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What’s up Creatiffs. Welcome to the
Tiffy Show. Today we are giving you the best ice cream places to visit when you
come to Studio City. If you haven’t, make sure you turn on notification. So that
you know when I post a video. We’re in Studio City, which is a suburb of Los
Angeles. This cute neighborhood has everything that you need. From
restaurants to bars and if you haven’t seen my bars video you should go down to
link below because I did cover all the top bars to visit when you come as well.
But for today we’re doing ice cream so let’s get to it. The best ice cream places in Studio City. Roll em! We’re at Salt & Straw which was founded
by cousins Tyler and Kim Malek. It started out as a cart that they had in
Portland Oregon and it blossomed into a brick and mortar store. And now they have
scoop shops all around the US. We’re here the one in Studio City.
Now what’s awesome about Salt & Straw is it’s artisanal small-batch ice cream and
they roll out new flavors monthly. You can always find crazy and weird
concoctions and when I say unique flavors, I mean unique flavors. For
example in October, for Halloween, they have flavors that include blood pudding,
crickets, mealworms. I love to come to Salt & Straw every month to see their
new flavors but they also have staples that they keep year-round. Including one
of my favorites which is honey lavender and they also have a vanilla that’s
year-round as well. You can always find one vegan flavor for all of you
non-dairy lovers out there. Now when asked with the craziest flavor they’ve
created has been it is the bone marrow and cherries. Their most popular
flavor, if you’re wondering if you want to come down here and maybe not get
something that’s so crazy or so unique they have the sea salt and caramel
ribbons. That is what they’re known for and that’s pretty much always on the
menu. You should definitely try that. Co-founder Tyler, and head ice cream
maker, has created over 500 flavors and he says he has no plans on stopping
anytime soon. We hope he doesn’t for the sake of myself because I love Salt &
Straw’s ice cream. If you don’t feel like standing in the line. Which you’re going
to find lines these are the most popular places to get ice cream here. Then a good tip is
to go and buy a pint. Yes, you are going to be taking a chance and you can’t
sample all the flavors. But it’s ice cream so you’re not going to be losing.
You can get a pint or two and that is a good way to skip the line and get
your ice cream a lot faster. If you want a gelato experience then
we’re at Fatamorgana in Studio City now this is the real deal of gelato. Maria,
the founder actually created a gluten-free gelato so all of them are
gluten-free and delicious. She actually has 350 recipes and they always
have 66 on display. That is a lot to take in. If you’re wondering what Fatamorgana
means, it’s the horizon that’s right above the sea. It’s the Mirage over the
sea. And that is a beautiful way to explain all the delicious flavors that
they have here. That are very unique. Don’t be overwhelmed there’s a lot of
flavors. Then if you do feel like “I just can’t choose” you can pick what I
picked. Which was vanilla and I also got the strata chela? The starta chelli? We’re gonna write it right herebecause I’m butchering it. But that’s
their most popular flavor so you won’t fail if you pick that. The chestnut
honey and the coconut cream are also delicious. If you’re vegan do not
worry, I said they have 66 flavors that means they have you covered too. There’s more than one choice. So you get more than one choice of you’re a vegan. Just come here and enjoy it and if you just want to spend a whole day sampling
they’re very patient and they got you. Come and enjoy some gelato. McConnell’s fine ice creams. Now this
company started in Santa Barbara 70 years ago. Yes, 70 years that’s how long they’ve been around. They started as a dairy
farm until they realized that they wanted to you know fine-tune and just
specialize in making ice cream. Now they do everything from producing the actual
ice cream to making the cookies in-house. They pride themselves in that
specialty and using only the finest ingredients. In 2013 they opened their
flagship store in Santa Barbara because that’s where they started this whole
thing. If you want the true experience all of the locations are
located in California you won’t get them anywhere else. That in itself is a
reason to visit the one in Studio City. They have seasonal flavors and they
pride themselves in keeping the simplicity. So that you taste what the
main flavor is. I got churro con leche which was delicious. I love churros, cookie
dough and I also tasted their Earl Grey float. Which is a unique flavor because
it’s tea with ice cream inside. It’s not their most popular but you should
definitely try it, just try something different You probably won’t get
that anywhere else. Their scoop shops are only in California so that’s a main
reason to come and visit the one in Studio City. You can’t go wrong, you’re
not gonna get this anywhere else. Unless you come to California. I’m at Drip N Roll which is a hidden spot
in Studio City as you can see it’s kind of in the strip mall. It’s a
family-owned business that does organic rolled ice-cream. So they put it out on a
slab basically and roll it in front of you. It’s delicious, I got the Cereal
Killer which is a vanilla base with Fruity Pebbles, whipped cream and
condensed milk. It’s full of nostalgia and will take you back to your
childhood. This is a new establishment. If you’re looking for
something a little more unique and new to Studio City, and you want to support a
local business. Here you go at Drip N Roll. That’s it, that’s all of the ice
cream that our bellies can handle. I mean did you see how much ice cream we had? I
can’t even pick a favorite. If you enjoyed this video make sure that you
share, like, subscribe and comment. Comment below let me know which
neighborhood in Southern California you would like me to visit for future videos
and I will see you next time. Stay CreaTiff! If you don’t feel like standing
in line which there might be a line these are popular places in Los Angeles. (Random kid yells “Booty!”) Then you can (laughing) that was dope though, I can’t even.


  1. I ate lots of ice cream to bring you the best ice cream in Studio City. What is your favorite type of ice cream? Let me know!

  2. Mama said lil girls are the debbil
    Yeah that's what you are with the cake and now ice cream 🤣
    Great vid Tiff!

  3. Tiff this was dope I felt like I was watching the Food Network at the same time I felt like I was trying these places too you're so natural on film I can imagine the owner of the first spot just siting in a dark room coming up with more crazy flavors hahaha bone marrow (wth lol) I also appreciate when companies keep it simple with the ingredients I always think that ice cream taste the best that little kid yelling booty at the end hahahahaha 💀😂

  4. My favorite type of ice cream is black licorice! I know, super weird and rare but it’s really good. Salt & straw looks 🔥

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