1. I love this kind of vids where the uploader includes the commercials bc that's when i know for sure i'm not missing anything so THANK YOU

  2. "Do ya'll like Boy With Luv?" Why tf do American interviewers act like BWL is the only song BTS have? They have hundreds of songs …

  3. This crowd don't even do the famchants properly. They were given a spotlight to do it and they were just doing the bare minimum like cmon!!! If this is Brazilian and Korean ARMYs it's gonna be so hype and fun unlike this.

  4. 10:27 "together they make up BTS, Beyond the Scene" did they really just do that on their 7th album launch to which they got the big party interview exclusive? My goodness.

  5. It's a little annoying that even the interviewers had gloves and the boys didn't have it. They look like they were freezing

  6. Thought this was gonna be a hell of a lot longer than it actually was. Kept on lagging for me probably an internet connection issue. Only thing I like about this wa the ad giving us a snippet of when they take over New York with Jimmy Fallon.
    Edit – I take into consideration however they were probably too busy and freezing cold so it might've been better to have had it as short as it was.

  7. so why didnt they wanted them to sing??? the MCs were panicking when they sang some lines and its not on the YT video they uploaded!!! why does it matter???

  8. this is for the Army that don’t know . BTS is dropping another Official MV (feb.28) for ‘ON’ and it’s going to be like ‘Boy With Luv’. Some ARMYs and I set really high goals for Kinetic Manifesto film and couldn’t achieve it due to many people not knowing that Kinetic Manifesto film was an Official MV too. We couldn’t break Boy With Luv record but I want ALL Army to [email protected] like crazy next week when the MV drops and break ‘Boy With Luv’s’ record!. Let’s try to get it to at least 80-90M in 24 hrs! Ik we can do it if we all work together !!!:) be ready for next week Army. !!!!!!

  9. The title of this video should be “BTS on The TAEDAY Show” 🤣😝👍😆😁. Total cameraman crush on Taehyung aka TAETAE aka V.

    💜💜Borahae! 💜보라해 아미💜💜

  10. One of the female interviewer voiced out: "We never had crowd like this that showed up for a group to speak and not to perform"
    Me: Yeahhhhh.. Thats our ww fandom. We could do anything for our precious boys dear sweetheart 🙆👑💜
    Army WW : 100% agreed 💜💜

  11. "Music transcends language and nationality" but their tour (out of Korea & japan) is almost only in the US. Business is business.
    Every channel of the US : let's invite BTS just for fame

  12. I beg you, these interviewers… the lady called ARMY fans CRAZY bro, it's so annoying, you wouldnt say that about Beyonce fans, we are not Crazy, we genuinely, love these MUSICIANS, for what they create as BONAFIDE ARTISTS through and through. We are NOT CRAZY.

  13. I think we should be allowed a referee in BTS interviews, who can come in every time the interviewers say some stupid ISH and just be like TIME OUT, INCOMPLETE INFORMATION 10 MIN EXTRA TIME >.<

  14. V is so handsome! His appreciation to ARMY is not exaggerated in a sense that he wasn't jumping, waving, etc. His way of appreciation is more in his heart rather than actions.

  15. ok but every time some interviewer in the US calls them BeYoNd tHe ScEnE I just cringe a little bit internally… like I know it *can* mean that… technically speaking… and its a bit easier on us poor english only speakers… but honestly I don't know of a single BTS fan who genuinely thinks of our Bulletproof boys as "Beyond The Scene" AGGHHH STAHP

  16. when the lady said “jungCOO” and “geemeeeee” i lost it. anyway i love the boys and i’m so proud of them ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. I appreciate the show giving fans an opportunity to see the boys live, as well as the whole stage set up for them, and the introduction was actually really good, but the questions are so average 😅 and they had the boys out in the cold for so long with the news segment and weather after they came out haha, at least ARMYs there got to enjoy that time a bit I hope 💜

  18. I’m sorry, the hottest “new” boyband? They’ve been around for 7 years and I’d say they started becoming incredibly popular around 2017 (which is already 3 years…)

    Also, we are not “now known as the BTS army” that’s ALWAYS been our name.

    Am I the only one annoyed by how American interviewers treat BTS as though they just suddenly appeared one day?

    (And I know that they mentioned they debut in 2013 but the way they talk you’d think they debut just yesterday)

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