Chicago Med – April’s Worst Nightmare (Episode Highlight)

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♪ – Surgery? I have Procedure Room 3 open. I’ll schedule you in.
Come on up. ♪ – April? April… ♪ I saw your name
on the list for a D&C. ♪ – It was my ultrasound. There wa–there wasn’t… ♪ I-I don’t–
I don’t know when. I-I don’t–
I don’t know why… ♪ My baby’s… heart… it stopped… – It’s okay. ♪ – It stopped beating. [both crying] ♪


  1. Omg. April's character this episode…. my goodness. I don't even have the words. It was heartbreaking ?. But Yaya played the role very well. Deep down I always knew she would lose the baby, but I didn't think the episode would be so emotional ?. I can only imagine what will happen in the next episode when they remove the baby ?

  2. Talk about an emotional and heartbreaking scene. Extremely glad to see onscreen African American women supporting each other.

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  6. How can one endure that and go back to work like nothing happened ??????? I would've lost it right then and there , I'm talking I wouldn't be able to breathe I'd be crying so hard and I most definitely wouldn't be getting up any time soon . Sorry April

  7. I️ Love dr.will halstead april Sexton,Maggie, and I️ think dr Manning it is wills girlfriend or she used to be I️ didn’t like Nina

  8. YaYa is winning….u don't always have to be the big winner to come out on top in the end. Major character on a major show.

  9. I feel like the actress who was hugging April played in other TV series. Does anyone know which one or where else I might recognize this actress from.

  10. Its confidential that black fat nurse should have keep it to herself. Regardless she is not a family and it is work ugh so unethical.

  11. April is the full package. Shes not only sexy but she also has all the other qualities u want in a women. Meaning shes wifey material ontop of being sexy the full package. Cause when wifey material is also sexy like april ur golden.

  12. So unrealistic. You can't just have a D&C with a few hours notice unless it's an emergency. You have to fast for surgery and then disinfect and they have lists.

  13. The moment you instantly cry because you can actually relate. I still think about my 2 everyday, and always will. Sorry to anyone else who had to go through a miscarriage before. They are worst than what people say. Heartbreaking.

  14. Yaya was phenomenal in this scene but I truly hope the writers actually let this be a pregnancy and not just a scare, and also les her actually have Ethan’s baby cuz I can’t see her go through another miscarriage

  15. Lol anyone else clicked on to this vid thinking it was going to be about April fools day? Yea me neither?

  16. Damn chigaco med got some quality actors. You can feel her pain regardless if you have been in that situation or not.

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