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(classical music) – Hello, guys. It’s Brooklyn and Bailey and today’s video is gonna be
on a vlog of our Europe trip. So, do you wanna tell them where we went? – We went to the Netherlands,
Scotland, and England. – And we had a blast. – Definitely, it was so fun. If you guys love this video,
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part of the video is. Now, let’s go watch the video.
– [Brooklyn] Go watch it! Hi, guys! It’s Brooklyn and Bailey and we are on our way to Amsterdam! It’s gonna be a long flight
but it’s gonna be fun. So, we’re officially in Amsterdam and we are just doing a little
bit of sightseeing right now. So, check this out, man. It’s cool. Awesome view. – It’s quite a bit colder than Texas. – [Brooklyn] Yeah, just a little. Yummy, yummy. All different kinds of
waffles with nutella. Chocolate everywhere. (gasps) Please tell me
those are not solid balls of chocolate? – [Voiceover] (laughs) They probably are. – [Voiceover] Nice. (laughs) – [Voiceover] Put your arms out like this. Something cute like this. (laughs) Wanna talk about cheese?
My favorite’s Gouda! – [Voiceover] All the cheese. Can you see that? I don’t
know if they can see that. It’s green under there, green cheese. Ooh, yummy. – We are here at the what museum? – Recks. – [Voiceover] Rijks. – [Bailey and Brooklyn] Rijksmuseum. – [Voiceover] The Rijksmuseum. And it’s an art museum,
even the building is pretty. – So, let’s go check out the art. – [Voiceover] There’s some Van Gogh shots. It’s a self portrait, so that’s him. And then, here are some
other of his paintings. Undergrowth, I think that one’s cool. And then over here, too. – We’re in Rijksmuseum and
we’re studying at a Rembrandt, staring at a Rembrandt
painting called the Nightwatch. There it is. Very famous Dutch painter. – So, this painting, it’s called Waterloo and it’s crazy famous. Let me show you. All the detail in this
painting is incredible. We are at like this bustling,
what is it called, plaza and here’s the royal palace right here. Ta-da! And then, there’s the church next to it. Here, move your head. Ta-da! And then, there’s the– – World War II national
monument, the obilisk. – [Voiceover] Ta-da! – We are currently in front
of, let’s see if we can see it, the Anne Frank hiding house. It even has a little sign
that says Anne Frank Haus. Cute little green doors,
you can see the line for the actual museum’s
all the way over there. We are standing in line
for the Anne Frank Museum. – [Voiceover] Okay, starts
all the way over there. There’s more people up
there, there’s more. Goes all the way down… here… Still more people. All the way down there. (pop music) (classical music) – [Voiceover] She’s eating blood sausage. – It’s like a sausage made out of blood and then caramel. (laughs) I guess this is what they
were telling me about. Buckingham Palace– – It’s being rained on. – It’s being rained on, so
I don’t know if I can turn the camera around, no? Okay, I’ll show you this way. There it is. No. Ta-da. – We are in front of Westminster Abbey. Is that right, how you say it? And this is where Princess
Catherine got married. She walked out in her beautiful dress. – [Voiceover] Get a little view of here. – We are now in front of the Big Ben. There it is. The Big Ben! Ta-da! – We are in the London Eye. It’s like a Ferris wheel
but it’s a glass circle, I don’t know what to call this thing, like a little ball that you sit in and it takes you to
the top and you can see all of London from up here. – Hey, guys. So, here we
are at the Stonehenge. So, I’ll turn the camera
around so you all can see it. It’s right there. Oh my gosh, look, I can like hold it. Wait. There. I’m holding the
Stonehenge! (laughs) Everyone say hi. – Hey. – Hello. – Hi guys. (dramatic music) (acoustic guitar music) – Hi guys, we are inside the
old Roman baths currently. You can see the pool and Bailey. Of where all the Romans
used to publicly bathe. Who knows? – So, we just spent the night in Bath and I just have to tell
you, this place is amazing. Like, I am determined to
live here when I’m older. But, I’m just gonna show you our hotel. So, here’s a nice shot of it. – Hi, guys. We are in front of– – William Shakespeare’s birthplace. – [Voiceover] And I will
show you this house. – [Voiceover] That window,
