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Hello, I’m Sadie.
Currently I’m a PhD student here at King’s in nanotechnology. I completed my undergraduate studies here, and graduated with an MSci in chemistry. Undergraduate chemistry students spend most of their lab time here in the Franklin Wilkins
building at Waterloo Campus. The building is named
after Morris Wilkins, and Rosalind Franklin, who were instrumental in
making crucial contributions to the discovery of the
structure of DNA in the 1950s. These labs were refurbished in 2016. Our facilities are fully equipped with the state-of-the-art technology and are fully integrated
for all types of chemistry. Join us on a journey
around our facilities. The reason I chose to
study chemistry at King’s, King’s is a massive university
in terms of research. I’ve always preferred chemistry, because it’s right down
to the nitty gritty. So I chose King’s because
I like the way it’s run. This is our main teaching lab, so this is where you’re gonna do your labs in first year, second
year, and third year. This is called a rotary evaporator. So what this does, it creates a vacuum, and it will lower the
boiling point of that solvent so you can burn it off essentially. This is a melting point machine. You’re going to make
a lot of solid samples in your year at chemistry, and so one way to analyse your sample is to look at the melting point. You can do multiple samples at once. So these are just one of our fume hoods. This is where usually if you’re gonna do a dangerous reaction or
anything cancerous, volatile, you’ll be in these fume hoods quite a lot. Right now we’re in the instrument room. The instrument room is essentially where all your analysis takes place. You have loads of computers
around on the side to compare with reference
data, for example. So, I chose King’s mainly because it’s a world-renowned university. The lecturers are super into their fields. They’re very, very high up. I feel like, because also particularly my course is quite a small course, we can have quite a personal relationship with all the lecturers. A highlight is actually
the other students, being able to revise together, you learn way better
and way more effectively if you get a friendship group together. I would definitely say chemistry is a course for people who want to be proactive in research essentially. After you finish this degree, you can go into so many
different career options. It’s not completely just
set in stone with chemistry. I’ve had friends who
have gone into teaching, law, medicine, it’s a
very, very good course.

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