Change Comes to Chicago – Chicago PD (Episode Highlight)

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  1. You know who would be a perfect replacement for Antonio next season is the woman who played Antonio's partner in Chicago Justice. But I do hope we see Antonio in the season 7 premier (and possibly a quick goodbye to Sylvie Brett).

  2. except for Voight taking Woods down seeing Kelton lying on the floor shot dead was one of the most satisfying scenes ever….I think Brennen shot him….

  3. The best American Television police series , very interesting , very emotional , romantic , of tears and laughter , I really like it very much , please do not disappear , keep recording episodes

  4. I posted this on another clip…
    I'm an avid Chicago series fan fire/pd/med .. justice was kind of dumb.. but I'm glad stone is with L&O svu or was.. anyways in p.d. season 1 episode 10 what is halstad talking about when he mentions "the browning thing" when olinsky and voight didn't transfer Browning to jail.. what did Browning do for them to not transfer/kill him?… kill a fellow cop? Just wondering …

  5. I just happen to see this on TV last year amd oh my goodness…I was hooked! Love this show so much and love how voight doesnt mess around when nabbing the bad guys!!! Love everybody on the whole show…cant wait for the new season of episodes

  6. I watch to show for marina squerciatti….what a total babe. My tv fantasy girl….even my wife no longer gets jealous, she just learned to deal with it. Total fox. Gorgeous woman. And good at acting as well.

  7. Do you remember that episode where a Latin murderer was going to go free because of the testimony of a child? and voigth I speak with a latin gang and you know the next day the murderer ended up dead and nothing for me that same voigth did in this

    episode with kelton.

  8. What first Al now him what the what??? I have been hoping that AL is still alive and that he didn't die in the hospital…

    love for the Netherlands ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱

  10. Instead of another dirty cop as the main antagonist next season can we get a kingpin or a crime boss? That’s who intelligence should be going after

  11. I just find myself shaking my head that I'm really invested in one 9f the many kop shows on tv, seriously I love this show, I binge watch this more than L & O bakk in the day

  12. I’m finally caught up on the show & this was honestly the hardest ending for me to watch.

    To think, this started all because Antonio injured his shoulder trying to bust open a door. He taking pills for the pain & got addicted & started scoring to get some more.

    & that’s how he crossed paths with that guy he killed cus he kidnapped & raped his daughter & Adam took the fall for that killing

  13. Love all three Chicago shows, Chicago Med, Chicago Fire and Chicago PD, plus Wolf's other amazing show Law and Order SVU – he has the magic touch. Can't wait till the shows are all back

  14. IMO… Antonio killed him & then he ends his own life.. we all know Adam did not do it. This show keeps us guessing so well, who knows who did it, I don't believe for a second that Voight did it. All I do know is that I can't wait for this season to start.. curiosity is getting to me😢.. LOVE MY CHICAGO'S ❤

  15. When is the return date?I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo addicted,it seems like we here in Barbados has been waiting for the longest time.

  16. I Love Chicago Pd however when i first started watching it i didn't care for Trudy due to her being rough on Kim Burgess however that has since changed and i now love her character..Trudy has a tough exterior but her heart is pure gold,my brother from another mother olinsky you are missed you were my favorite character on the show,ruzek wtf were you thinking taking the heat for dawson? Voight you are a badass and i dig how you bend/break the rules…As you can see i am hooked on this show,cant wait for the 7th season.

  17. Adam didn't do anything wrong Adam didn't push bad guy that's Antonio push him out of the window and that's not Adam's fault but Antonio didn't say something. He framed Adam?

  18. Great show but the producer should never have killed off Al. He was an integral part of what makes this show great. Of course I’ll still watch but will miss Al

  19. Is it me or is there a feeling of a potential spin-off with Ruzek and Atwater?! As a writer and producer, I would explore that possibility!

  20. Greatest tv series that ever was. The mayor got his just reward, "death". 1st episode of season 7 was best. Voight was suspect till the end, but he did not do it. Classic episode.

  21. Did Atwater make detective? I noticed in episode 3 of season 7 that Platt calls him 'Detective' when they're at the front desk.

  22. I love each and every character, especially Voight. But I do miss Sophia Bush's character. My fav TV series equal with NCIS-LA.

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