right? Yeah, right there. That’s the window where he was born. – [Voiceover] Yup, that’s the room. – Here eating lunch and we decided to try traditional pasties, right? – [Mom] We’re in Stratford-upon-Avon. – Yeah, we’re in Stratford-upon-Avon, which is the birthplace
of William Shakespeare. And we decided to try pasties for lunch, so, let’s show. – [Mom] This is pasty. – [Brooklyn] This is a
traditional pasty, this is not. – [Mom] That’s a ham and cheese croissant. – [Brooklyn] And there
we have the other one. So, here we are at Strawberry Fields which is, like, what is it in the Beatles? – Where John Lennon was inspired
to write Strawberry Fields. – Yeah, for the Beatles’ songs. – We are here in front of
the infamous Penny Lane where three of the Beatles
walked to school every day. – Penny Lane. – [Voiceover] And wrote a song about it. – Hi, guys. We’re in the Lake District in Northern England and it’s cold. – [Voiceover] Yeah, so– – [Voiceover] This is not a swimming lake. – [Voiceover] Check this out. (bagpipe music) – We are at the– – [Voiceover] Wordsworth’s grave. – Wordsworth grave. – [Voiceover] He was a poet. – Yeah, so I’ll show you the graveyard. – [Voiceover] Or the cemetery. – [Voiceover] Yeah, the cemetery. – [Voiceover] All the fun, old headstones. She’s trying fresh gingerbread. – Oh, yes. We’ll see how it goes. – [Voiceover] You’ll like it. Do you like gingerbread cookies? – Eh. Mm, tastes good. I don’t know any quotes
from Sherlock Holmes. How do you do, madame? Take a look at the bus
we’re spending a majority of our days on. – Would you like a crisp?
(laughs) – [Brooklyn] Tell me about your cheese. – Oh, it’s so good. – [Brooklyn] On a sandwich. – [Bailey] I don’t know
what it is, but it’s good. – She’s found her one true love. – [Bailey] It’s some kind
of cheese on the sandwich. It’s so good. (screams and cheers) – So, we are at our Scotland
meetup, just walking up. We’re gonna go down the
line to say hi to everyone. So, let’s say hi. Say, “Hi,” when I pass. – [Crowd] Hi! – [Brooklyn] Hey, guys. (crowd cheers) Hello, hello.
(crowd screams) Hi! Hey, guys. Hi, hi. Hey, guys. ‘Sup? Hi! (bagpipe music) – Let’s enjoy the view
from this Edinburgh Castle. It’s all this old buildings up here. This is the oldest one right here. It was a church long time ago. – [Voiceover] What is it? – The birth place of Harry Potter. – [Voiceover] It’s a what? – The birth place of Harry Potter. – [Voiceover] That’s where
she wrote the book, huh? – [Bailey] Yup. – This room in Oxford University inspired J.K. Rowling for the
dining room in Harry Potter. I’m checking it out. It
totally looks the same. Let’s check it out. We got the three… lined up long tables
for dining and then all of the pictures and the
really high ceiling. (classical music) – We are visiting some
Downton Abbey scenes and then going to Highclere Castle. This is where Matthew
in the show was buried and also Sybil, so, yeah. And where Mary, was Mary. Ta-da. – I think they’re setting
up for the sixth season. – [Voiceover] No. – Matthew’s mom’s house. – [Voiceover] Ms. Crawley? – Mrs. Crawley. – [Voiceover] In the show Downton Abbey. – [Mom] Do you remember when the maid gives her baby up? They’re standing outside
the door and the car drives away and the little baby’s
waiting and she’s crying. (mumbles) – Welcome to my home. So, we’re here at Highclere Castle and I’m just a little bit fangirling ’cause Downton Abbey’s
one of my favorite shows. There we go and then, here is the tree that they always talk under, right there. – [Voiceover] Brooklyn, how was it? – They actually kept a
lot of the original house in the video or in the filming, so it just looks the exact same. Other than like the little rooms. – [Voiceover] But it’s
met your expectations? – [Both] Yeah. – [Voiceover] Are you
excited to have inside info on the final? – Yeah. – [Voiceover] The finale? – The finale. The Christmas finale. – [Voiceover] Yay.
– Woo! (laughs) – I’m too tired to walk. – You think I’m not tired? – (sings) We’re going
home. We’re going home. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. We’re heading home today from London after our trip that was – [Both] Awesome. – But, we only have 24 hours home and then we leave for Vid Con. – Woot, woot. – Yay, we have an eight hour
flight to look forward to and 24 hours of packing and sleeping.

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