosed space. I got these bottle rockets What I just learned is they’re whistle ones So they’re not as loud as other ones, so make sure you guys have your volume all the way turned up. These things are probably going to go like [noise] Like not be loud at all. So hopefully that’s the case. We got a Fidget Spinner here Let’s see if we can make Fidget Spinner go 10,000 miles an hour For the spinner Gods Nope that ain’t happening, I ain’t getting [mumbles] Oh God Um We are not doing the second one. Did you guys hear that okay? Oh Jeez! That was way louder than I thought. Thank you guys so much for watching this video Drop a like on it. If we hit 25,000 likes I’ll do the LA edition of Chinatown tech Los Angeles I heard is really lit Thank you so much RaikosTom and You Won’t Ever Know for having my notifications on If you guys want a notification shoutout Turn them on and let me know in the comments Subscribe if you’re new and tweet me @techsmartt if you guys have any other Chinatowns You want me to go to next. I’m never lighting these off again Bye! Can you guys Snapchat me if you guys think this chicken is cooked, Matt left this chicken on the grill for 30 minutes And told me to shut it off Shane thinks, it’s good. Please let me know I don’t want to die…


  1. You should do Chinatown tech in Toronto Canada. Simply because it has two Chinatown's. A newer one, and the old one.

    Also, Vancouver Canada, since it has one of the biggest Chinatown's in the western world.

  2. Rip headphone users if i get 100 subscribers ill do a video of me reacting to this with headphones full volume

  3. Just read the description
    You can call me begger or anything you want but i legit love that
    So please please text smart send me that phone pls pls
    The amazon service is nt allowed in my country so please please send me that kit..

    I forever would be greatful to you if You did so ..Please😭😭😭
    Love from. Nepal…..

    From your video. Building your own phone….

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