1. 👍 Love my Google Lens app! Especially good for identifying things in Nature, as well as tracking down products! And lately I have been using it a lot for translations! So useful! 😎

  2. Ok google
    I have a big concern regarding user friendly suggestions given by you. Specially on platforms like youtube. Not just that but everywhere.
    You do data analysis and provide suggestion to users which helps them in one way. But there is a dark side, which is really influencing the world in negative way.
    Person with radical ideologies keeps getting flooded with same kind of stuff as recommendation.
    About politics also, right wing supporter keeps getting same stuff till he gets radicalized.
    Same about leftist world.
    Same about drug or any kind of addicts, they can never recover because of you.

    All the bad things in humans get magnified because of your "user friendly suggestions" policy.

    Indeed , data is new petroleum in this world. But don't use it for burning the world.
    This is not funny, i request you to please note of this. And do something about it before its too late.
    Expecting a positive reply.

    Thank you google! 🙂

  3. I was surprised to find out that google lens is actually helpful. I still use it from time to time. I am pleased to hear that new contents are coming out.

  4. Why do I suspect, that every aggressively glowing review of Google Lens, is someone that works at Google?

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