1. HE KILLED TOOKIE, DROPKICK THAT NIKKA ON BLOODZ!! recording that lil gurl, insane azz nikka, WHØOP WHØOP WHØOP! 💃🏿4×💯

  2. Attempts to drop kick Arnold, falls over and absolutely eats it before being finally dragged away. Is forgotten the next day Worth it? Not even close lol. These cowards man XD How wimpy are they right? Lmao

  3. "His recovery…." leave it to dramatic LA vaginas to report this story the way they did. Probably got a kangaroo steak and a beer when he was done-not go to the hospital and recover

  4. idiots who think they can beat up bodybuilders and that “muscles don’t matter in a fight” need to watch this video.

  5. I’m assuming that was Arnold’s bodyguard that picked the dude up like a toothpick and dragged him away almost instantly. That was a beautiful sight.

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