Charles and Caroline Get Married – Chicago Med (Episode Highlight)

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  1. Manning needs to dump Phillip and marry Halstead and Detective Lee needs to be fired from the FBI enforcements for good.

  2. Why do the got to do this at the end of the season f them for doing that to natalie but if in the next season natalie either has brain damage or she is dead i will f them all

  3. For those of you outside the US. Dying to watch the entire show. Have you looked into buying the episodes on Utube/ Amazon/ anywhere ? Is it not available on your country’s amazon/ utube/ possibly iTunes equivalents?

  4. Did any of you guys know Torrey is actually Dating Jesse (jay halstead!) I legit just found out😂

  5. I love Torrey DeVitto!! But I truly hate what she has done to her hair!!! The blonde hair does not suit her it has aged her!! Please Torrey get rid of it you are gorgeous as brunette!!!


  7. WAIT DID NATALIE DIE or was she just knocked out I HAVEN'T SEEN THE EPISODE SOMEBODY TELL ME please 🙁

  8. Looks like aria finally had that child she wanted but ezra be doing her dirty like that! Trying to propose to spencers older sister!! 😂😂 like if you get what I'm talking about 😂

  9. I hope season 5 will come as quick as possible and i hope Natalie doesn't die. People like Dr. Reese need to come back, because it feels so empty

  10. Now that Colin Donnell and Norma Kuhling are leaving, you know who would be the perfect replacement (for one of them, not both of them)?  Britt Robertson.  Put a white uniform around her and she looks like a doctor.

  11. Agent Lee got to Natalie just in time before Philip could have made things awkward.  Unfortunately, before we could hear what she had to say to Will, this happens.

  12. I hate the way they did Eva's character. I dont like the way he treated her. So to end it this way with eva I was disappointed.

  13. I figured they would do like when Dr Charles got shot and it will then be months later and she is recovered so no big deal

  14. Det. Lee's unsolicited love advice level: 100 (Ultimate "I'll-shove-it-in-your-face-whether-you-ask-or-not" Pro+)

  15. I hate that that app doesn't exist in my country😭😭 I really wanna see the full episodes of them😥💔

  16. btw to all of my brittish buds, you can actually get chicago med, pd and fire on the sky go app! so if you want to watch the full episodes go download the sky go app! hope this helps my fellow brittish chicago med, fire and pd fans!!!

  17. Am I the only one here who wants Natalia to die? õ-õ I really want Will to be really badly injured and the hospital only realizes it later after he passes out or something. >.<

  18. Just came from here from an article titled does Natalie die? Yeah as if, the show is basically about her, might as well change the name to Manning Med, just like Dawson Fire and Burgess PD…

  19. Bring writers from Chicago to another woman who matches Will Halstead, we are already bored of Natalie with her attitude and her memory loss until when the public is going to endure loss of memory of Natalie and this hateful triangle very bad writers with this

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