1. If they were ticks, they carry Lyme Disease which can lead to serious health issues or death to not only dogs but also humans. My mom and brother have Lyme Disease. Make sure you take them to a vet to test their blood for Lyme and make sure all of the ticks are gone and not embedded in their skin or even yours!

  2. Do places actually take in dogs with matted hair, that have been neglected, to cut it? Do you explain the situation beforehand?

  3. If they like this then that's Amazing which I know they won't cus im late but I'm a fan and I love your videos. Love youuuu and please reply!!!

  4. I love that Kamri wants to do that. I have volunteered in a dog shelter and want to do it again. You guys are amazing do be taking in the two dogs. Can't wait to see the room reveals.

  5. I am more of a cat person because I am not aloud to get a puppy . Like if you relate comment if you cant understand🙂🙃

  6. When removing ticks the entire tick is supposed to come out. If any part of the tick is left inside the animal it could get Lyme disease

  7. be careful of ticks as they hop to your own dogs too! I brought my pup to a dog shelter to walk the dogs and she caught on some ticks. forgot to spray frontline protection on my own pup (my bad!). It was quite a crazy moment as the ticks will hide and multiply!

  8. My family has been fostering for a golden retriever rescue for 15 years we’ve had over 100+ fosters. it’s great to see you guys start.i also am going to school to be a vet tech and 4 1/2 months is still considered a puppy. Once they hit 6 months they are a teenager then 1 year they are an adult. Given there history they might not be fully potty trained. Your dogs may be a little depressed for awhile when you give them away but make sure you play with them a little extra for while. My dogs are use to by now because we have done it for so long. Also make sure the puppies met lots of different people. Like y’all men, beards, people wearing hats, etc they will be less fearful of that stuff later on in live

  9. y'all need to do a meet up in northwest arkansas!! i live in rogers and it kills me everytime y'all come for work or the girls come for a little getaway! 💞😩

  10. That looks like so much fun!! Love the video ☺️ Also I'm a small YouTuber with similar content to this! I would really like it if you could check it out 😊 thank you ! 💗

  11. If Kamri still wants to work with service dogs, Guide Dogs for the Blind is an amazing company. If you don't want to commit to a full year to train a dog you can become a puppy sitter that basically watches other pups in training while their raisers are out of town or otherwise can't watch them. It will also give you an idea of if it's something she really wants to do.

  12. If those puppies have ticks you can’t just pop them to kill them. That doesn’t work. What your seeing on top of the skin is just the body of the tick. The head of the tick is underneath the skin. You have to a special tool to remove the ticks from their bodies. And then you should take them to the vet to make sure they run a tick panel to make sure they don’t get Lyme disease. You can get it to if your not careful so it’s really important that you get them checked out by a vet.

  13. 😂 doodles… anyway, love y’all! My dogs name is Mazie!!!! She’s a dachshund tarier mix/ dorkie ❤️

  14. I can not believe that you just got a sheepadoodle! I just got one named Milo and it is the sweetest most laziest thing it is 4 months old and came to our family wearing a dark blue collar. It is black with a couple of white patches. I am so happy that ya'll got a sheepadoodle as well!

  15. yikes get those dogs tested for lyme & other tick borne illnesses! My dog has lyme disease and anaplasmosis & kidney failure due to the lyme disease not being caught fast enough

  16. If the dogs have ticks they need to be removed properly. Using a tick tool, a groomer or vet will do it too.
    If they aren’t removed properly the head can remain embedded under the dogs skin and become infected. Not to mention the disease they can spread. Please seek advice and don’t pop them.

  17. That's awesome..fostering animals is so cool..mazie and milo are so cute!!..this family is awesome!! Camping is so much fun…🤗

  18. You had taco's…. That are from mexico…. On the 4th of July…. That is a celebration of the USA

    Just think about that for a moment

  19. I WAS GONNA GET THE FILA SHOES BAILEY HAS but i didn’t bc there isn’t a store of that brand where i live/at the mall we go to so there’s just a random shoe store that sells a lot of different brands and they sold them for like double the price they actually are and we couldn’t find my size

  20. Do you guys realize how unsafe Brooklyn's driving is in this video? She has one leg up on the seat and she spends half the time looking at camera not the road.

  21. At the end when maize and milo got spayed and neutered
    They were so loopy and funny and of course cute
    Bless they get a good home

  22. Yay ! Y’all are awesome rescue people !!!! I do the same !!!!! It’s hard sometimes but once they meet their forever family it’s so rewarding

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