Brooklyn Legend Fabolous Talks Hoops and Hip-Hop With Q & D | Knuckleheads S2: E7

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– Yo, live on location. We in New York City, man. This our first hip-hop artist, man. We pulled up on one of our favorites, man. We got the man in the building, F-A-B-O. I got The Blackest One with
me, you know what I’m saying? We in here chilling, man. Y’all need to tune in, man. Lot of New York, lot of hip hop, lot of lotta going on up
in the building tonight. Fab with us. – It’s only right, man, it’s only right.
(hands smacking) (hip-hop music) – The first question we ask everybody and this a two-part question
because you used to hoop. – Mm-hmm. – Who’s the first person
that bust yo ass on the court and who’s the first person
that bust yo ass in the studio in the sense of– – [Quentin] If that has happened. – In the sense of when
you was in the studio you heard somebody else in the booth and you was like shit, I
need to step up my shit. – All right, so we gonna
go to the, on the court. When I was younger I think
I was about 12, maybe 13, my moms took me to Tennessee. You know, I’m a city boy. I hated even going. I ain’t want to go there. My summer, I love New York City summers. My mom’s like, “Yo, we going down “to visit our cousins in Tennessee.” Go down there, I’m hating it. Finally one, no courts. They live in the sticks somewhere. (Quentin laughs) One day I see a kid across the street shooting hoops in his,
I guess he bought a hoop and he’s shooting hoops in the driveway. So I came up walking over
there like, “Yo, what’s up? “I can shoot around with you?” And he like, “Yeah, cool.” So the one thing led to another and it’s one-on-one time,
you know what I’m saying. I’m thinking like I’m coming down there to represent Brooklyn. I got my little moves, all that, you know what I mean.
– Country boy. He ain’t really got no moves. He just, you know, shoot
around what’s her name but he was cracking my ass, man. (hosts laughing) He had a jumper, man. I don’t know if he knew his driveway. He knew his points, his angles. – That’s why he was shooting by himself. – Beat me every day, man. – He was working on that every day. – Yeah, home court advantage– – Beat me every day for
like a week straight, bro. I was like. So now I’m on the last day. I’m like I gotta play this
dude one more last time. I’m not going back to New York
without cracking him once. – Did you beat him? – Nope. (hosts laughing) Beat me by one. I was sick. Went back but that was the first time like you know, like, and it was ill because it wasn’t even like
this style of play up here. It was like, you know what I mean. It was like playing somebody who played a whole different way. – Right.
– Grew up playing. – But figure out how to
win, you know what I mean. It kind of opened my eyes, like this ain’t even the
only way to play basketball. You know, I’m coming from
New York and Brooklyn and you know, it’s a lot of
style and swag in our game. – Some ball handling, ankle breaking. – Yeah, I’m cutting him up and everything. I’m doing all of that to him. I’m dropping him, all of that. He getting the ball. After I miss he get the ball back, go back into that line, hack-ow! I’m like… (everyone laughing) I’m like damn. – See, that’s how we looked
at New York dudes, though, when we was coming through
like early on I would say. Once you got into it and you really saw then when you think man,
New York dudes can’t shoot. All they could do is dribble. You go to they playground they
got chain nets or no nets. Like how you could shoot? Like all them dudes do is dribble on the court.
– Hard-ass rims. They got, like there ain’t
none of them could shoot. That’s like we looked at
New Yorker as all right, New York dudes gonna cost you
up and duh-duh-duh-duh, like– – That’s definitely part of it. Style and swag, you know,
a lot of our point guards, you know what I’m saying,
– Yeah. like we, that’s where we come from. – That’s what y’all was known for, some of the illest guards ever coming out. So that’s what we looked at New York for. They got ball handlers. The first, I don’t even know
who the first person we played from New York that
could shoot like really. We looked at everybody as, even
y’all bigs like LO, Artest. Everybody can handle the ball. – [Fabolous] Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
– Yeah. – What about the studio? – In the studio I don’t
think inside the studio I’ve ever like ran into
somebody in the studio that really gave me that feeling. Somebody that sent me a verse
back like you know, we… It went from being in the
studio making the songs to like you know, somebody email you and you know, you send them the joint. So like somebody’ll send me a joint back and I’ll be like whoa, that was tough, you know what I’m saying. But for the most part in the studio I haven’t really bumped into nobody that we was actually doing a song together and it’s some guys that’s not some– – Even when you first
start going to the studio? Like when you first start like– – Well I wasn’t really
getting in with nobody that was like top tier at that point, you know what I’m saying. When I first started going I was the– – You were the nicest one around. – Looking at me then like
yeah, you know what I’m saying. So like once it transitioned into like me getting a deal or me… I remember like in, this is a crazy story, in like ’99 I had just
signed to Interscope and we wanted to do a song with Lil Wayne. So they set it up between
Clue and I think Birdman. And you know, Wayne was real young. And it was funny because
they had like requests to come to the studio too. Like they wanted like
five bottles of Cristal and you know what I mean? But you know, the label took
care of it at that point, you know what I’m saying. So even in that we thinking like you know, you gonna come there,
people gonna be chilling and what’s her name. So boom, Birdman and you
know, they came with them all. I think they pulled up actually like on a tour
bus, Birdman, Wayne. Wayne’s still very young at that point. You know, Slim, all of they crew came. They came in there. They threw the beat on. I think Wayne might have
like either had like a verse or something that he recited. He went in there, like got it together. They was gone in like 15 minutes. (Quentin laughing) Swear to god, like in and out. Took the bottles of Cristal with them. I mean we got the Wayne verse but it wasn’t like no like– – [Darius] Interaction. – Yeah, it wasn’t none. Like they came in. Wayne, I guess he had a
verse that he, you know, was putting together or had already. He made sure it went to the beat or said it how he wanted
to say it to the beat. Went in there, came out,
dapped me up, they was gone. – How was the verse though? – Verse was cool. He did his thing. The crazy part, we never
released that song. – [Darius] You never released it. – And they got paid before they got there. – [Darius] Before they even came. – Yeah. – What about the person you said that oh, I done got that
verse back from a email and was like oh, I need
to step up the pen? – When I got Hov’s verse back on Brooklyn, I’m trying to think. It’s been a couple of those
but it never was the same way how we comparing it to
the basketball thing where I was in it and I’m like all right. So that was those email ones like I still got a shot now, now that, you know what I mean? Like I still, now the
ball’s in my court really, you know what I’m saying, and I could rise to the
occasion, so you know. But a couple guys have
sent me some verses back. Hov definitely was one. Drake was on a remix. And these wasn’t even
like hard, street verses. It’s just that they did they think, you know what I mean, to the point where you looked at it like all right, I gotta make sure I do
my thing on this too. So it was a couple times
that I would definitely off the top of my head say Jay and Drake. – You’s a hooper and you rap. Like where in that moment of time that your mentality was like I’m finna stop doing this sports stuff and I’m finna focus on hip
hop, I’m finna focus on rap? How old was you like when you like changed like you know what,
I’m a rapper, I’m not– – Well I loved sports up until I think maybe midway through high school where I like started figuring that I wasn’t gonna play professionally. Hip hop was something I
had been doing as a hobby all the way since I was
maybe 11, 12 years old. So now I’m in high school. It’s about I’m about 16, 17, and I’m looking at it like
I still love to play ball. I still love sports but it’s
not gonna be my, you know. This is not what I’m gonna end up doing. So you know, I still would play sports. I still would. I was involved in it,
still watched it heavily but I just made like a detour where. And then hip hop started
becoming like more involved in my life a little bit. Like you know, it started
being less a hobby. It started being like people
was hearing that I was good or telling other people
about me and you know. So certain things started manifesting. Even I started working with some guys and you know, they was telling me they was gonna get me a deal, you know. At that point too I had
heard that a few times so I wasn’t, I had a love for hip hop without having it, you
know, making any money or any kind of, like it
was just a passion of mine. I loved the music. I loved the way it was
bringing people together, how I was interacting with people, how even if you played sports there would be a radio
out there playing music, you know what I’m saying. It was always the background or ran concurrent with
