BEST Pizzas in New York! New York Pizza Tour of Manhattan

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  1. The first one is perfect,thats how I like my pizza,crispy crust,a decent amount of cheese,and tons of sauce I know will give me heartburn later

  2. There is a great pizza joint in Evanston, IL (a suburb of Chicago), called Gigio’s, and they have huuuuuge slices, it’s my favorite pizza place 😋 you should try it if you ever come to Chicago

  3. If you ever in louisville kentucky for some reason why you need to try impellizzeri's pizza its the best pizza in louisville i feel like it can compete against most pizza

  4. I love our flimsy saucy, cheesy pizza…. New York is where it’s at. I’ve had pizza at other places and I’m like noooo!!! Get me back home for a slice of pizza lol

  5. Hahaha 😂😂😂I ordered Pizza here in Miami I thought the pizza place was running low on ingredients I ordered xtra mushrooms and only got 3 mushrooms smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

  6. I wonder what his workout routine? All those calories but damn the pizza looks great didn’t really care for the Nutella

  7. Having lived in New York for 15 years I am shocked you didn't mention Ray's or John's Pizza both in Manhattan.

  8. Dominos is making out this is the latest and greatest new massive pizza when really all their pizzas should be this size in fact all the pizzas from dominos are getting smaller and smaller every year shame on Dominos if they do not address these issue i and many other people will buy elsewhere.

  9. I Love watching your videos-always makes me hungry for watever you're eating! Need those pizzas soooo much! Dang- better than most AFC shows!

  10. MIke Chen, you're the Andrew Zimern and Adam Richmond of Youtube- Love the way you stars describe food! always makes me salivate hahahaha

  11. ga kayak di indonesia, nama restorannya Pizza ***, isi menunya nasi ayam, nasi rendang, nanti apa lagi? kue pukis kue dadar gulung? lolol

  12. Brooklyn born and can say brooklyn and pizza from lower Manhattan are the best and Brooklyn has the best bagels. try mill basin cafe on Avenue N in Brooklyn

  13. THE BEST PIZZA IS IN FORT SMITH CANADA at a place called Berro's Pizza, hands down the best in the world, go there Mike

  14. I hate the fact nobody has prayed before they eat when they record themselves eating like silly people. It’s ok for the idea to taste test but it’s sad because some people don’t kno what real hunger is 💪🏿💯🙏🏿

  15. When he talked about how unintimidating rubirosa’s pizza was, and how easy it was to eat a slice, I was like, “But your Mike Chen! Do you know how much you can eat?”!

  16. Location # 3 – Kestè – that's a legit pizza! It could easily pass as a pizza made in Italy. BTW, we often put a little hot oil on pizza:-) Sorry Mike, the first pizza place…I wouldn't give that to my dog, simply horrible.

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