Brooklyn & Manhattan Bridges, Dumbo Park, New York.

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5:30 A.M Regular weekday, the city wakes up to meet new day. It’s not big traffic rush along the famous, Brooklyn Bridge which on May 24th marks 136 year old In adjacent distance from Brooklyn Bridge located another, famous, Manhattan Bridge finished in 1912 Breathtaking view of downtown Brooklyn East River Governors Island, and downtown Manhattan 5:40 A.M. Daylight brighter. Night completely gone. Very soon we’ll see sun Brooklyn Bridge Park, in Dumbo, is an 85 acre (34 ha) Park on the Brooklyn side of the East River Park has revitalized 1.3 miles (2.1km) of Brooklyn’s post-industrial waterfront The FDR drive (Franklin D Roosevelt) a 9.5 mile (15 km.) Parkway on the east side of Manhattan. Started constructed in the 1930s designed by Robert Moses 5:50 A.M The first sunrays which lingers because of the clouds Sink on the mirror surface of the East River and beautifully change all colors around

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