CGRundertow MIDNIGHT CLUB: LOS ANGELES for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

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It seems people feel like they can relate
to street racing more than professional racers. Maybe that is because most of us have never
been on a real track, while all of us have been stuck in traffic and dream about cutting
through at absurd speeds. And that is why Midnight Club is so successful. It allows
us to live out our dreams and fantasies those mile long traffic jams instill in us. Midnight Club is an open world street racer,
where you cruise around, looking for races and or just messing around. You get a large
open city, that is filled with things for you to explore. Now the series takes you to
the city of angels. Everything is here, all the sights, all the sounds of the great west
coast city. Just driving around and seeing The Staples Center, Santa Monica and even
UCLA and USC campuses, just gives a sense of authenticity to the whole thing. It really
feels like southern California. But this isn’t a game about sightseeing,
it is about street racing. The game does have a story but it is really background noise
to the racing. More simply a loose narrative that strings together the races. You cruise
around, checking your mini-map and pagger for new races. When you see a competitor,
you go right up and flash your lights to start. Then the fun begins. The races are checkpoint based, with traffic,
obstacles and other such problems in your way. You have to be fast, because the races
go from something real nice and friendly into terribly difficult. The checkpoints are actually
quite forgiving, and positioned in ways that your path is not outright determined. There
are plenty of opportunities for shortcuts and different paths, giving the game a sense
of true freedom. Winning races will earn you respect and the
all mighty cash. You can then use that to buy and customize all the cars. There are
tons of cars, each one looking incredible with high polish and great graphics. There
are racers and muscles cars and even bikes. Everything you could want. And each can be
modified and changed to your hearts content with vinyls, paints and kits. My biggest problem with the game were the
controls. The game uses the right analog stick for the gas and breaks, which can become very
uncomfortable after a couple of races. The game understands that the style is just
as important as the gameplay for this sport. It brings you into the world of street racing
better than most and has enough here to keep in engrossed in that world.


  1. wtf are you talking about, right stick for gas and controls? thats probably the control scheme nobody is going to use, defaults are normal – right trigger and left trigger…

  2. Aw, man. Dude, you can change the controls. Now anyone who watches this to see if they want the game won't buy it thinking that thumbstick accel is the only thing.

  3. Classic CGRundertow review , that is to say , that 90% of the games they review haven't been touched by the reviewer ( or in best case scenario they only scratched the surface ). First car and only a couple of races unlocked – disgrace ….

  4. Played and completed this way back when and loved it. Midnight club New York would be good. Midnight Club Vice City would be cool.

  5. I consider this the successor to the Underground games. Amazing customisation with amazing visuals. Hard as hell at times but one of the greatest racing games I've ever played

  6. First thing I did when I got this game was immediately change the controls to r2/l2 for acceleration and braking.
    Right stick back to being the camera.
    using it for the accelerator is horrible, but its not something you can really complain about when there are other control options to use.

  7. The problem I have with street racing games is always the same: your car, doesn't matter which car it is, is basically a super fast tank.

  8. Gonna guess they have one in development. It's Rockstar, they take time making games. You've got to be patient. I'm guessing we'll see another within 5 years time.

  9. this time rockstar takes us to the city of angels (los angles). EVERY GAME HAS HAD LOS ANGLES AT SOME POINT!

  10. visually the game is stunning and the customization is incredible, but as a game, it's fairly average, there's nowhere near enough cars, the driving feels awkward and you can get your car stuck on something like a tree or a street light and cost you the entire race

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  12. Undertow reviewers were under pressure to make a certain number of review videos per week. It never shows with Derek, and Mark owned the place and didn't care about his count.
    But this reviewer mailed it in. Didn't even bother with some trademark CGR humor and the gameplay is not in depth, prolly captured within the first 15 minutes of play.
    Guess that's why there aren't many videos up here featuring this reviewer.

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