whatever you was doing, you know what I’m saying. So I think that’s really where the point where like midway through high school, maybe about 10th grade. I also was doing art too
because I used to draw. So I went to a art high
school here in the city too. So it was like art, basketball, hip hop. Basketball started feeling
a little further away than actually be going pro so I’m like all right. Art was another thing too. I remember like getting
discouraged in art school because you could be in your hood, like you draw something, they like yo, that’s crazy you drew that. But you go to art school and you like all right,
I ain’t maybe not as good as I thought I was or I’m not at they level,
you know what I’m saying. So you know, it gave me
different things to look at like you know, all right,
what am I really gonna do? I started really feeling in that point. But hip hop still felt genuine and organic like without you even, like
I didn’t have to look at that and say like all right,
I’m not gonna be this. I can’t fuck with it no more, like, you know what I’m saying. I could look at it like
I till love hip hop. Like even if I go be a mailman I’ma be going to work listening to, you know what I’m saying? So that’s kind of how. And then things just started happening where people was hearing about me and you know, I met a few people and you know, things just gradually until it led up into Clue,
you know what I’m saying. And that was a thing that I
ain’t even see coming either. And my story, I don’t
really got like you know, I ain’t get shot up nine times like 50 or like you, have different like. But my thing was I got a opportunity and when I looked at it I was like I don’t know whether I’ma get
this opportunity ever again to rap for Clue, to meet Clue, to go up here and be on his radio show. Like you know, these are things that– – How did all of that happen? How did you meet Clue? – I met the guys who’s my managers who ended up being my managers
at the time, Cheo and Webb, and they was promoters so they had booked Clue a couple times. So they had like a relationship with him. I guess when they found me
they called him back up, like you know, circled
back around with like yo, we got a guy who y’all need to check out. So they was cool with Skane
who was Clue’s manager and Skane invited us up. And I went up there and I thought I was
really just gonna meet him or maybe like rap for them in person, like you know what I’m saying. But when I got up there they was like, “Yo, we gonna have you jump on the air “and rap over the air.” So I’m like oh shit, all right,
you know what I’m saying, but I just had to like– – Right on the–
– On the spot, yeah. – Get ready right, yeah, like
get myself to this opportunity because you know what I mean, you could have got nervous in it, been like yo, I ain’t ready to rap today but you may have never
got to rap ever again, you know what I’m saying. Or that was your shot to
even if Clue didn’t do it somebody else could have heard
that, you know what I mean. It’s on the radio. So you know what I mean,
I always remembered that as like making the most of a opportunity because you never know what
it, whether it led to nothing. I could have ended up
going back to my projects and it led to nothing
but I would have known that I put a hundred into that opportunity and it could have led to something else, you know what I’m saying. – When did you feel
like you was like nice, like you was better than
what you even expected? Like when was that, you came around like
oh shit, I’m nice-nice? I can go with the best of them. – At first it was people telling me. Like they helped build my
confidence a little bit because I just was, like I said, it was a hobby for me at first and it was something that I you know, I even admired the people
that I was listening to. Like you know, just
starting out I was listening to Big Daddy Kane and Rakim and then it was Biggie and Jay-Z. And it was pretty much you
know, Brooklyn-based too, you know what I’m saying, because I’m looking at what’s around me. So I’m looking at you know, the guys that those guys are legendary names and I’m you know, I’m from the same areas and seeing some of the same places that they’re even showing. And Jay’s showing Marcy Projects. Marcy Projects looked
just like my projects, you know what I’m saying. It’s 10 minutes away from where I live so you know, it’s influencing
me just from that alone, just from where you can see it and see that it’s
connected to where you at, where I’m living here and
he’s showing it in his video. Or he pulling up with a
Bentley at his projects and I’m like yeah, I
could do that because, you know what I’m saying,
I’m in the same situation. But it was my friends telling me. And once I also started recording I could hear myself versus other people and I could tell
– Yeah, you critique yourself. that I was a little more, a little more, like my flow would be more in
pocket than the next person. Not saying that they was bad. I just could, I could see the difference, you know what I’m saying. That helped me really– – Navigate. – You know, lock in on my shit too because I was like I
could see the difference. Before when you just rapping to yourself or you just rapping, like you not really
comparing it to anything. So people are sometimes confident,
cocky, or what’s her name until they go to a
battle with somebody else and then it be like oh, all right. (Quentin laughs) You ain’t as ill as you thought you was, you know what I’m saying. So I just even rhyming along with people and you know, being in a cipher. I remember even being in school. Like what’s crazy is I’m
sure people from my school, like early high school,
like they used to have like a rap lunch table and
I never used to rap at it. So I’m sure they seen me
like even as a artist now and just been like yo, he
never used to rap like that, like you know what I’m saying. Like how somebody that
you know, end up doing it because I used to really just
be there and analyze them– – [Darius] Seeing what they were doing. – Like you know what I’m saying,
like just hear they styles. Hear, watch they movements. Like just you know, just seeing what was
different about everybody, you know what I’m saying. And I would take that home
with me and use it kind of like and do my homework and
then apply it to myself, you know what I’m saying. But I never rapped in front of. Like I’m sure that
probably bugged them out. That’s like you seeing somebody who never played ball with y’all and suddenly they in the league. You just bump into them in the league. I’m like yo, when you start playing ball? – I used to see you,
you went to my school. – Like you know, yeah. You didn’t even play high school ball. He like yeah, man. Just went to college and it
just, you know what I mean, like it was some shit like that. Like so that’s how I was. Like I really was, it was
still like a hobby for me. It wasn’t even something
yet that I had feel but my confidence built
from those couple things, just me hearing myself
along with other people, people telling me, people listening back. And you know, even when
I went on Clue that night I was still in high school, like the last year of high school and I came to school and it was this girl. I always like joked that
she was my first fan ever. When I came to school she was like, “Yo, there was this
kid on Clue last night. “He was fire,” like you
know what I’m saying. And I’m like, “Me?” I’m like, “That was me.” She like, “Fuck outta here. “That wasn’t you.”
(hosts laughing) I’m like, “I swear to God that was me.” She like, “Yo, how was that you?” I was like, “Because I
went to Clue last night.” She’s like, “You don’t even be rapping.” I’m like, “I’m telling you that was me.” She was like this, she
still didn’t believe. I had to rap her the rap
from the night before and she was like, “Oh shit, that’s crazy.” So now she running around. She telling, “Yo, he was
on the radio last night.” It ain’t nobody ain’t even
really, you know what I mean. But that was like my first
connection to somebody and somebody saying like
you know, admiring you, having admiration for what you did and like you know what I mean. So that also built my
confidence a little bit too. – So we look at you. I mean we both like we
said, we huge fans of, you know what I’m saying,
everything you did in your career but I look at you as one of my personal
favorites like lyrically– – Appreciate it. – And getting down as that. But I also love the fact that I could look and go listen to stuff and I
feel like it’s a time capsule of what’s actually happening right then. And I could take back
to the two-way pager. Like what made that be a huge part? I feel like that’s a part of your style. You stayed relevant and on
point with what’s going on but still lyrically dominant and dope and able to still intertwine like the what’s happening right now in the moment of whatever year it is. How did that become
like part of your style? – Truthfully I couldn’t say
that I like tapped on it and said that that’s what I was gonna do. It was just like me living in it. So like when two-way pagers was out it was like that’s what’s cool right now. I’ma talk about what’s cool. I’ma show what’s cool. Or whatever thing I was wearing that I thought was cool I
would put it in the video. Or you know, when I first got
the GT Bentley maybe like ’04 when I shot the video for “Breathe,” so they had they car that they was gonna. I’m like nah, we putting
the Bentley in the video. – Word.
