Chicago Med – A Difficult Choice (Episode Highlight)

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– Dr. Latham, you decide on
that drink after all? – Maimonides–12th century
rabbi and physician. He said that the risk
of a wrong decision is preferable to
the terror of indecision. I have never had
a moment like today before I started
my TMS treatments. – I wouldn’t worry.
I doubt it’ll happen again. – Hm. That girl was more than
just a surgical challenge. She became a human being to me. I lost my detachment. I cannot afford that. I’m ending my treatments,
at least for the time being. – Well, I’m sorry that
you feel like you have to make that decision,
but I trust your judgement. – Hm. When you started
your fellowship, I told you that
you were not my first choice. After working with you
these last months, I would like to say that
I cannot imagine a finer surgeon or person
than you, Dr. Rhodes. – Thank you. – Well, let’s leave it at that.
– Yeah. – I would like a drink.
Scotch for me–neat. And another for my friend.


  1. The way Dr Latham said goodbye to Rhodes in Season 5 was even more touching. They started out not liking each other, but they ended up becoming great friends despite their differences.

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