Charmaine Buys Loyal Ink & Fires Lily | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

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– ♪ That’s loyalty ♪♪ – Alright, y’all, I got us
a mother [bleep] surprise. What y’all think about this? – What does it says? – Loyal Ink. Is it hard to read? – Well, I think the L was
supposed to been– where is the I? You think
the L and I is like in one? Let me see. It says “oyal” man.” – ALL: [laughing] – “Oyal.”
– “Oyal.” – So you know what? Y’all, take charge
of the [bleep] logo, because I really
don’t give a [bleep]. – [laughing] “Oyal.” I must admit, Ryan’s offer
to come work at the new shop was very tempting,
but I turned the offer down, because I still
believe in my team. We all we got,
and I can’t let them down. – Hey, guys. – ♪ – Hey, boo-boo! – What’s up, Tina Turner? – [laughing] – Right. – What’s going on though, man? – Uh, we need to have
a family meeting, y’all. I feel like if we’re gonna
start a business, we need to be about business. It’s not about friendship,
none of that. – Man, if we gonna do this
[bleep], we need to do it right. – We have a lot of work to do
in this shop. The shop ain’t been
making money. It’s been closed down. And when it was open,
it was being ran down. We don’t need to do that again. So with that being said, I’m
gonna handle business, okay? – ♪ – I went ahead,
I bought the LLC. – ♪ – What you mean
you got the LLC? – It means I’m the HBIC–
Head Bitch In Charge. – ♪ – This whole equal opportunity
bull [bleep], that ain’t working. So I decided to take things
into my own hands, and I set up an LLC. Which means, in essence,
I’m in charge, okay? Meaning I’m running this ship,
bitch. – So now you the owner
of the shop is what you saying? – The managing member
right here. – What are you talking about? – What I’m saying is that now
you all work under me. Except Lily.
– What you mean except Lily? – CHARMAINE: You fired. – ♪


  1. So the receptionist bought the shop and fired the tattoo artist that beat her up. 😂😂 this show has gotten out of hand.

  2. That girl must have bumped her big head someone needs to check (remind) her of her place on this team and just answer the phone n help out..last time i checked she wasnt doing any tatts

  3. Good f*ing riddens. Lily has no control over her emotions. I wish she would've gotten fired. She's like an untamed wild animal. In her twenties and still doesn't know how to have conversations with people without fighting.

  4. I'm glad she took over I think it's a good business move but at the same time don't be trying to dictate everyone and she should get Katrina back Lily wouldn't be there everytime stuff goes she has to put her hands on someone

  5. I hope this is scripted because unless she (big Sharmain sp.)is delusional, she notices that she is what she bored me to death talking about. She is without a doubt one of the worst characters on tv.

  6. Charmaine I understand the frustration you have with lily , but don't ever take bread out of someone's mouth … Lily is really talented ! smdh

  7. Charmaine is a dummy along with all the rest of them……….. Since Ryan left them,, they are the blind leading the blind.

  8. They just need to throw the whole shop away. None of them have the right mindset to be a boss. Hopefully they get their ish together. I understand why Ryan left.

  9. Omg can everybody stfu already like even though Charmaine was wrong for the way she did it she made a smart move because think about it The shop would be a fucking train wreck if everybody who work there is the “boss” because then it would cause a situation like when lily hired Reese and Charmaine them don’t really like her there only needs to be one boss not multiple when everybody hire people most of them gonna feel some type of way like why are you hiring them

  10. She isn’t even a tattoo artist, no way in hell I would ever work for her… I applaud Charmaine for “bossing” up, but I back Lily on smacking both her and her cousin, you can’t expect to constantly run your mouth and everyone just sit there and take it.

  11. Messy messy messy! She's one of the main reason why ryan washed his hands and walked aways! So unprofessional!!

  12. 90% of the people in the comments doesn't know the difference between owning a LLC & actually owning the shop (building/business).

  13. CTFU I guess Charmaine got tired of sweeping & mopping floors & getting fucked in the bathrooms so she decided foo boss up well do your thang go secure that bag then sus 🤣🤣🤣💯

  14. she doing what she accused Ryan of doing … before it was we family …but when Ryan did the business move and it was his shop she was mad …hate when ppl get mad at things ppl do but when they do it it's justifiable

  15. Charmaine was honestly being real extra. But it's dumb how they keep talking about doing it the right way and o one bought the LLC. Like Ryan coulda been petty and went up and bought it and been the boss of them mfs again. And Lilly and here eyeliner needed to go

  16. That’s messed up. I really liked Lily this season and for her to go that mile when you need more members around to make it work it’s not cool. Is it not that hard to work something out?

  17. I feel like they all want to be in charge but when it comes to making money moves nobody does nothing about it so that’s why my girl Charmaine stepped up ha! 😉

  18. Buying a LLC when there are no competitors is pretty easy and not as expensive as folks think. Whether you think Charmaine is annoying or not, cant blame her for playing Chess while everyone else is playing Checkers. Hell, Lily probably playing Fortnight lol

  19. That’s why it pays to know the business lmao she slow she bought the shop name not business I’m weak over here😳😳😳😳😳😂😂😂😂

  20. Why is the new boss never wearing a bar like I always see he reith no bar cause You can see it from her shirt and she only did that to get red of lily cause she knows if she wouldn’t did that then she couldn’t have fight her battles this is why I don’t like her

  21. And to how she brought it did anyone eles know about that like that ain’t right she really get me tight i honestly don’t like her as a woman on that show she probably my least favorite out of everyone she gets on my nerves and think she all that and can run everything but clearly no one cares about he rules so haha to u

  22. She bought the llc for petty sake, all so she could fire Lily, not because she’s a business woman.

  23. Charmaine is a pisces(we have the same birthday but she's really immature at times) and lily's a virgo they're polar opposite so of course they don't get along. That was petty ass hell though. I would've gave her one more chance to turn her ways around, and i dont mean if she messes up a little just fire her. Only if you see she's genuinely not trying to change.

  24. y'all peep in the first frame when she walked in Charmaine's hair looked pretty messy, then second frame it looks all pretty like wtf.. staged

  25. When Being “#BOUGIE” pays off😜
    #BossMode Bihhhhhh💪🏾💯 H. B. I. C.
    Charmaine gone learn ya summ’N 🤣🤣😂😂☺️🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣HA!!!!!!

  26. Charmaine a big goofy 🤦she did all that to fire Lily and she can't fire nobody she owns the name not the shop van has the lease she just bought the right to the LLC name

  27. So there was not an LLC before the shop opened? How is that even possible? Did she buy it from someone else? Did she create the name for the LLC? Was this a franchise?! If so, she could do it.
    To even open a business account you need an LLC!!!!! And a EIN number. I run a business. This is nothing but lies for tv! In real life she could be sued for doing this.
    But as she stated, she's just the managing party. Not the owner of the shop! Lol. Wow

  28. There's NOTHING wrong with what Charnaine did ppl buy LLC's all the time. Van is a fukn joke he's NOT smart nor business minded. I HONESTLY don't see any of them tattooing all they do is drink and fight. Lily is a waste of air

  29. if phor don’t shut up about that “what you mean except lily ?” oh so you sticking up for ppl now ? 🤔🤔

  30. Watching this back again lol charmaine been begging lol. Always been trying to be the boss of 9 mag when she didnt even start it lol man so beg

  31. Oh,so you know friendship doesn't work in business..yet you guys messed up black ink with the useless "family" crap. Disrespecting Ryan . Now you want to be a boss. Karma doesn't work that way boo

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