Best Places To Eat In Los Angeles: Top 5 Dessert Spots Downtown DTLA

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(cheerful pop music) – Hey, everybody, how it’s going? I’m gunnarolla here today with — – Chris.
– We are in Downtown Los Angeles. I’ve got a sweet tooth,
so today we’re taking you to some of our favourite
places to get desserts. (child laughs) – That’s right! They gotta taste good. They gotta look good.
– Look good. – And if I don’t walk
of here with at least three cavities, we will have failed. Let’s go! We’re going to go to Bottega Louie. You’ve never been before? – No, I haven’t. – I’ve been for brunch,
but I haven’t really sampled a lot of their desserts and they’ve got so many of them. It’s a pretty bougie place. Okay, I think you can already tell what kind of place this is going to be just from the window display. – It’s like Tiffany’s but for desserts. – [Gunnarolla] Yes. Bottega Louie is an Italian
restaurant and gourmet market that serves some pretty decadent desserts. Whether you’re looking
for chocolate, cakes, pastries or macrons,
there’s something here for every occasion. So we’ve got a celebration cake. What do you think it’s
going to taste like? – Like unicorns and happiness? – [Gunnarolla] Ooh, look at that. There’s like some kind of pink filling. – [Chris] Ooh. – Love a white cake. We’ve got this like raspberry filling. – [Chris] Okay, the only
criticism that I have is that I wish that this was edible because it’s actually not. – It looks like it should be.
– Right. – [Gunnarolla] If you can
literally eat gold leaf… – Yeah!
– Like why… – [Chris] Okay, don’t, don’t do that. – I can’t really eat this. – [Chris] Don’t do that. – So our next spot luckily
is just a couple doors down. It’s a crepe place. Do you like crepes? – I love crepes. – Let’s do it. – [Chris] Oh, they have brulee
crepes, I didn’t know that! – Tucked away in the back of Thai restaurant So Long Hi, you’ll find Little Heavenly Crepe, which serves up a variety of
unique Tokyo-styled crepes. Dun dun dun dun.
– That’s kind of small! – Look at this! – It’s so beautiful! – It’s creme brulee in a crepe. Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap. It’s just so full of custard. – [Chris] Any minute now… – [Gunnarolla] Wait, lower. If you’re looking for a refreshing drink, Little Fluffy Head Cafe
specializes in tea with a twist. – Okay so we have the cream cheese up here and then we have the tea down here. So if you can see here, apparently it lets you
have both the cream cheese and the tea at the same time so you get like a good
mix of both of those. – [Gunnarolla] The best of both worlds! – Hannah Montana! Oh, I like that. I love how it comes separately and it doesn’t come mixed quite yet. That’s really good. – [Gunnarolla] That’s really good. – Yeah, I’m going to come back here. This is actually really good. Now I want boba with it too. – Our next stop? The Dolly Llama. So, we were going to go get donuts but then we came across — (honk) This is actually one of the best things about just being downtown in the core is walking and discovering things, right? – Right, exactly, right. – So we found this waffle place. Let’s check it out!
– Yes. – So I love this space. It’s like super chill,
really Instagrammable. What I want to know is, why is this place called The Dolly Llama?
– Right, right. – Aside from being an awesome pun, is there some kind of relation
between llamas and waffles? – Right, egg waffles. I’m going to guess no relation. – Let us know in the comments below. Oh my God, look at this. Look at this. That’s good fresh waffle. – I would actually just order the waffle by itself next time. – Yeah, me too. – That’s actually really good. – I love salted caramel. – Yeah, ooh, and there’s
actually salt on it. – Yeah. A+. Our last stop is arguably
one of the most popular. Little Damage, where you
can get soft serve ice cream in a variety of different flavours, including activated charcoal. So, when this was introduced in LA, there were line-ups down the block. We got lucky today. Take a taste! – [Chris] As much as we care about taste — (traffic honks) – The perils of shooting downtown! – I know.
– This is like a genius idea. Not only does it taste
good, it looks good, so it fills two of our requirements. – Right. It’s a good experience as long
as you don’t wait too long. – Thanks for watching!
– Bye! – So many spots to explore!
– Yeah, bye! – See you next time! – Bye bye! (bouncy pop music) – It’s really good, I’m
going to eat some more. – [Chris] Great, I’ll just
be here holding the camera. – So good. – [Chris] I’m so happy for you. – It tastes expensive. – [Chris] Okay, can I —

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