– Straight up. – Like this is brand new. This my car and it’s brand new and this is the look that I’m trying to, you know what I’m saying. So I always was adamant about that like and always trying to
like show what I was on, you know what I’m saying. Like and it’s crazy
because like how you saying that like me having conversations with you know, artists
who are younger than me or you know, even Drake, Drake was like, “Yo, I
remember the Sidekick, “you know what I mean, or when
you had those Adidas jackets. “We all ran out to get that Adidas jacket “you had with all stripes,”
you know what I’m saying. So those things, you know,
those were connections because they were not only that
I was putting people onto it but it was also what was cool at the time. And you know, not all artists
are able to do that too. Not all artists are able
to dictate what’s cool or what’s you know, people
to follow what they’re doing, you know what I’m saying. So I always looked at even
with the jersey thing, like you know what I mean,
the jersey thing is– – Throwback king. (laughs) – Yeah, it’s always something
that’s gonna be connected to, you know what I mean, that time and to me, you know what I’m saying. So people always gonna say yo, I remember Fab had
the jerseys, da, da, da. And that just came about
from I just you know, from the sports thing too. And you know, I thought they was cool and I liked matching up
the colors with your kicks and you know what I mean, the hats and it was you know, of that
time, you know what I mean. Of course it’s a time
where it got a little much or oversaturated but like
at that time that was it, you know what I mean. – I still got jerseys to this day. I’m talking about like– – I got boxes, I got boxes of them and they to your knees, like. (laughs) – Like where do you keep all them jerseys? I know you got– – I got them in a big
box in the storage like– – You a pioneer of the jersey collection, like some of the ones like
that I thought was dope– – And then you got hats and
durags to go with (laughs). – Yo, I had the hats to go with it– – Fresh Prince joints. – Get the Js to go with it. You gotta get the whole setup. Like it was, that was the way. – Where do you keep, like they got their
own house or something? – Nah, I really put them in
like these big, tall boxes and just put them in storage just to see. Like I went through
them one day just to see if it was anything you could like salvage but it was they too long. The numbers is this big– – Big, yeah. – You know what I’m saying, like. – Extra, extra, that’s how mine was. – Then it was connected to players too. Like so if I got a Clippers
joint I would get D. Miles out. Like I would look at the
player that was there. Say like you know, I
want to wear that player. Or some of them, like you know, the throwback ones was
you know, old players. But like when you was wearing
the people of the time like you know, you get the
people who you rock with too so that also was cool aspect about it too. – Yeah, everybody known you
liked to rock a fly-ass jersey that nobody else had, man. – Yeah.
– Yeah. It was the time like,
you know what I mean. Like even like, you know what I mean, big guys don’t give me props but it also made the big
guys be able to get fly, you know what I mean. Big Fendi over there, he probably had a couple,
(Quentin laughing) you know what I’m saying. So you know, the big guys can– – Big guy can get those big jerseys. – Yeah, they had the, yeah.
– They made jerseys big. – So they can rock a football jersey– – Never gave me props for
that, you know what I mean. Just giving them a lane to you
know, maybe be fly too like, you know what I mean. – Nah, you definitely set
some trends out here, now. – [Darius] Rucker Park. – [Fabolous] Rucker, woo. – Dyckman, you know what I mean. – Rucker, I got more like… I got more connection
to Rucker than Dyckman. Dyckman is amazing. The energy there is really dope like and I like that
for you know, this era and it’s keeping the energy
of Rucker to this era, you know what I’m saying. So I appreciate that too. But like Rucker was like you can’t really compare.
– Unlike no other. Yeah, yeah. – You can’t. – Rucker’s a whole different ballgame. – The Durango, the Gauchos. – (sighs) Just that
energy of it being there across the street from the projects. You cross the street from the projects and you seeing Kobe play in the park, like you know what I’m saying. Like you see KD, like that’s
crazy, you know what I mean. That’s crazy for an inner city kid, like you know what I mean. Like that’s even motivation. That’s you know, inspiration that you can’t even like
pay for right there, like you know what I’m saying. And I’m sure it’s like I
don’t know what hoopers. Like I’m sure it’s
somebody who been in there who seen that and like– – They gonna go farther than them– – It pushed them, you
know what I’m saying. Like and they like yo, I want this energy. Like because when you see it
it’s different from the NBA. It’s just whole different energy in there. – From anything. – So like you like see that
and see how people loving you and you walking out the park and the whole park following you and you know, it’s all kind of– – Rucker literally made other
cities try to emulate it. I find myself going home to the green and I’m almost shamed to say it. Chicago, I’m like wait a
minute, Chicago, we Chicago. Don’t need to be emulating nobody. Like they got somebody running around with a damn microphone talking. I’m like man, this is our park. We don’t do all of this. Ain’t nobody running on the damn court after you done boxed somebody. Like stay yo ass in the crowd. It’s all good. But like Rucker was the
first place that made– – [Fabolous] And it was organic,
that was they shit, yeah. – Cities all over the place. They wanted to emulate
what was going on at Rucker and they didn’t want it to be in the gym. They wanted it to be at the park because it was at the
park here in New York. And they tried to, like y’all had a energy when my man walking around
with the belt. (laughs) He was wilding with the belt, it was– – What’s one of
– Crazy. your favorite moments in
Rucker that you remember like? – It gotta probably be
them bringing Kobe out. – Right, that boy had the earpiece people walking around, you’re welcome. – Wasn’t it a rumor like
he came on a helicopter or something like that? – He probably, wait, first of all that’s not literally a rumor. He went from every game from home to the game in a helicopter. We talked to him about it. I asked him. He’s the black Bruce Wayne. – [Fabolous] (laughs) Yeah. – The man come out the bat cave– – Come through in a chopper.
– In a damn helicopter. “Get the chopper,” Schwarzenegger verse. “Get the chopper.”
– “Get to the chopper now!” (Quentin and Fabolous laughing) – Get the chopper, yeah. I think it was they said
he came and came through, landed in his chopper
somewhere on the West Side, came up, walked in there. Like you just not expecting to see Kobe in that kind of platform,
like you know what I mean. – And he got off. – Y’all might be the second. It’s the podcast and there’s
Rucker, then the podcast and you know what I mean, like– – [Quentin] We got him out. – Yeah. (laughs) – Hey listen, when we got the confirmation it was like the President coming. Like yo, don’t say nothing. Don’t take no pictures. Don’t do no gramming or nothing. – [Darius] Do nothing stupid. – Like keep this, you know
what I’m talking about. This is on a need-to-know
basis, you hear me? – Word, word, but I think that definitely might have been it though. That pull up was legendary. – [Darius] Kobe pulling up to the Rucker. – (exhales) Yeah, that’s legendary. – I want to ask you about
your New York fandom. I think I already know the answer when it come down to
like Knicks or Brooklyn. – [Fabolous] Yeah, I got
a little New York pride. – Like you Brooklyn, right? – With the Nets and the Knicks? – Yeah, where we stand with that? – It’s a touchy subject
but I definitely gotta roll with Brooklyn because it’s like
it came to where my home is, you know what I’m saying.
