Brooklyn Decker vs. Andy Roddick | Lip Sync Battle Breakdown

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It’s game, set, and match
with married couple Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker He’s pretty good at tennis, and
she’s very good at lip syncing. So it’s a win-win all around. What message are you
trying to send to Andy? I feel sorry for him. You married someone
a little cook. I’m a little cuckoo
for Coco Puffs. I have so much more respect
for Brooklyn now, ’cause she’s a gorgeous woman. She could’ve easily gone
to a song where she would be
really cute and pretty. But for her to choose
this hard-hitting Cypress Hill song just talking about
how crazy she is, and do it. An unexpected choice for someone
wearing head to toe Hampton’s whites. She dressed up. I will say, a white silk
cami and Cypress Hill is the pairing
we never knew we needed. She’s clearly coming from
vacation, probably on a yacht. And here we go with the hip-hop.
I’m in. I like the juxtaposition. All right,
she’s getting into it. Brooklyn’s finding her groove.
She’s finding her route. The L-train is working. I feel like I’m watching
an episode of the Cypress Hills. Her dance moves
are very my sister-in-law after three Sauvignon Blancs at an event she’s not
necessarily comfortable at. So my gay wedding. Brooklyn lip-syncing
on the sidelines, you already got your shot babe.
Wait your turn. He has the black cap, the
khakis, the fresh white sneaks. He’s ready to go
to a frat party. That man has a giant mouth.
Large mouth advantage. We could see all of the lips
he’s syncing. What a hot young couple though,
you know? They both are so attractive, and
wear a lot of white and khaki. And I hope
they own a boat. Here lies
Brooklyn Decker’s husband, who came to win
and went out like a (bleep) You know December’s gonna
be really hard core, because she has wet hair and everybody’s wearing
all black tank tops. I’m so glad we’re getting
more representation for theater minors
on television. I mean, she is making
some faces. Some real face. Her performance is
just reminding us that Serena Williams
is not in attendance. And that’s hard for me,
because this is about the part in the music video
where she starts twerking. And I mean, we’re not gonna
get to see that. Uh-oh. A giant piece of modern
art’s moving across the screen. Oh my God. Wow. It’s Serena on a bus. Wow. Wow. Andy, don’t even
do a performance. Who cares? Who cares? They’ve put Andy Roddick
in a chair, and they’re all surrounding him. What’s gonna happen?
What’s gonna happen? “Take off your shirt.”
What? Andy Roddick is looking
everywhere. He’s got whiplash. He’s like, “My wife’s so hot.
Serena Williams is here? My wife’s so hot.
Serena Williams is here?” She has Beyonce. She has Serena Williams
who is in the video, and is also in the same field
as her husband. She had a monologue,
wet hair, dance moves. She probably drank a 40 before.
She’s got it all. Brooklyn Decker has taken it
to a crazy level. And he’s just not gonna
be able to top it. I can’t even imagine
who he could bring out. It’s your serve, Andy Roddick. Andy, come on buddy.
You can’t pull off this wig. This is like
Bruno Mars attack. Who else could even
possibly come out? Serena Williams is the greatest
athlete of all time. What is he gonna
bring to the table? Oh my God, Serena again. Okay. It could be anyone’s game
at this point. It turns out the only way
top a Serena reveal is
with another Serena reveal. I really appreciate
all of the 90s boy band moves. I think he could’ve made it
in a boy band in the 90s. Not like an NSYNC
or Backstreet level. But maybe O Town
or 98 Degrees, sure. This is what Lip Sync Battle
is at its best, all right? It is a musical that happens at
you, staring Serena Williams. And the Lip Sync Battle champion
is, Brooklyn Decker. Can we just talk about
how Brooklyn has shoved all the money into her pants? She is the baddest chick
on the block. Well, Andy may have
lost this match. But the score is love-love. And I’m told
that’s a tennis reference. Honestly, the real winner here
was Serena Williams. She’s perfect. No one is competing
on her level. Look at her. Well Brooklyn did win. And she made Andy fall
to his knees with his eyes shut. And that’s a win-win for me.

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