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what do you do my mooch is we are here know what it’s a good day it’s a damn good thing you’re surrounded by food everywhere it don’t get no better than that the winter is coming and there are a lot of choices [Music] yep so we want to walk around Chelsea Market and we got some special guests today you’ve seen them on our last vlog we got diver living here we got Nass half of the group of Daniel Nass and also we met two new people actually making friends everywhere root setting food how can you go wrong ain’t going life oh yeah so let’s get to the food but first you ray knows it’s coming if you’re new to the channel I’m LYLAS I’m Barry yeah where the market is we’re all about living loving a trap and if you’re to subscribe now and hit the belt button so you can join aware of interns dominos [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] inside Dixon’s get some hotdogs and it’s amazing and the food looks delicious this one the Great Plain Prince how can you not enjoy I can never never ever ever ever in the history can become vegetarian ever I love meat [Music] you talk about my faces tastes like Bo meat [Music] so after all the food at the Chelsea Market our friends wanting to come down here to Brooklyn to see Dumbo Dumbo so they can get a good its Dumbo so we break down Brooklyn it’s kind of cool out here even though you see me with a t-shirt on window Bob I’m tough New York [Music] thank you for riding the MTA I’m use all that’s mine and you not feel with your priors there’s a price so Chelsea Market – Brooklyn’s – the ferry 20 stops in Greenpoint Long Island City now we back at 34th Street back in the city have no idea snakes [Music] [Applause] [Music] you [Music]


  1. Oh my gosh guys.. this is amazing… those transitions!!….I love the camera rotate.. the train transition, the empire state building, the time lapses.. so much.. and who were those great people in the background? 😉 amazballs!! btw that's the best prize ever!! ^^

  2. Wow cameos all over the place here!Daniel & Naz, Jimmy & Tah from Divert Living and #TeamAdriana

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