– That’s what I’m saying. I always was a Knick fan
because it represented New York. I’m from New York. But once the Nets came home I gotta like, you know what I mean. And it’s a deeper appreciation too because when they built the Barclays it was kind of community-driven. Like I see people from my hoods and like you know, they
work in the Barclays– – Getting jobs there. – You know what I’m saying, yeah. So I thought that was pretty cool too. As a organization I liked
that they opened the doors to actual people from Brooklyn. And you know what I
mean, I’m seeing people that I really know and grew
up, you know what I mean, seen before so I was like that was cool, you know what I mean. So I always had a respect
for them for that. – So with that being said what you think of you got Kyrie coming to town. You got KD, you got Jordan.
– Oh yeah, it’s lit. – It’s lit, it’s about
to, you know what I mean. It’s about to be lit
in Brooklyn real quick. So you know what I mean, me and Cas got the So
Brooklyn running right now so I can’t wait to really be in there and really root for KD. And it’s also two guys
that appreciate their game. Like they always been
solid with me straight up and you know, it’s now getting them guys to play for you know, where you from it’s a different respect for them as well. – Yeah, Giant or the Jets? – I was a Giants fan. I wasn’t feeling the– – Jets. – The Odell trade. I wasn’t really feeling that. – That was crazy. – Certain stuff I be taking personally even though you shouldn’t
take it personal, like especially sports. It’s hard to take sports personal but as a fan sometimes you be like man. – What did you feel when
that came across your phone and you saw that OBJ
– I was tight. was traded to Cleveland? – Because I wanted them to like, no like, no disrespect to Eli like but I wanted them to
get rid of Eli (laughs) and run with just like Odell, Saquon– – You wanted to see him get some of this Daniel Jones magic, huh? – Sterling Shep, like I
think that’s when it was time for to move for that
before the season started. – [Darius] But they didn’t
have to get rid of Odell. – That’s where I thought the Giants were. I thought we was in the same place. I thought we both was like– – [Quentin] Thought y’all
were seeing eye to eye. – Yeah, when the Odell trade came through I’m like what is y’all looking at? Like what is y’all doing? – I thought we was cool. We not cool. (laughs)
– Yo! – What about the Yankees or the Mets? – I fuck with the Yankees. – You never been a Met fan? – I never been a fan. I’ve went to some Mets games though. When I was in school when I was a kid this guy like if you
got on the honor roll, the teacher, if you got on the honor roll he would take you to a Mets game. So one time like I wanted to really be on, like go to the game so I
worked my, got my grades up, got on the honor roll,
went to the Mets game. It was cool. I was like man, I think the next thing I wasn’t even on the honor roll no more. I just wanted to go. (Quentin laughs) And my moms was like,
“See, that’s how you know “you could do it because
if you want something “you’ll, you know what I mean, “you’ll apply to it and you do it.” But from that point, you know what I mean, I was like I always was a Yankees fan based on the players. And you know, even through the ’90s when they had those great
years and stuff like that I always was a Yankee fan. So I’m still like more Yankee’d out then. – You talked about like how
seeing Jay come from Marcy and your projects being similar to his, how that inspired you and let you know like yo, I could do it. Talk about when you first met him. Was he, well clearly he wasn’t as big as he is now, you know. But was he still like to
you like meeting like MJ? Was that like your MJ moment? And how has he like impacted
you and everything you do, showing you how he’s moved
and the moves he’s made and the success he’s had? – A lot of it was watching as well, you know what I’m saying. I didn’t like ever like come at him and be like yo, how you do this or how. It was more like us coming
from the same place, it’s like it helps you
relate to that person. But at the same time you
still got your own story and your own, you know,
Jay’s Jay and Fab is Fab, you know what I’m saying. I watched a lot of things that he do. He also gave me a lot of
game throughout the years. And just like you said, when he first was, I remember the time
where it was kind of like I felt like I was like
the young guy coming up and he was the guy in position. And it was like I had
to figure my own way. It wasn’t just about like coming and trying to figure out
how to come like him, you know what I’m saying. It was like me, I gotta figure my own way, you know what I’m saying. Clue was connected to Jay and Jay would you know, do
whatever that he could do on that type of style but we had our own situation over here. I wasn’t on Roc-A-Fella. He had his own artists. He got, you know. So it was always like a respect thing too and also a admiration, a
relation, you know what I mean, him coming from, you know,
just coming from Brooklyn, you know what I mean. He got his own story, I got mine, but we come from a similar part of town, you know what I’m saying, where we could relate to what we see, what we grew up seeing, what we, you know. He lived in a projects, I
lived in a projects too, you know what I’m saying. We got separate stories but the relation of that
alone like connects you, you know what I’m saying. So you know, I just was, it was a cool relationship I would say. I remember one point
not like a competition but it was just like you
gotta step in your own shoes. You gotta walk, you know what I mean. You gotta put your feet in your own shoes and do it and I never
looked at him like you know, like yo, you gotta accept me. I’m young Brooklyn coming up. I just felt like I gotta make my way, you know what I’m saying. And you know, I know it’s
a lot of like artists too where they would like look at
getting a feature from Hov. Like that was like something
they would aspire to– – Gold teeth. – You know what I mean,
that was like a goal, you know what I’m saying.
– Gold teeth. So even with me, like I had to just wait til I got to that point where it was time, you know what I’m saying. Like and people have asked me this, like other young artists. Yo, how you get features with Hov? Like how you, you know,
how you listen to Hov? I’m like it’s really like you get there and he kind of sees it almost, like you know what I’m saying. It’s kind of like he, you know, he knows when it’s time or you know what I mean, like– – Yeah, he’s psychic, he knows. – It’s not something you just come to him and be like yo Hov, I
need you on this joint and he just jump on it,
you know what I mean. So like I just worked
until it got to that point and when it made sense. – Came organically, you didn’t
even have to do no like yo. Like just you let it– – Because you can’t force that. You can’t rush it,
– Word, I feel you. you can’t force it, you can’t… Even down to what you doing, if you not even and he take note of it that’s, you know, that’s still you put the work in to get there, you know what I’m saying. So you gotta appreciate that, especially if somebody
at his level and caliber of what he’s done in the game. – Competitive, like back in the day do you feel like it was more
competitive amongst rappers than it is now? It’s like y’all kind of like
having them conversations now– – We feel like that in basketball. – With more people
– Yeah, definitely. that you can kind of talk to and get– – We was just talking about
that with basketball too. Everybody’s like come together and hang out
– Take pictures. and it’s summertime.
