Burgess Learns if She’s Lost the Baby – Chicago PD

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  1. I'm worried about Kim that look on her face she completely shut down I think she actually fall into depression anyone notice that look cause I sure did also like apart of Kim just died.

  2. If felt so real like it happened to someone close to me. I did not like the fact that the writer had to let it go that way. I wanted her and Ruzak to have a baby together

  3. They deserve better this is not fair they deserve to be happy they deserve a baby that they can give the love too Adam and Kim would have made amazing parents

  4. I kinda saw this coming. Still pissed. I really want her and Ruzek to work out. Hopefully this will bring then closer together

  5. The way that maniac threw Kim around and pounded her stomach there was no way the baby could survive😞sad part is someone called this last week in the comments for the promotion clip for this episode!

  6. I read it somewhere or heard that Roman coming back for a crossover guess that after all of this Burzek will ever happen again. Burgess recandle with Roman? I hate it already

  7. The moment Kim found out she was pregnant I knew the writers had already planned to kill the baby off😩 Chicago Pd always breaks my heart💔

  8. I'm about to beat the brakes off these writers! For allowing #Burzek's baby to be gone so soon. I love my #burzek and seeing them unhappy like this hurts me. I hope and pray that Adam will be there for Kim every step of the way. As they go through this tough time. And writers PLEASE LET #BURZEK BE HAPPY AND TOGETHER FOR ONCE!!!!

  9. I don’t care it’s Kim fault she should’ve never went in that house she always had back up she should’ve waited

  10. I know this is a t.v show, but this was her fault if she miscarried, she tends to act a bit reckless. Makes for good conversation tho…if a woman is pregnant does her job come first? Or the health the fetus she's carrying? Does the father have an opinion?

  11. I'm not a kid person, but I think Chicago P.D. went way too far and crossed all the lines in this episode. The scene was way too brutal, too violent. Kim Burgess did not deserve that at all. Just very unfair toward her. I am very not happy.

  12. I knew it would happen she just couldn’t stay on light duty and care for the baby and anyone who says it wasn’t her fault is tripping

  13. Kim in her grieving is going to push Adam away. Out of guilt she is going to be even more head strong and reckless. She is going to insist she's fine and doesn't need any help. She needs grief counseling and therapy.

  14. Chicago P.D.(Everyone):First,thanks for posting this particular video.  Along with your several other ones.  Each one together.  Each one amazing.  In line with that,I have my own responsive thoughts.  For now,it focuses on this single and important area.  It would seem that the Chicago PD writers had this Burgess pregnancy storyline all planned out.  Right down to these cruel and sad consequences.   In these deeply emotional moments.  As seen in this specific new episode clip here.  Why they felt it necessary to put her in those dangerous situations.  In the first place.  Letting her get beat up like that.  Resulting in her losing the baby now.  It makes absolutely NO SENSE.  Thank you.

  15. Nooooooooo. Please let this not be true, don't break this family, we are all emotionally invested in this… I know, I need to get a life lol x

  16. I was beyond excited to find out that she was pregnant and was excited to see how this would affect her relationship with Adam. Seeing that fight go down, I just knew that she lost the baby. It's especially awful because Kim really does deserve so much more than this.

  17. One thing I heard the Dr say to Kim was “so you have to be careful.” Did anyone else hear that? I thought for the ending that was interesting because it left me wondering if she’ll have to have complete bed rest? Idk but it may be wishful thinking on my part.

  18. I expected nothing less she always has to get up tight and personal on every case… Have no faith in her team!!!

  19. I've already said that in a Chicago PD fan group on Facebook. It's unbelievable! First they made Kim pregnant and after they made her lose her baby! She should have stayed at the desk! Like every regular police officer would have done! But no! They portrayed her as an immature woman who put her life and the life of her baby at risk to save another girl. I know it's noble but in real life no one would have done that.

  20. Yall do realize if the character Kim had the baby, she wouls have been on desk duty for half a season then a stay at home mom for the rest if not next. They wouldn't be able to use the character. How did yall not see this coming. And just because the baby was lost, doesnt mean Ruzek and Kim cant work out.

  21. I saw this coming. Cliche drama. Too damn cliche. As if they didn't want to write more complicated domestic life. I know, it's an action drama, but don't teased this bad.

