Chicago Bulls vs New York Knicks Full Game Highlights | April 9, 2018-19 NBA Season

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Back to Chicago by a couple of nights The NBA regular season next to the Bulls both obviously out of the playoffs. Look at our starting lineups And they all knew that it was through a field in years. So I don’t think it’s something they discuss Yes, and the last time you miss these two teams like it was April Fool’s Day. No, I was at that Yes, I obviously made a a deep net picks up the rebound here comes Dennis Smith Listen is elusiveness. And we need to get junior hustling with the previously the basket. Almost come Go on up against the 7-1 the cornets knock spotting up in the corner three-pointer gets the bounce Like the Bulls are one of those teams that they’ve been better on the road than at home this year as Damian Johnson drills that Against Chicago I things of course at the garden Cornett gets inside. It’s his own rebound fake that backs it All Cornett uses second effort to spare Comes up short went too far underneath the basket there was off-balance as well a wall of copper rose not hesitate Aren’t playing but for these players this is such an important time because not only are the poles in the Knicks is Dennis smart They know they’re very cognizant of what’s going on Lopez had a big game against the Knicks last week at 29 Host dump, I gather all kind of NOx uses the Richardson screen, beautifully Your selfie Rejects corker net but not this time. Here’s where Harrison is a strength defensively Smith gives it up and knocks down another Sometimes smoothly defeat the pass and that’s the cardinal sin good ball movement here knocks all the time in the world And knots definitely finishing the season strong and don’t forget to fill your morning By the system again against the Wizards Sunday. So again as Rebecca mentioned things to his game Good hustle there from Knox Smith on the drive goes right to the basket banks at alms eaten in this Smith 11 and eight minutes as well Harrison black There’s the first rejection of the night. So that’s now three been there but knocked it away from Lopez. It’s got six boards already John Jenkins of courses in Six is for three-point range bad pass by Knox Sit down Samson muscle rapid in the block his second rejection the difference between shot clock and game cop Bulls. Have a foul to give Final seconds, aren’t you do not all that’s apart Already has a very provocative dunk off a steel now looking for three It’s the ball We’d like to globetrotters is exactly like the globe John Jenkins snaps of three and as it it’s Locked wanting down top seen it before an opening Good defense there by Chicago the Dobson gets to the rail enforces Ellenson, which the pass ahead to Dotson Jenkins fires and hits Jenkins histones most of the guys we have out on the court except this guy He’s been missing easy layup Down Paulo, but seeking the dead tell me how’s he doing? Alright at the fluid missed a couple of games He knocked it out of his hands and Then goes inside You got a block out There guards are not getting the move out not centers that were filled with the silks, but you are not a betting man like cherries about Doing smith the flex it ball finds its way to Lewallen kaburagi hits a 3.31 thousand is a unbelievable sports now Chicago the car Samson lines at The rebound d by Robinson not creating the foul but intimidating Inside is Dennis Smith gets Visible in the second Smith spins Just getting over the first time it was like someone pinched me which is like Korean girls Walk out on the court. He strutted out in the And careful there knocks with a rebound and throws it ahead The Mitchell Robinson goes up and throws it down good advance pass sitting down arguing thought he got hit shot clock didn’t reset So they’ve got to go Sampson our high school from Sampson 6354 Knicks lead by nine Archa diaconal gets inside and on to each of the pronunciations of his name tonight By Lopez Archer diagonal Cornett, and that’s gonna be six blocked shots for Cornett Smith a little out of control Cornett tips it over the right hand Harrison gets in Robinson trying to stay with him Nice feed inside the lemon for defense that time Garrett had some nice-looking jumpers in the first half looking for a shot here and nails another. He’s three four five I’m Billy to get here Not just handed and by a high draft pick those doubts and drills the three part to the look for them absolutely cincin Lemon makes a sweet boy gets to the basket He’s got to work out his teeth knocks s together look better look supper Auctions to fake Knocks finding some room Rosa Lopez layup Mr. Lopez defendant Would have no part of the record big rolls defense swarming now Garrett little floater where he’s kind of Lemon scoots inside it’s a part of past to the Present tonight It’s four assists Play that back soon. Gently steps back. Step back. Three is good jackets his thirst felt. That’s one of the hardest things for front office people and coaching dues is Just your vision is better than yours you can see over the defenders off Anything reductant issues soon gets inside about for the fifth time We rebounded by the Knicks then it Smith drives kicks it out dachshund. That’s it for the quarter. Let’s go. That’s the drink Then ball moving Harrison doesn’t remind you of me Mike, that’s how we started Lemon drives on core negative side. Smooth jobs are not Robinson. Can’t get it to fall Rap sheet to the floor with a new shoe Nance our net comes off Where net puts it on the floor lost. It knocks just gets it off the time it hits it breakwater for Kevin Hawks if their second win in eight days against the Chicago Bulls Dennis Smith capping off a final points five assists When their 17th game of the season so they won’t set a record for worse Lopez There’s No final road game of the season licks snapping My name rolled losing streak and win their 8th on a road to see the boys for the second time this year the coaches expressing risk


  1. Dsj gone be an all star sooner or later i hope he can share the shine with Zion next year or he gone get traded again

  2. Amazing! Congratulations New York Knicks for the huge victory in Chicago Bulls 96 – 86! This is a real victory! Win Champions! Great team! Stefanos!!!

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