– We Instagramming like. – And don’t make it, we
don’t want it to seem like we was younger, we didn’t hang out because we hung out and
did all that but like… – We was competitive. – The competitiveness and the sport. – The same people we hanging with we could fight in the game. – Right. – I don’t see these young
boys about to fight each other with the dudes they cool with. Like bro, like literally
me and Corey Maggette is go back to sixth grade and you done seen it in practice with us where we face-to-face,
head-to-head about to go at it, right or wrong. I don’t see these young boys– – Yeah, it’s a different energy. I think the same thing in hip hop. Like you know what I mean, it’s… Hip hop has went through a
couple different transitions. We lost some like legends of course too. Like you know, Biggie
and Tupac was two people that hung out together, you know. Pac went on his rant, “Biggie
used to sleep on my couch,” like you know what I mean. So they definitely had a
friendship and a camaraderie and it ended up going the wrong way. And I think things that
surrounded them too is what inevitably made
them like really bump heads as hard as they did. And I don’t even think
Biggie was that much on it because he was not looking
at it like you know, in the same way that
Pac was looking at it. But you know, I think in hip
hop we’ve taken a few losses, you know what I’m saying, and
I think that comes into play where we’re people that’s like all right, let’s not
make it as competitive. Everybody’s here to you know,
try to make great music, make some money, you know, take
they families out the hood, do different things like that.
– Word. But it’s still, the sport of hip hop is still a competitive sport,
you know what I’m saying. You want to be the best. You want to be on a song
and have the best verse. You want to you know, have the flyest fit at the awards show, you know what I mean. Like you know, some of those things are connected to you know, being that guy, you know what I’m saying. And I think in sports it’s the same way. We seen a lot of, even
we talked about how, me and my boys talked about how there wasn’t a lot of team up kind of basketball in the ’90s too. It was you know, Jordan had his squad, Dominique Wilkins had his squad– – And too competitive, right. – Bird had his squad. Magic had his squad. You know, they built teams,
– It was different. you know, but the superstars didn’t like look to like all right– – [Darius] Play with each other. – In the summer we gonna
talk about getting together and you know, I don’t
know when was the first.. We gotta talk about what was the first. It might have been the Boston Big Three. Was it, what was we saying? Was it them that came together and really put together like a Big Three? – You mean KG, Paul, and Ray? – Mm-hmm, and then I think the LeBron– – I mean people what, see,
the thing what you see on TV people will argue like
well, the Lakers had, like all them dudes became Hall of Famers because they won like 12 like you know, however many championships. Like at the time– – But they built that team. You know Magic, James, and– – So that’s what they say. They say oh, even though
they were like built they still were, you know what I’m saying, they were a super team because they had four Hall of Famers– – Yeah, I don’t look at that the same. – But like they became Hall of Fame because they won the way they did. – And some of them may
have been role players who grew into being great players. James Worthy to me could have been– – They weren’t always they
finished product was my point. – They grew to– – They got Kareem like, Kareem in a trade and then you draft Magic. You got Kareem, you got Worthy, and you got the rest of them killing it– – Yeah, and the other people were great role player players as well, you know what I’m
saying, the Byron Scotts, the Michael Coopers, all of those guys helped make the team a great team. So it wasn’t like coming
together in the summer and saying yo, you need to come over here. That wasn’t going on to me back then, you know what I’m saying. Like Jordan’s team was built off of him– – He would say yeah, he would say the Celtics in the Big Three. – They drafted Pippen, you know– – Yeah, they had they squad
and they rolled with it. They second run they got rowdy. – I always talk shit about MJ. Like if they can’t tell
me, like come on, man. The first time Scottie– – And look how many years they lost. – The first time Scottie
became the MVP it’s over. First time he got a co-star we win and we win the rest of the way. So I don’t want to hear that. Anybody talk all that MJ, that’s a irrelevant conversation for me. – Yeah, the Pistons,
it’s all of them teams that was great teams in them eras they I don’t feel
– They were stacked. like they just was, you know what I mean, they put together a team and the team. The superstars though
didn’t come together like– – Like how they come together now. – Soon time the superstars came
together was the Dream Team. It wasn’t no, you know
what I mean, it wasn’t. And that was, you know, that was special, seeing guys together. You was like damn, Michael playing with Magic, Larry, David Rob– – Even seeing them when they get together, like all of the footage we
saw from the documentary on like they was at it. Like you watch the All-Star Games now, it don’t be like what they was doing. I want to see the All-Star Game when them dudes get together like all right, I ain’t tripping. Like I get it. It’s the All-Star break. Kick it in the first. Second half, turn up, turn up. Like what Kob said? Turn up. He said him and KP, when
they was on the team they was undefeated. He said because they took it serious. And he want to see it too, like turn up. This is what the millions
and everybody wanna see. They wanna see the best collection of all the players on
the planet get together and now let’s go at it. The clash of the Avengers, let’s go at it. This is what it is when you
get to the All-Star Game. I ain’t tripping. I ain’t trying to see nobody get hurt out there on a All-Star. That’s your chill time a little bit but they done gave us some extra days now. It ain’t like you just there
for the weekend and you done. They done gave people, they
done gave y’all a bigger, like the team that win get a
million dollars or something. They get a bonus. Like bro, who? Go out there and get at it. I want to see Kyrie against Dame. I want to see whoever against whoever and I want to see y’all square up and like take it serious. Don’t let them walk to
the hole and go show out. Like nah, second half, let’s real. That second quarter and
on, let’s get to it, see some real hoop. Everybody’s getting out there, get to it. – The real question is do you think it ever will get back to that or it’s gonna get more friendly? – It just take the main
guys, the main guys. If like when LeBron go, when KD go, when, everybody else is new to the game, the however many, they gonna fall in line. That’s how this go. When the big boys start
like come on, man, who go? If LeBron out there playing hard and playing serious and
telling y’all let’s go, who ain’t gonna follow him? I don’t know whoever,
you know what I’m saying? Like if he ain’t saying
yo, let’s get to it, let’s, nah, ain’t no
layups, ain’t no this, it just take one of them
main dudes to turn the tide. Like hey, we for real. So you know how, that’s like me playing in the Big Three this year. What I told you what I was on before I played for them? Man, I’ma be out there just chilling, this, that, and the third. You get in the arena like hold up. It’s a real NBA arena. Hold up, it’s cameras, we on TV. Hold up, wait, he just
tried to come at me. Like now pride come to play. Like all this I just said I
wasn’t gonna do, now I’m doing and I’m taking it serious
and I’m about to fight too, whatever it is because
like pride gonna come. You not about to show
out on me on front of TV. So like all it take is
one person to bop bop or do something to
somebody and here we go. – [Fabolous] Oh is y’all playing playing. – Like don’t play with me. – Oh, y’all playing for
real, for real, all right. – There you go, if somebody get for real, oh, you tried to embarrass me. Okay, hold up, run that ball,
give me the ball back, right. What you gonna do if
somebody come down on you in whatever setting when you in your prime and you doing you? Hold, what? Run that ball. Like I’m about to show him what it is. – I even think the
sportsmanship was so high with players back then too like even with the team
it was a little different. Like I ain’t been in no huddles or nothing but like I’ve seen or heard like on docs or like Michael Jordan took, like he’d step to you if you ain’t like, you know what I’m saying? Like fuck is you doing out here, man? We trying to win and you slouching around. When I throw you that
pass you make that shot. Like they was on them in that way not like on something– – They’re holding everybody accountable. – Like everybody kind of just, yeah, holding you accountable. You got one job, Steve Kerr,
knock that fucking shot down. Knock that shit down, that’s it. – Who you got to win the
championship this year? Who you got? What team you got coming out the East? What team you got coming out the West? – [Quentin] They team. He gonna say they team. – I got the Clippers winning it all. – Yeah? – Yes. – I’m a Clipper.
