Chicago Bulls vs New York Knicks Full Game Highlights | 11.05.2018, NBA Season

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Back to Madison Square Garden for the dips and the Chicago Bulls starting lineups tonight Brought you by infinity. And again, this is the youngest score in a fair tonight Ronson winning the tip 6/10 he a fight doing a good job blocking his shot He’s amongst the league leaders in shop locking is just quickness Nice crossover gets inside and throws it down here. The good effective defense would be to do My Kitchen to coach this is what the guy does it all the time is practice So futile just don’t Cameron Payne Stops profits at the top of the air and bein able to six players two of them starters for the Bulls Dotson gets that same spot. It’s another three Alonzo Trier and damien Dotson might be starting for these things and Jabari Parker fouled all Smurfs Especially on the defensive end played mostly Zone in Georgia as Justin holiday nails, they’re a good three-point shooting team percentage-wise To the NBA Just on a documentary That’s Good, let’s catch it. But he is proven right so far who do gets inside taken it to go to second mrs Cantor finishes the scenario tonight with these two teams. Haven’t had this many low scores this year in the NBA There’s Lavine best to the LAN don’t you see a canola formal? top the blue Blakeney pull-up jumpers house game where sickens me it was the Brooklyn Nets in the Sixers movies, Roxton But it goes to blatant names like traffic just drugged with great spot Is cantered nice up and under a good adjustment thousand seven minutes Oh off the glass you put him in the game but Williams Guys who like to shoot a mile away? Lady the writer and it’s good. Once again, we’re really impressive. He’s from Atlanta, you know club It’s inside left-handed flips it up and in oh my god, we’ll be headed home. Yep fixing the Hawks on once it While his own you now to splinted pass Valet the Knicks leading scorer with nine Lavine lot of space there We’re back in That pastor hezonia Enjoys inside. Laughs it’s good He says he dick she’s left hand right hand, right At triage and one that was just the excluded off the nice part of takes it away from me. He was mad at himself And then gets inside It’s just lost for gaming. He’s feeling so much better than last night Dotson hesitation drives goes right at Connor. Thanks at all Thank you All right, Rebecca fire, we mention it. Yes, the rookie throws in a three-pointer you and they know You have difficulties with salt mix after overcoming day me and dachshund continues his strong Bow he comes on the stream He was at the top bar Alli’s now Go back out camera pain gets inside way up this gear late Vonleh jump hooked. Well short finds its way to camera picks up today Mudiay looking to post-up r2d a connote turnaround shot is good Looks picks it back out Dotson mudiay tries a corner three They pride themselves on their physicality Candice lasagna layups is good. That is Canada It’s been the beneficiaries of nice passes and third assist by Cantor Parker inside layup rolls or drops in Trey Burke is back in maybe Burke who provided offensive spark Five-point game three and a half to play on the third mudiay. The crossover gets inside left is good And the Knicks would exist Five six now in double-figures back door To birth Dotson comes off a screen salad jumper five of seven from the field finally getting a face to the game. I He likes that left hand that’s twice he’s used it beautifully 13 boards beretta scatter off the bench Gets inside lays it in excess from Canada Blake me the other one reading a is back to all Poor votes you’ve been up remaining in the third Pockets itself block fighters off, but Papa sticks knitted last night canter against Felicia Cries of muscles his way in gets it to hezonia Blizzard numbers that they hurry they’re the wide open that Hutchinson The Canada comes the double-team his own you fakes his own new drives gets it’s all a setup a tan Hezonia kicks it out. Mudiay booty a fake booty a driver’s left off the glass While still lucid peptide Levine Zach Lavine kicks it out the core high for three that’s good But just one of five from the field together jump shot The river spin gotta go down Levine right at can of Bank shots go good felon, 25 minutes, but another funeral carriage rides across the land What a game for an assistant she’s dear mrs. Dancing tips at the hezonia At the tree cheer drives inside laugh The shooting woes that keep fighting back Lavigne drives the runner nice moves from Zach Lavine Burke tied some room jokes, that’s election Levine fires away that’s gone So Lopez distinguished himself a bit too far away – Mrs. Reid Races ahead. Mudiay to the goal a Production that is uh part Levine and they shouldn’t have switched Finally puts a hand up Levine chose another that’s when you get his fingers That’s him back to trail cut up a play A big play here Trier on the drive on the pull-up shot off the mark Oh Sonia the following message So far here on the overtime Dotson turned his head Levine went right of Kenneth fall away The baseline is current miracle shot to do have the file to give you two Reject it out of bounds retardedness booty-eight floats it up can imagine He’s a good defensive play shot clock to torture steps back three-pointer Chokes is really looking at help. Then he gets this both drives except lamb bots. That’s just pretty rude Levine season-opening the base to the whole raft of banks at home Gluttonous techno girl, we’ve got next tips to a timeout remaining Who da drives inside? Laughs he fucks? the beans I’ll call the officials of hesitant Painful loss for the next era double overtime chances to win at the end of regulation at the end of the first overtime But Zach Lavine a magnificent performance 41 points for the Chicago Bulls The boys snapped their four-game losing streak


