Chicago Cubs Outfielders Connection to the Wrigley Field Bleachers

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♪ [music] ♪ – [Announcer] And now, taking the field,
your Chicago Cubs. – [Heyward] The first time running out there with
these guys, it was, it was awesome. You got brick wall out here,
you got ivy. – [Schwarber] You look at the wall and see the ivy
first off, and there’s no other ballpark that has the nostalgic look to it. – The foul poles, the new scoreboards,
the old scoreboard, the bleachers. – [Almora] Maybe it’s the basket, maybe it’s
if the opposing team hits a home run that they all wanted to throw back.
I mean, stuff like that is just, it’s what makes Wrigley
and the bleachers special. – [Announcer] Listen to these fans. – The atmosphere is incredible
at Wrigley Field. – [Schwarber] I knew that the bleachers were crazy
and, you know, I didn’t really truly understand it until I came out here. – [Almora] I heard stories, you know, that it’s
sold out every game, but when you actually get here and it’s packed, man,
it’s really special. – [Heyward] Coming here, it just felt like baseball
was the only thing that mattered and everyone in the building got that. – You look forward to running out to
left field every day, and saying what’s up to everyone. – We all have fun with it, but it’s just
cool to see everybody have their own different interactions.
Like, Schwarbs likes to dance a lot. He likes to get them going, he likes to
throw the ball here or there, whatever, and kind of get them fired up. – Usually, every game you run out and,
you know, you give everyone the salute and go from the bleachers to the left side
all the way over to the left field corner, give the salute and give the clap back
and everyone loves it and people seem to really enjoy my dance moves. – I love to come out in the beginning of
the first inning and salute the fans and tip my cap to them because
we’re playing this game for them. – Albert’s just, he’s super classy.
So when he comes out, and we both definitely take our hats off to the fans,
but he makes sure he tries to get the section out here center field,
right-center, left-center. He lets everybody know he’s going to leave
his heart out there every day. – It’s just little traditions here
that happen every game. – Think the people in those bleachers are
having any fun out there? – When is there a time when you
don’t have fun in the bleachers? – Whenever there’s not a play going on or anything
and you get done thinking mentally it’s great just taking a peak around. – You hear the crowd getting louder and
louder and louder all of a sudden and it’s not baseball related, you kind
of look over your shoulder. – Even during the game, I look up to
the scoreboard sometimes they catch my attention and then I say hello, or
I just see what’s going on. – I feel like everyone is super on top of
each other, but also at the same time spread out just enough to, like, make
it a party, make it an environment, make it a vibe. – The bleachers have a lot of fun during
the games and, I don’t know, it’s fun to be a part of. – You know, it’s just electric.
It’s an electric vibe. There’s so many things to do in the
City of Chicago, but people are like, “Hey, what are you doing today?”
“Going to catch a Cubs game for sure.” That’s kind of like the pregame to
whatever else is going on. It’s just like, everyone’s here, rooting
on the Cubbies and they’re locked into the game, or locked into the moments,
and they’re just waiting on something positive to happen.
It’s just a safe environment to come and be free and have a good time. – You could not possibly have better
fan support than the Cubs do. – The fans show up, they have a great
time, it’s a great environment, but when there’s an expectation to win,
there’s nothing like it. – No matter what the score is or
whatever situation we’re in, they’re always pulling for us. – I don’t know, I just feel like they’re
an extended part of us and there’s no other stadium that I’ve played in
that has that. – When something great happens, you
get the ovation everywhere, but here it’s just like another level. – Making a play or hitting a home run,
coming out here and get the ovation that you get, it’s great. – Personally, for me, these are moments
that I’ll never forget in my life. Everyone on this team, everyone that’s
ever put on a jersey for the Cubs, you understand that feeling that
no one else can understand in sports, I feel like. It’s one of a kind – This is second to none.
It’s definitely the most special outfield I’ve ever been a part of.

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