– Honest opinion. I’m a Clipper but it’s hard for me. Like this is my deal. This is my take on it. Right now as assembled both teams if the Lakers stay healthy I can’t go against AD,
LeBron, together, healthy. – Yeah, that is. – And that’s before we get to, you know. They done put some pieces with them but I’m just saying before
they even did anything once the trade was complete, you remember I told
you when AD got to L.A. I said welp, (laughs) I said
it’s not really over, I say, but it’s over if they. The only thing is semantics. Like if they could, you know, because AD may get hurt here or there. I don’t think LeBron, I know LeBron done did everything possible not to have what happened
last year happen. So only a act of God is gonna change that so he gonna be ready. (sputters) Them two could stay healthy, not to say that it’s just unstoppable but it’s pretty much, it’s tough. – That L.A., Golden State, Denver… – [Quentin] G State really– – Portland. – Klay ain’t gonna be back
til after February, so. – What about Houston? – Houston gonna be in the running– – Houston gonna look good. – But I don’t know that they,
like I say, a healthy AD. AD was wrecking on the
entire league by himself. The entire league with no help. So what I’m saying, the
man got LeBron with him and we already know what LeBron do. – Little Laker fans over there. Look at them smiling, look. (laughs) – Listen, I’m Clipper strong, bro, I’m, you know what I’m
saying, I’m, but I’ma be real. Like we already know the
last however many years whatever team LeBron was on automatically be into the finals. (laughs) That was automatic. Now he add somebody who a top three or four
player in the league and he’s young who could really say okay LeBron, go manage yourself. Game manager, take a couple games off. I’ma just go 40 these games while you out, and he legit could do
that if he’s healthy. If he’s healthy AD could be a
potential MVP candidate easy. With LeBron setting up
the table he potentially, if he stays healthy the entire time outside of LeBron, I
mean outside of D. Wade LeBron had no better teammate than him. – The crazy part is that all
of these teams is so brand new that it’s all speculations. Like it ain’t nobody likely to go from their 2018 roster and
just say like I’m looking at it like that’s what I was
sitting here thinking. Like and everybody’s different. – Everything different. – Everybody who was the
top tier teams last year they’re all different
except for maybe Denver. – I don’t feel like
Denver gonna be up there as high as they was last year. – Utah gonna be hire than them. – Yeah, I feel like Denver ain’t gonna do the same
– Utah improved. because the shuffle done changed. Like now you got the
Clippers, you got the Lakers. – Right, it changes the
whole dynamic of it. – Clippers was eighth seed– – Even on the East, like
the Sixers changed so much. Boston changed a little bit. – [Quentin] Miami. – Yeah, Miami changed a little bit. – [Quentin] Brooklyn. – Toronto lost Kawhi,
like you know what I mean. It’s so many different changes is that I can’t even go
– I’m front row. off of they 2018 history,
like you know what I mean. It’s like I gotta just open the book and see where it starts out this year. – League Pass gonna be lit. (laughs) Subscribers getting it in. (laughs) – [Darius] Word. – I’m undecided, man, but y’all Clippers. I’ma watch out for y’all picks though, Clippers and the Lake show. – You ain’t got no pick? – I don’t, I’m so, it’s
such a juggle for me. I can’t even say nobody that I think. Like I’m, I want to see how
all of these new teams pan out. Like I don’t even know. Like I said Houston but then I said damn, I’m looking at, seeing all these memes with Harden and Westbrook
fighting over the ball. Like you know, that
shit is funny but like– – That’s something that you
don’t know how it’s gonna go. – What combination do you like, though? – What combination do you like? – Like do you like how they got Kawhi– – Well it’s no more threesomes– – I do like LeBron and AD though– – It’s duos all– – Because it’s like, yeah,
it’s a yeah, it’s a cool. I like that duo because
it’s not in the same. Like when I look at Kawhi and Paul George I feel like it’s almost a similar. And the same thing with Hardin and– – It’s like Dame and CJ,
Harden and Russ, they both– – Well I like LeBron and AD,
they, you know what I mean. (Quentin laughing) That go back to how– – Big and wing. – Right. – Like Kobe and Shaq? – Mm-hmm. – Yeah. – What I hope for like we said earlier, I want to see Clippers and the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals. Let’s see that. I’m good, satisfaction. – L.A. would love that. – Let me get my popcorn. – Nah, we can’t give y’all
that though, y’all stats is– – Then you go New York
and Brooklyn in the East. – I don’t think that’s gonna happen. – Not right now, not right now. That’s a pipe dream. – Well I have Brooklyn
gonna be in the seed. – I think Brooklyn gonna get in the, they gonna get in the slay offs. They gonna get up there. They in there. – When KD get back they going? – When KD get back then it’s gonna be a whole different ballgame. That’s a whole different ballgame. I wasn’t even talking with KD. With KD that’s a whole different ballgame. – I wanted to ask you this. You deep into fashion. – [Fabolous] Mm-hmm. – And I like our fashion era more than I like the fashion
era now of the NBA players. I feel like yeah, our stuff was baggy but we wasn’t wearing the
shit that they wearing. – I think they got our attention. – He don’t want no fitted shit. He hates it. – You don’t like the fitted? – In hip hop– – He hates the fitted. (laughs) – The fashion back then to the fashion now because you got guys wearing skinny jeans like they rock stars. Like it’s a whole lot of stuff going on. – Yeah, it’s just changed. I think you gotta do what’s comfortable for you and your style. That’s how I always
approach fashion period. You know, there’s different
trends like how you said. And I, you know, during the early 2000 era everything was bigger. It was baggier and that was
just the trend of the time. Now I might not be wearing super skinnies but I’m not gonna wear, you know– – Extra baggy. – Me too, I’m with you. – Bell-bottoms. – I’m not Euro. I’m nowhere near Euro but
I’m not 5XL no more either. I’m closer to my regular
one XL I should be wearing. – Right. – You wear fitted though. – No I don’t. (Darius and Fabolous laughing) No I don’t, stop it. (laughs) Stop it, don’t play with me. – What you think about the younger cats, this new style of clothes they wear? Because you don’t dress like them. You dress more– – I think it’s they time,
you know what I’m saying. You can’t, you know, it
was a time we would look at what our parents was wearing
and look at them crazy too or they would look at what
we was wearing crazy– – I was about to say it
was a time when we came in, like when we came in the league– – Member your pants was sagging — – We was wearing Jordans, everything, durags, literally durags to the game. Everything was Jordan. Our entire wardrobe
head to toe was Jordan. – Y’all made them suit up the. (Quentin laughing) Y’all era responsible for making them be like you know what– – Hey, we came in the AI under Iverson. – Y’all ain’t gonna be
just coming to these games in durags and you know. – AI got his mama to braid
his hair on the bench. One of his braids popped out. She fixed it on the bench, boy. – [Fabolous] See, that’s gutter. – Come on, man, we came in under the heavy AI influence.
