Chicago 4K – Night Drive

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Tour Highlights: Trump International Hotel & Tower Michigan Avenue Skyline The Wrigley Building The Downtown Loop Upper Wacker Riverfront Theater District


  1. It's a real shame, as almost every community that's was once safe a prosperous in the US gets utterly destroyed by multiculturalism and Democratic party corruption.

  2. I'm learning economics and whenever I see this kinds of high buildings, people I wonder how economy interact. And this city looks beautiful and makes me calm. From south korea.

  3. Yes indeed… Downtown Chi-town has the best "NIGHT VIEW" of any city viewing…. I drive through and too Chicago all the time… and I live in Manhattan, NY…

  4. I don't know about you but Chicago downtown doesn't look natural. It looks like it was built overnight. It reminds me of some of the new Chinese cities.

  5. Best city in America and i’ve lived in Manhattan and San Fran. Went to visit last year and stayed at the Embassy Suites. So convenient. Walked everywhere. Whole Foods across the street, Target, Walgreens, jazz clubs, restaurants, lake, Michigan Ave for shopping. Took uber everywhere. Hopped on the bus. Didn’t need a car at all. Easy to get to airport too via train. Cities should be like European and Asian cities, where having a car is an inconvenience. NY is too crowded and dirty, and has too many crazies. San Fran has the most homeless and is a toilet bowl, and the bus takes forever. Best city in the world is London in the west or Tokyo in the east.

  6. Chicago is the best city I love it's better than Manhattan and Los Angeles combined but still in the gun violence need to stop first

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