Charmaine & Lily Decide to Move Forward | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

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– Is there no more alcohol? – Yeah, there’s plenty.
– Oh. – ♪ – Charmaine, let me
talk to you real quick. – No, I’ma take it, because
we have to move forward. There’s a level of
misunderstanding that you have towards this entire
conversation. I’m not trying
to fight with you. For me, there’s a level of
misunderstanding that you have, and I’m gonna have to just– – We both have misunderstanding
with each other. It’s not just me. – I’m gonna be the bigger
person, not pick a fight, or make no trouble. But at the same time, I’m not
gonna let this girl think she off the hook for all
her offensive comments. – When you try to put me down
like a racist for me speaking how I speak,
that was [bleep]– – –a black woman, but I asked
you– Lily, but you know– – I don’t know that, mami. – Okay, okay, so what? It’s the fact that you– – –what we came here for. No, no.
– Real quick! Moving forward, Lily, me
and you are gonna get along, ’cause that is the only way that we can continue
to make this happen. And I’m not gonna continue
to throw jabs at you. – Don’t disrespect me,
I won’t disrespect you. – I agree, amen. Shake on– I’m looking
at you in your eye. I truly mean that. So there you go– truce. You happy, everybody? – You wanna take a
shot off my muscle? – I’ll take a shot.
– Okay, cool. You wanna take a
shot off my muscle? There you go.
‘Cause I love y’all. There you go, there
you go, there you go. Oh, yup! Take that
little shot before we go. – ♪

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