– That’s gangster right there. Big chains, the ice age. Everything was going on then. That was the, like now
it’s kind of coming back but ice had went out for a minute. Now it’s coming back but we
was when it was dumb stupid. We had everything but our Social Security on our first chain piece, boy, everything. We wanted that thing as big
as it could be, like yeah. – That was the era, that was and it was a era of hip hop also ushering into the NBA because– – This man’s jersey was in every beat. We like man, we used to laugh. They used to call Bow
Wow Mr. 106 And Park. What we used to say? No he ain’t. (laughs) My homeboy right here. (laughs) – I think I wore a D joint in– – It was him or LL jersey was the most popular Clipper jersey. You might catch a one
off me, Elton, or Corey, but it was D. Miles and LL jersey was in everything back then literally. LL was from New York and everybody, he was like co-runner-up
for Rookie of the Year the year before and he
was the man on our team. And then he was the highest rookie, well straight out of
high school ever taken and was just a phenom. It was one of them two. It was out of there. That was the first time we really start, like he said in the thing. Like that was the first
time people started rocking with the Clippers in a positive way. – Y’all was drafted together or? – [Quentin] Together. – [Darius] Together, same year. – Same year. – What about jerseys
back then to jerseys now? – I like the fit better now. (hosts laughing) – The material of it,
it’s better material? – Nah, I like the way we wearing them now. Like I like you know, it’s more fitted. It’s more like a clean look,
you know what I’m saying. Like last summer I was wearing
it like a basketball jersey with like a button-up over it– – Well I think Nike
completely changed everything when they took over. Just the whole gear game on the NBA side is just out of this world. You’ll see the hoodies, everything. Just Nike just swags it out. But was you asking more
as like the designs? Like think about it. – Yeah, I like the designs better then. – The ’90s were like the Raptors jerseys where like now it’s kind
of more conservative. – By far, even the throwbacks. Like they looked dope just
being brought to that era. They was the ’70s jerseys or ’80s jerseys but they in that era they,
you know what I mean– – I feel like Jordan and
Nike them doing a dope job with the jerseys but I
want to see them go back to when think about when Mike played and they had the cactus jerseys, when they had them teal blue with khaki– – The All-Star joint? – Yeah, the joint– – Yeah, they put them back. – They going like all
white and black kind of. To me it’s like man, freak it out– – Oh yeah, for the
All-Star, yeah, yeah, yeah. – Yeah, like if y’all going to Miami go with the pink Miami Vice jerseys for the whole theme of All-Star. – They even tell a story because that was the San Antonio year– – Word, that was San Antonio, right, when they had the khakis– – Or it was in Phoenix and
they had the khaki, yeah– – Wherever you gonna be
do something ill like that and get somebody to come in and– – Yeah Nike, you hear that. – Yeah, word up, you know what I’m saying. Get back to it. That was hard. – Albums or mixtapes? – It used to be mixtapes
but I think it’s albums now I think because mixtapes are coming out on the same platform as albums now. Like you can’t even, like
people are titling them mixtapes but mixtapes before you know,
were like it was freestyles. It was you over other people’s beats. Now mixtapes have become like a project where you’re just over your own
beats, you know what I mean. So it’s changed the mixtape dynamic so I would just say albums now. – Even the way we get it is different. Like I miss that, I miss the– – Mixtapes, you used to have
to, like it was a process. It was sneaky, it was
underground, it was– – Man, I used to come to my boy like yo– – Or you bought it on the street– – Yo, I got that new such a joint. Heard it, you used to– – Right, you could pull out one that these people ain’t heard. Yo, you ain’t heard that new, oh! Like you had the tape. People wanted to borrow your shit or they want to burn it or copy it. – Or you went on the
Internet and did the legwork. – And now it’s all digital streaming so it’s a different whole– – [Darius] It’s a different demand. – Yeah, how you digest it is different. – What’s your favorite
verse you ever laid down? – There’s so many, man. Like that’s even hard
down to song, so verse? I don’t know, I did this– – Or one of your favorites. – One of my favorites
got to be “Young OG II” because I talk a little bit
about just raising my son and having a son and that whole experience and telling him how I
want to like raise him and teach him to do things. And I wasn’t taught these things but now it’s made me make sure that I want to be there for doing that. And it was kind of like me speaking on how he’s like evolved me as a man, you know what I’m saying. Like you have a kid but at the same time you having a kid grows you up too, you know what I’m saying. So me speaking on that in that song, that was one of my favorite verses, you know what I’m saying. People have hit me and told
me they related to it too just from having a kid and it just raises them
up a little bit more, you know what I’m saying. It become a different, you know. When you out here it just you, you don’t have no responsibility, you know, you still, you a
man, you still doing what you. But to have a responsibility now– – Got that purpose, that why.
– Yeah. – So that one. Who in rap now that you mess with that’s out that’s kind of doing they thing that you kind of listen
to them, see them come up? – Man, I like a lot of guys, man. I like them for different
reasons, different, you know. Some of them it’s you know, they energy. Some it’s flows. Some it’s songs, you know what I mean. I still listen to some of the old school, I guess you would say old
school, the ’90s, 2000s. Like I still feel like that’s a vibe that you can’t take away. – Yeah, I still listen to that too. – Me too. – It’s like I grew up on this so it’s like you gotta
hear that in your mind– – And it’s not the same anymore
so I miss that sometimes. – Right, it’s almost like it’s different little different versions
of the same music, you know what I’m saying. It’s like ’90s, it’s 2000s, and from 2010 on it might be
a little different whole vibe, you know what I’m saying. And now we here in 2019 so, but I appreciate all styles of
it, you know what I’m saying. Like I got a son now. He’s 11 so he listening
to all the little guys and little pumps
– Doing the dances. and little, yeah, you know what I mean. So I appreciate all of
it, you know what I mean. And sometimes it even cross a line. Like I do a song with Lil
Uzi he like my son could, he like, “Oh yo, you did
a song with Lil Uzi?” You know what I’m saying? So it kind of connects to
they world a little bit more, you know what I’m saying, so– – Make Daddy cool. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
get my cool points so I, you know what I mean. And some things I do just to, you know, because he wasn’t here during the times where you know, I was in those positions but you know, I did 2K20 recently. So that’s like a thing so he
could see his dad in 2K20. He like oh, you know what I’m saying. But I had did I think NBA Live what, ’03 or something like that
but you know what I mean, he wasn’t here for that
so he ain’t really. So that was one cool
thing about doing it now was like him getting to see it and him getting to experience it too. – Roc Nation, explain to me
what do Roc Nation mean to you and being under their
umbrella with Jay has taught. – Roc Nation is family. Like it’s always been that way, you know, even everybody
through they structure. Like I said, I was signed to Clue and Clue was signed to Roc-A-Fella so it’s always been like you know, like distant family.
– Connected. Yeah, you know what I’m saying. So when I went over there it was still connecting with Lenny S. and you know, they whole team and Ty Ty and all the guys there, Emory. Everybody there was, you know, it was like working with family so it didn’t even feel like work. It didn’t feel like you was
just signing to somebody and you had to worry about where or how it was gonna play out,
you know what I’m saying. Also with Hov, he’s
like a artist’s artist, you know what I’m saying. So he, when he does things he’s doing it from a
platform of not just business but also for the artist and keeping the artist forward and in the front of what
he’s doing, you know. When he did Tidal it was about
the artist getting fair share in the streaming what’s her name because you may not get that with Apple. You may not get that
with Spotify, you may, you know what I mean. So they were giving you the best splits and I always admired that as
well, you know what I’m saying. It’s like when a player gets to be a coach or a player gets to be a
GM, you know what I mean, if they don’t lose it on the way up they remember you know, coming
from the same walks of life as the players as well. So you know, you gotta appreciate that. – [Darius] That’s dope. – My question I always like to know, bro, like when you first got to a point where whatever the amount of money was you know we all come from the hood. And I know when we became rookies the little whatever money we got we thought we was rich. So in my eyes I’m like what? I’m about to get something like I ain’t nobody can’t tell me– – You is rich to your previous lifestyle. – You feel me, we are rich instantly. – People be saying that
but you be like man, what? – We thought we was rich like what? Like so I want to know what
you did, what’d you go buy? Looking back on now as an adult like yeah, that probably
wasn’t the best thing to do but like when you did it it was like big, like
now I did, I want this– – I still don’t regret it. I bought a car– – Word. – And I was lit that summer, so I don’t regret that at all.
