Carnage VS Lucy (Marvel VS Elfen Lied) | DEATH BATTLE!

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  1. Пиздец, Люси векторнутая!!!
    Вообще то у Люси четыре двухметровых вектора.

  2. Carnage never died she truly never one there's tiny particles my blood cells smaller to Bludso's can be left from explosion so she didn't truly win

  3. I thought carnage was a diffrent kind of symbiote. Not one made of blood!!!

    Edit: who else saw carnage having a deeper voice?

  4. I'm not the only one who wants to see Lucy try to take on Dark Carnage, right? I still think base Carnage would win, but far from a stomp.

    Now that Carnage has the Grendel – one of the most powerful symbiotes of all time which > Toxin > base Carnage – I seriously think DB should've waited another year before making this fight now.

  5. Its a real cool death battle, dont get me wrong, but i reckon Carnage against someone like William Birkin would have been more interesting

  6. This might be my favorite Death Battle. Not only does it have one of my favorite Marvel characters, this also got me into Elfen Lied.

  7. It's been 11 months since this fight, but i believe Carnage is now powerful enough to beat & kill Lucy. How? Well he bonded with Knull's symbiote dragon the Grendel. And after collecting many symbiote codexes from previous symbiote host's spines, he is half as strong as Knull, Immune to sonic sounds, Hell fire from the monsters of evil, and almost K.O. Venom with one backhand punch.

  8. So is "alternate personalities" just an excuse to have the illustrators draw her in other, more provocative poses?

  9. Shouldn't Carnage's ability to catch up to a bullet been compared to Lucy's vectors speed at blocking them? She'd probably still win; we've seen her take on a military unit and he's just a single target. Unless he's able to get close enough to directly infect her, she'd be able to heal from wounds from any of his projectiles. He'd probably throw himself at her after causing those injuries, only to see they've healed, then have her vectors grab and slam him down from a height fast enough to cause him to burn to death.

  10. Blood and dismemberment followed after Blue Apron with food, Yeahhh I am sure people lost there appetite for this ad. XD

  11. At 2:41 it is stated that he can shapeshift and make weapons, break them off and use them or shoot them. The symbiote is blood infused and at 5:09 it's stated that Carnage is blood and flesh thusly making the blurb at 17:00 "Has to have physical contact to infect and control" invalid because he broke through Lucy's defense and cut her multiple times but nothing happened 🤔

  12. This outcome obviously shows that SOMEONE has a PEDOwood taste for lolitas…
    You want us to believe that Carnage won't leave a small part of him to regenerate if the worst happened?
    The winner is the PEDOfantasy of someone…

  13. W…T…F… IS WRONG WITH YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!! You let a stupid girl child kill a killer with symbiot. Come on F OFF D HEADS.

  14. Lol, imagined what would have happened if JOTARO had a clintar symbiote, he would have killed by sneaking something in her brain and KO

  15. I kinda wish Lucy couldn’t put Carnage down. I want to know how Carnage would react to Lucy melting. Would have been funny.

  16. >says Carnage can infect those with a single touch

    >Touches her numerous times (albiet barely. But enough to infect her surely)

    >doesn't get infected.

    Yet another fair and totally unbiased Death Battle. Just like Ben 10's. Yay

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