Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Captain Holt Continues to Mentor Amy (Episode Highlight)

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AMY SANTIAGO: Since there’s
a good chance that things are coming to an end, I
just wanted to say, thank you for everything
that you’ve taught me. I know you may not see
yourself as my mentor, but– CAPTAIN HOLT: Of course I do. I’ve been mentoring
you all this time. AMY SANTIAGO: What? CAPTAIN HOLT: This is day
1,282 of a nine-year mentorship I had mapped out for you. Under ordinary circumstances,
I wouldn’t reveal this to you until day 3,300. AMY SANTIAGO: It was real? There was a binder? CAPTAIN HOLT: Not anymore. AMY SANTIAGO: No! You can still mentor me
if we don’t work together. We can meet for
breakfast every day. You can teach me over eggs. CAPTAIN HOLT: Eggs
for breakfast? Further behind than I thought. AMY SANTIAGO: No! Look, OK. There are 10 hours left, sir. If you talk fast enough,
you can teach me everything. CAPTAIN HOLT: Interesting.

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