(Quentin laughing) Like I bought a CL 600 Benz. – Big boy, two-door coupe. – Coupe, big coupe. – Yeah.
– Wow, bowleg. – I know you put them
thangs on it, didn’t you? – I put some shit on them. (hosts laughing) That was one of my best summers ever. I have no regrets about that. – [Quentin] What year was that? – That was, was it O… – Because I had a 600. I had the CL 55 AMG and
I’m proud of it to this day because I, we was on Lincoln Avenue and I tore Corey Maggette
ass out the frame in a Ferrari Spider. You remember, when we got to
practice I told you about it. You know them Ferraris got to change gears and do all that shit. We’d have went about two– – Yeah, you don’t have to do none of that. About 10 seconds longer
he would have tore my ass out the frame but I had done already like man, I had took off and you still back there changing gears. I’m like big. That was one of my
favorite cars ever, the CL. – The CL is crazy. – What did you buy that you
was like I can’t believe I paid that much for that? – It wasn’t a crib because
I think when you buy a house you are kind of like it feels like yeah.
– You can feel it a way. You accept it but like it
probably was some jewelry. It probably was a chain or two I bought. I really don’t have regrets
on any of that, though, because it kind of is a part
of where like your story. Like if you look at your life in a story it’s chapters of your life where you’re gonna have
to go through some things to get you to the ending chapters. So I look at you know,
buying those things, even how I used to buy jewelry
versus how I buy jewelry now. I’ve learned how to buy jewelry– – Only because you went
through what you went through. – Right, you get what I’m saying? Like if you not taught and
we don’t come from nobody being able to teach us how to– – Teaching us what’s what. – Give us instruction
– You know what I’m saying? on how you supposed to do. Even down to– – We waste.
– Everybody want a Rolex. – It was because you wanted a Rolex because but somebody could tell you yo, this is a Rolex and it’s
gonna hold its value here. We didn’t have nobody. We didn’t have nobody even
ahead of us who had a Rolex. – Which is why we waste so much money
– To teach us that. before you really realize
and start saving it. – [Fabolous] Right. Because we ain’t had that. Like I’m telling you,
– We didn’t have it. when you sit in a locker room with some of your teammates
and some of your people I can remember sitting with,
you know what I’m saying, just talking with JJ Redick. JJ Redick don’t got none of the same shit going on that we got
going on at the crib, bro. You talking about different stuff. JJ like, “Wait, you guys, wait, what? “You guys give your parents money?” – Yeah, that’s why I was saying– – You know what I’m saying? Like nah, bro, like it ain’t– – They didn’t never have to. They like go ahead, baby. You do whatever you have to do. – “Like real talk, like
wait, you guys what?” – They don’t even come
from that lifestyle. We looking to take care of our parents because we really and we really have to. Like it ain’t even like
just something you always, you want to do it but it’s like– – “Wait, you flew everybody out to–” – What would I do if I’m not doing that? Like how would you even– – “You flew everybody out to your wedding? “They just flew themselves to ours.” I’m like, “Yeah, bro, I had to help out, “you know what I’m saying. “They couldn’t come.”
– Right, that’s part of it. – Yeah, Kyle Korver did a
article with the Players’ Tribune and he was talking about Andre Iguodala was one of his teammates and he was like Andre told him like, “Yeah man, I gotta pay my mama bills “and I gotta take care of all these bill,” and he was like, “Man, you
play your mama’s bills?” – (laughs) Right, it’s real. – But he didn’t grow up like us– – That’s some real shit. – So he didn’t know
– That’s real. like that’s how it’s supposed to be and so forth– – Like I said, we
weren’t raised to be able to know how to manage
this and that, like shh. – Right we ain’t have
nobody even before us to even see it, like you
know what I’m saying. We didn’t even see nobody handling bill. We’ve seen people struggling
to pay they bills every month. – Ain’t nobody around us
ever had this much money. – Mm-hmm. – I don’t know if you remember this. You came to St. Louis after
Nelly and them had like a game. I don’t know if it was a Pro-Am Game or it was like a charity
game or something. And we was in the locker room and you were about to battle Hitman Holla. – Word? – When he was like younger young. You don’t remember that? – No, hell no. – That was like long ago. This was like early 2000. I want to say 2001 or something like that. – [Fabolous] That’s crazy. – You and Hitman Holla was about to battle and the way you was looking at him was like you about to fight him. Then Nelly came in the locker room, was like, “Nah, nah, man, forget that. “Come on, let’s go.” – Word? Shit. – If you was stranded on a island and there was three albums you had to have on the island with you what are them three albums you would have? – I might go Jay-Z’s Blueprint, Nas It Was Written, and I might go… I think I need one R&B joint just to– – There you go. I didn’t want to say
it to try and curve you but okay, go ahead. – I just need one– – He said one R&B. I’m just saying I,
– I’m trying to think. you know me, I like to
see Mobb Deep, man– – Who’s that one, though? You ain’t got no chicks there so you just need a good vibe. (laughs) Ain’t no chick, you stranded on a island you don’t want no, nothing to make you think too hard. You just want a vibe. Maybe Mary J. Blige, What’s the 411. – See, I ain’t know which album. I was thinking Mary though. – If you had to pick two other rappers to do three-on-three with to go against– – Hooping.
– In hooping? – Yeah, who was the other
two rappers you would pick to play with you? – Can it just be a artist or could it be– – Well artist, I’ma put it– – Um, Chris is good, Chris Brown. – Breezy, I told him ahead of time. – Chris is a amazing talent, bro. Like I don’t even know– – [Quentin] Right, sing, dance, hoop. – Yeah, God just sprinkled all kind of– – Flip. – Just all kind of art. Like he does all kind of shit,
like you know what I mean. There’s a couple guys I played with. I would say Chris and I would
say Dave East could play too. I would go with East. Trey could play. It’s some guys who play but
they not like ballplayers too. Like I’m sure y’all see a lot of– – [Quentin] Not really. – (laughs) Yeah. – I seen J. Cole up at the– – Cole be hooping. – I seen he was hooping at Lifetime– – Yeah. – I seen some highlights on Gucci. Gucci was just– – I seen Gucci shooting too. I ain’t never played with Gucci. I’ve played with Chris and East. – He dunking (laughs) after he lost– – I never played with
Gucci, I just see the video. And you know the one thing
about the Instagram videos, you get all the highlights. – All the highlights. – You get all the swishes. (laughs) – None of the low lights. – That’s the only thing I’ma say about IG, you know what I’m saying. But I played with Chris. I played with East. I played with Trey. You know, for the most part
them is three that I know. – We got the Special
Edition Hennessy VSOP, man. This is the Knuckleheads Edition, man. We appreciate you for
coming out, repping us. – I’ma put this up on the bar, man. – [Darius] See what I’m saying? – They can’t even touch this. – That yac. – Yeah. – When Brooklyn win the championship you can gone pop it open. – Oh yeah, for sure. It might pop before that
but, you know what I mean. (Darius laughing) – You know what I’m saying? – I’ma try to hold it down. – [Darius] Very special. – All right, man, that’s a rap, man. We just got through chopping it up. The Blackest One in the building. Got my man, F-A-B-O in the building. – Yes, sir. – We got it in today, man. – Yeah, man, we talked some real shit. – Hey, check it out, check it out. Download, subscribe, do all that. (hip-hop music) (mouse button clicking) (bell dinging)


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