Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Captain Holt, Jake and Rosa Go to Adrian for Help (Episode Highlight)

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– We need to make Lieutenant and Peralta are dirty. When you went
undercover in the mob, how did you convince them
you could be trusted? Easy, you just take
one of their guys and beat him to a
pulp in front of them. Well, that’s
all well and good. But we’re not actually dirty. We can’t just beat somebody up. What if that someone
gave you permission? Babe, do you want
us to beat you up? Oh, yes. Please! Anything to feel alive. I was lying before
about enjoying walking. It sucks. And Maryland is a
giant pile of garbage. OK, so you beat the
crap out of my fiance. And you’re OK with this? Yeah, I just want
him to be happy. Aw. You guys are a weird couple.

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