  22. I couldn't read his lips what he say. I mean I knew her taking matters into her own 👐 would have a devastating affect. She's pregnant in real life tho🌹🌷🌸🍀🌻🌺🌻🌹🌸🌼🍁🍀

  23. Why is everybody feeling so sorry for her!!!!! what part of light duty didn’t she understands? desk duty? didn’t she understand

  24. What was the point of the storyline if her and Adam weren't going to be happy. You can see the love they have for each should have made it a good ending with baby Burzek. Very disappointed 😔

  25. I think the loss of the baby will bring them closer together because of the much needed support. Also, Kim is the height of her career and that a baby would slow her up. I really had that feeling that something was going to happen. The writers threw us for a loop/flipped the script. I felt sad for her tho.

  26. They really did a bad job editing at the end of the episode. When Kim is on scene at the Motel. There is a police suv that drives by. She was asking for for back up. That police officer could of helped her. I'm assuming that was a real police officer the day they were shooting. And they were just passing by that day.

  27. I’m glad bc poor decisions shouldn’t be rewarded. Kim made a poor decision going after that suspect while pregnant and without backup. And she has no ties left to Ruzek who is just toxic

  28. Voight = we love him
    Halstead = we love him
    Burgess = we love her
    Trudy = we love her
    Upton = we love her
    Rojas = we love her
    Olinsky = we still miss him
    Erin = we miss her
    Atwater = we love him wtf is his woman?
    Ruzek = the most TOXIC character on the show; worst cop in the unit; biggest liability and he’s destroyed 3 relationships with women

  29. I just watched and omg my volume was too low on the tv to hear if she lost the baby ,damn why would they place that storyline of Kim having a baby only to snatch it away like 3 episodes later, I have a feeling the writers just don’t want stability in the ships seriously I’m hoping Atwater and Rojas will get that drink like they said they would when they met and become a thing because right now I feel like the writers don’t want Ruzek out of his “sleeping around stage “ permanently as it would happen when the baby came along but it did create drama for the show like same with fire and med none of the women that get pregnant really ever have a healthy and successful pregnancy 🤷🏻‍♀️ kind of a low blow at Burzek fans 🤦🏻‍♀️

  30. But why.. can’t stand that they wrote this into this show and they did it on greys anatomy too.. like stop killing happy vibes !

  31. They know the fans wanted this baby. This is sh*t. I don't care if I see this show again. I'm sick of the people getting killed off and a baby or relationship never survives. I'll watch the reruns.

  32. Between saving a life of what was "Baby" in a horrible world, Kim rescued her just when she was about to die in the bathtub, yet lost her unborn child's life All those who give their's for others are a nature all their own. 9/11 a perfect example of Heroism ✌️ to our BRAVE souls. Respect 💞

  33. Get a degree become a social worker then police officer intelligence and see the world in making a positive response
    911 a great career to start with.

  34. “Kim” couldn’t leave it alone. She had no business playing hero while carrying her own child. She needed to “Protect & Serve” her baby, not some stranger for the greater good. If that is her first instinct, to throw caution to the wind In Pursuit Of The Greater Good, then it means she had no business being on-the-job while being pregnant. That unborn child made The Ultimate Sacrifice because of its mother’s relentless obsession with being a hero SMH. Shooting the perp in the left clavicle did nothing to stop him in his tracks. Aren’t officers taught to shoot to kill?

  35. my heart broke at this scene, but i love how adam just sits with her and doesnt argue with her. he knows that she wanted to help the girl and honestly they already were the best parents even if the baby wasnt born yet..

  36. I think it would of brought more interest if she kept the baby 🤷‍♀️ that's just my thoughts. I knew straight away when she became pregnant that she was going to lose it, and it seems like a few others did too which makes the show predictable which is boring. Keeping the baby would of been a twist, because all the chicargos make the woman lose their babies well besides Med with Dr Manning but that was a long time ago. Plus! most tv shows have the woman lose their babies for the drama effect. so it's predictable and not so dramatic anymore. I would of liked to have seen someone who risks their life everyday have a child and show how they juggle their life like that because people do that in real life everyday. It would bring drama just like they wanted and really show authenticity again! just my opinion 🤷‍♀️

  37. It's tv land. In real life Kim would had been suspended or lost her job.
    Desk job mean desk job rules to the real Chicago PD

  38. Noo, not their baby! And the worst is the sorrow without tears, because you can see just how badly Kim is hurting inside. She looks like she almost doesn't care, but look at her eyes and see that she is severely hurting. Many times, one is at a loss of both words and tears but inside… you are screaming and crying your heart out. (Rest in Peace, baby Burzek.)

  39. Man im obsessed with this show. I cant wait for the next episode. Any good cop would have done what she did but damn they didnt have to kill the baby off.

  40. She should have stayed on light duty, she picked the job over her baby. She went to confront a violent offender knowing anything can happen. This was truely a poor decision on her part.

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