Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Training in NYC at The Manhattan Institute

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Welcome to The Manhattan Institute. Are you
interested in a new career? Career change? Part time or full time? Does a career in nursing
interest you? As a certified nurse assistant, you will work alongside doctors and other
medical professionals in assisting in patient care. We offer fast training. A full-time
student can complete the program in only 5 weeks. You will receive a combination of lecture
and hands-on instruction and when you finish with your classroom training, you will receive
an internship in a nursing facility, where you will participate in real-life patient
care. Best of all, you’re training for an in-demand career. The United States Department
of Labor projects that certified nurse assistants will grow an incredible 21% from
now until the year 2022. Need more information? Feel free to drop in and say hello. We are
located in midtown Manhattan on the world-famous 34th Street. We will always find time to give
you a tour of our school and answer all your questions. Don’t have the time to visit us
right now? Then give us a call, or you can fill out the contact sheet. Our representatives
are always happy to speak with you. One more thing. Besides certified nurse assistants,
we have 8 other programs. Our representatives are always happy to speak with you. We’re
here to help you succeed.


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