Carter Thompson for Lower Manhattan’s Explorer in Chief

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Hi! My name is Carter Thompson, I’m applying to be Lower Manhattan’s “Explorer in Chief” I’ve been living in New York City for the last seven years– I work primarily as a Prop Stylist– I’m originally from Utah So, I grew up West of Salt Lake City out in the desert out by the Bonneville Salt Flats– It’s flat and there’s nothing there– I LOVE living in New York probably because there’s so many different types of People, Events, Parades, Festivals, Street Fairs, Stores, Classes– I think of New York as a giant library, with different streets, that are different books, with different chapters, that have different stories to tell You can be transported to different places, or different times and you can begin to understand what it might be like to experience the world in a different way, and exploring some of those stories is what most excites me about New York, and about this opportunity. Thank you so much for your consideration.

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