Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Rosa and Adrian Announce Their Wedding (Episode Highlight)

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– I have an When I was in that Uzbek
prison, choking on my own blood because my face was being beaten
in, I realized, life is funny. That’s what you realized? And it’s short. We’re picking up
where we left off when Adrian went into hiding. We’re getting married tomorrow.
– Oh. – Whoa.
– Tomorrow? That’s real quick. Thank you, Sarge. And we want it to be beautiful,
and lush, and romantic, just like a Nancy Meyers movie. She’s our favorite director. Aw, I love “You’ve Got Mail.” That’s Nora Ephron, you idiot. I know. Wait, hold up. Planning a wedding
like that in 14 hours would be the greatest
organizational challenge in history. How are you going to do it? I was kind of
hoping you would. I thought I was
supposed to get you guys the wedding present. [laugh] Of course I will.

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