Charles Convinces a Patient’s Parents to Surrender Their Son to the Hospital – Chicago Med

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  1. This brought a few tears to my eyes. No should have to make a tough decision like this over insurance issues. Everyone should be given good insurance to manage their healthcare and the healthcare of their loved ones.

  2. Hits home. As a child and myself with mental health issues, insurance doesn't always cover the full amount of coverage for treatment and meds.

  3. well america i know my country is far from perfect but at least we dont leave parents having to abandon kids as the best option. oh god this clip is a harsh reminder the world is faing apart

  4. The American healthcare system is a joke, it neither shows care or tries to provide health.

    The poor suffer, the rich get richer with inflated prices and insurance companies refuse to pay if it'll cut too far into the profit margin.

    If you dare to suggest that Healthcare should even be partially socialised people start moaning about 'not paying for people who can't pay for themselves' make me want to suggest that America get rid of the police and fire services as well, after all do they don't want to pay for other people.

  5. "America is not a country, it's just a business." And a pretty disturbing one at that. No one should profit or benefit off of sick people, no one should be denied the care they need because an insurance company won't pay, no one should go bankrupt because of medical bills. Civilised countries have universal healthcare, catch up America.

  6. This surely can't actually be a thing. This can't happen in real life…. Can it?

    If it does happen that's horrible and I feel so sorry for anyone that has to go through it.

  7. I can’t say England is much better tbh… but at least for the main services you don’t have to pay nor do you have to pay for that type of thing.

  8. I came here expecting to see two terrible parents who can’t care for their son but instead I got depression and tears because the health system is trash and this was a last resort

  9. Look I get it that they are doing this for their son's good. But do they really think that abandoning him like this is gonna help his mental state? Boy won't be able trust anyone again.

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