  1. Don’t be fooled Knicks’ fans Kanter is a decent center but tonight it was more of Felicio being trash than Kanter being good, bc when Wendell Carter was in all of that was clamped

  2. I still don't get why Felicio starting over robin Lopez, Robin way better Felicio straight up trash he doesn't get the rebound ,trash at defending u can tell he really dont wamna defend I don't get why the bulls have him 4 years he ain't that special get rid of that man cmon now nigga sucks ??

  3. During the 90's this was one of the top battles in the Eastern Conference. If these teams stay healthy, they will be very good in the upcoming years. Don't let Chicago's record fool you. They are much better than this. With Lauri, Portis and Dunn their record may have been 5-6 or 6-5 by now. They fought hard against Houston and Denver which are top West teams.

  4. I think we can all agree at this point that Zach Lavine was way better than Wiggins… even back in Minnesota i knew Wiggins wasnt shit compared to Lavine

  5. Damn in these games I’ve been watching for the Bulls, Blakeney been killing it I hope the team sees his potential

  6. People ignore the Knicks on the media outlets which is understandable…but this is the youngest team in the NBA without Porzingus. This same team could've beat Boston..Indiana and others with a little more experience which is what they are gaining.?

  7. As a Bulls fan the nba is better when the Bulls and Knicks are good…gg Bulls we gonna be good in a cpl yrs #SEERED

  8. Trier could be all rookie first team. Also can't wait for lavine MIP, and all star. Carter markkanen will be godly frontcourt duo

  9. Yes Zach way to go! Props to Blakeney too he was lowkey doing work. Happy with the win this was a really great game to watch. We need shot of Felicio though real talk guys a snail out there lol

  10. This 2OT was a good test for the young bulls. Lavine putting in 48+ mins and still giving NY the work

    Extra time gives Wendell Carter Jr. time to learn how to avoid foul trouble and play smarter around the paint

    That’s what I like to see.

  11. kp knox frank mudiay mario all lottery picks and mitchell Robinson was supposed to be a lottery pick the knicks are just young but they are loaded

  12. Don't really follow either team, but dang good game, double overtime, came down to free throws– from what I have watched, Levine has been solid, 41 pts this one and the winning point

  13. Some real lack of basketball fundamentals by the Bulls. @7:54 you can see why the Bulls struggle on defense – No communication or effort. Zero Awareness on Payne. Payne doesn't realize the man he picks up is already being guarded by Lavine. Once he realizes that he's doubling a player that doesn't need to be guarded, he makes no effort to close the gap on the now wide open 3 point shooter. This is the kind of defense you learn about in elementary school.

  14. How do you not call a foul for mudiay on that fast break finish and give zach lavine the game winning call the next play smh boi i tell ya

  15. Damn I'm glad I didn't watch this live, I'd be so mad: missed foul call on Trier when he got blocked and then a questionable call at the end for the Bull win

  16. Liked, subscribed and notifications are on for MLG Highlights! I love these videos! You can see the best of every game in under 10 minutes! Wow!

  17. 1. Knicks sucks & never will make it to the Playoffs. They're stats is horrible.??

    2. Nets are better now & hope they make it to the Playoffs. They're stats are good.?☺

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