Bruce Gilden (2014) New York

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When you’re a photographer like me there are no days of the week you know… Well there are cause certain days are better than other but Every fucking day’s the same I better put that a row to keep you warm I had our can’t complain but common if if they have been archived
the she used to be in the Coliseum in Rome
few people pocket like weld i’m waiting for the right person the guy
looks like it’s our hope is witness PCR WAP baggio you’re faster than me your smile all know who are you all you know who I am it’s fine don’t worry
Who Am I I your you’re probably right I I have court reading Bruce Gilden in amherst this %uh dug
into some on CL y de esta hella bad and Freddie Adam an
effort to get here to restore your post to gangsters boy dog implying was your to do some
done being as gain justice stethem something it on your butt to move defer
to be offered none of the bowl wallpaper man on all feeder Justin period usual your nose job was terrible look like a hawk and Fe College some pic
some soda don’t know Park of walk and don’t know bar let’s go fund
a how old are you now my arm baby you look like your mother the foot you aren’t too many attuned to
forget fear up a new york Scott door reactive to correct add or on 610
some veterans toria when I started photography I always I fell in love with a quote by Robert
Kappa if it’s not good enough to not close enough class more how did the I got out but you might
be in SLO I used to be really fast I mean my age I’m pretty faster perfect I yeah I look for someone Frasor had is intense has something in the eye you know a life
that’s LIF raising hideo are if I didn’t take a picture of them they wouldn’t
they would go on being people left behind people not noticed
whether because over a mentally economically or just how they look period yes he was so beautiful for me while the sadness in our eyes and looking at makeup like something
you’d see on a rock in India or something you know some religious thing I mean look at that
make up and look at tulip see what’s on the lip of
sweat I mean that’s what I’m talking a little
detail I didn’t even know probably was there but that’s what makes it as beautiful
beautiful this gentleman put on my glasses okay we were driving
in the car so we saw this gentleman that look like
your bruises on his face we jumped out we asked the guy would can I take a picture viewer he said yes
and we arm I proceeded to take a picture so when I noticed is I was going to ask him
like most from my portrait their faces the people looking
at me but his eyes weren’t strong enough to carry that so since his eyes weren’t strong enough
to carry that a yes can you look your eyes away and then I noticed he had one tooth only and he was able to put it over his above
is top lip and I said Wow and if you look
at it if you remove the two is not the picture for me this is about living in a bad
area possibly looking like a victim and having people jump on you beat you up not having enough money to
go to the hospital to set in knows not having enough money to fix your
teeth this is what the reality is when you’re on the bottom return and a
lot of people on the top don’t wanna see this because some people on the top some are
responsible for the people being on the bottom others that are on top you know do good
deeds and a great people but they don’t they may not necessarily
wanna look at this of the Ottawa look where you walk in my
dear should I didn’t change the yeah f/stop:
that are prices going to be very WorldSkills made thank you see that’s
kinda shit that pisses me off enough to be a great let’s go get that fashion get me man not stupid right of my soul I could a
camera as crazy as it sounds I don’t like
confrontation but I’ll push myself okay not the for
confrontation to but I’ll push myself to overcome my
fear when you not the bedbugs someone show
missus excuse me you’re not my bed almost on the floor thank you I don’t like people don’t have managed
had come from me how I’m Anissa say thank you when I take
pictures I ask a people that like me dinner once a deal
with I like them I you know we tell stories to each other
at some point in my life we have a longer time I they tell me
Prada videos I am I’m comfortable where I’m taking from them but I’m also giving
to them hi you doing yeah how many wives you got
now square one here and one this lady I mean look at her I mean chess lipstick on her head I showed the
picture she said I’m beautiful I said you like the picture she said a
beautiful so now if you work wat what she said to me and me asking her take a picture and even if she’s
delusional and she isn’t beautiful okay in in the pure sense a beauty I made her
day that’s not why did but I made her day


  1. I am a Streetog in Daytona. I know well of Bruce and respect his achievements but differ in views of real Street Photography. I feel it should be Real. Not posed or asked before hand, as well as not a shock photo in your face. 

  2. This is one of the greats.  I've meet him a few times; the last time in Randazzo's in shepshead bay.  He is a prince that was a pauper.  If that make any sense.  If you've come up in NYC, It should.

  3. surprised that he hasnt been decked yet by an subject who didnt like being photographed. maybe he should try photography outside of America….

  4. I wouldn't like anyone using their camera with the flash and catching me unawares…. the photographer might end up in an emergency room with a broken nose.

  5. This man is fascinating… I mean I would never do that style of photography personally, but that he gets into the personal space with the camera and flash is quite beautiful if not crazy. I have to admire that, he gets some really cool pictures. 

  6. You don't become a Magnum Photographer without certain risks. Attitude for sure. Did you see that smile at 5:12? He loves it, and I like it, despite his lack of sympathy, and urbanity haha. 
    "As crazy as it sounds, I don't like confrontations, but I push myself to overcome my fears".

  7. He doesn't just do photography, it's more about breaking these silly boundaries modern people have about so-called "privacy" when they're in fact in public, it's a forced interaction but it's not by chance. He's maybe a lonely freak (or maybe not) but he's an artist with that camera.

  8. What the fuck, I thought those sirens at the beginning were coming from the street below and not from the video. Was looking around in my room, lol.

  9. bruce is good at seeing characters, thats his art. but that style cant be applied in a lot of places in the world. would be too dangerous. im not saying that his works are bad, its just theyre not the kinda works i would love to see and appreciate. his version of beauty isnt compatible with mine. so, good luck Bruce.

  10. If he did this in FL where people have a right to carry.. he'd run a real risk of getting some bullet holes in him. Just saying'.. be careful where you do this.

  11. Honestly, I don't see the art of photography in this. I only see hypocrisy when he says he doe "it's social interaction". His photography doesn't even capture the natural human behaviour… To me he is just one more weirdo scaring people and being acclaimed by photography agencies. "photographers" like him, Mark Cohen and the more recent creep Chuck Jines are distorting the real image that the people have about street photographers and keep others from seeing and value our art form. Snapshots of scared or surprised people is not street photography. It's not even art.

  12. Just another obnoxious loud mouth attention seeking American.
    Gives street photographers a bad name. Like that other moron Jines i think his name is.

  13. People on the top responsible for people on the bottom? Y'know, people have a choice to spend their money on a toothbrush and toothpaste or they can spend their money on alcohol and/or drugs, get their face broken and be too wasted to go seek help.

  14. What a first class Twit this character is.
    He has major Anger Issues.
    I am surprised nobody has grabbed his camera and stopped on it, and then on him.
    Somebody Accidentally bumps into him on a BUSY NYC sidewalk and HE gets pissed…?? Meanwhile HE is shoving a flash right in peoples faces..!!!
    Complete no-talent jerk.

  15. It's amazing he hasn't been arrested or worse the idea of shoving a camera and flash in peoples faces. This type of photography is in my mind not feasible or a correct way of conducting themselves. Arrogance

  16. He's talking about manners while he is jump scaring 100 year old women that are damn near heart attack startled when he does that shit.

  17. He's like an angry grandpa yelling at the world so funny. His energy from the street to the studio is so different. Like they are two different people

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