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Hello everybody. Today we are going to
talk about how to set up your paper in Chicago style. So before you get going
you don’t even know how to do this you’ve never done a Chicago paper, this
is just gonna show you the basics of how to set up your paper in Microsoft Word
to be the right format for Chicago so the first thing I’m gonna do is go up
here to paragraph this little arrow here and I’m gonna make sure we have double spaced on ’cause this should be mostly a double spaced document. O.K. we’re gonna set up the title page here I’m going to make this a little smaller so I can keep an eye on how big
this is I’m gonna return down there’s really no set place, it’s about a third of the
way down the paper. I’m gonna do Center make this a little bit bigger so we can see this better and I’m
gonna type in my title. O.K. so that’s centered and most of words are
capitalized kind of like MLA for the subtitle I’m gonna return down to the
next line ok so we got that in there we return a
little ways down here no set amount of times I’m gonna type in my name the course number, spell out history too,
or whatever kind of class this is and then, if you can, well you should have it, type in the title of the class. O.K.? And then the date ok let me take a look at this see how this looks, looks pretty good looks pretty good that’s pretty much maybe one more return down again there’s no set
number of return to just … It should basically look like that ok the next
thing let’s set up the page numbering this is a little bit tricky I have
another video that shows you how to do this but let’s do it on this one too. It’s
actually pretty easy once you understand the basics are, it should be numbered and the numbers up here in the right
hand top corner however this first page, your title page, should not be numbered and
there’s different tricks for doing that I’ll show you the way that I do it I
think that this is the simplest way to do it I’m gonna go up here to Insert,
page number now here the first thing I’m gonna do is format the page numbers
cause we have a unique situation here click format page numbers start with start at 0. We’re gonna start with page 0 that’s going to be this title page and that’ll
keep it from being numbered ok so I click OK now I’ve got the page number format set
up now we go back to page number we’re gonna’ insert the page number now top of page back down here, plain number 3, so that’s going to be in the right hand top corner there
it is and the problem is I don’t want this page to be 0 to have that print out or
when I submit this online for it to say 0 there ’cause that’s kind of ridiculous looking so what
I do is click different first page now when you click this it takes that away just
don’t type anything in here close the header and the footer and you’re fine OK? And we’ll test that out so we have
nothing here let’s go down to the bottom of our typing here return to the next page
there we go. When we go to the next page it calculates it as 1. Let’s go to the next page and it’s
going to calculate if we’re lucky here there we go, 2. So but if we go to the top of the paper again we’ll just double check that is nothing doesn’t say 0 or anything but
technically that’s page 0. That’s your title page it shouldn’t be numbered. O.K. Now, I’m not going to go through the specifics of how to do to the bibliography, that will be
another video but I have from another paper just some random citations for a
bibliography I’m just gonna paste those in your bibliography should be on the last
page of your paper and should be on its own sheet and it should basically look
like this one thing you’ll notice which is pretty strange we have a double
spaced paper but these citations are single spaced notice that make sure you
remember to do that ok now what I’m gonna do right now we’re gonna talk just
briefly very briefly about footnotes so I’m gonna grab one of these it easiest if you have your bibliography
done first for your footnotes. So, I’m gonna copy this Ctrl+C, I’m gonna go up and start as
if I’m typing my paper here now this is just gonna be some basic steps take the
centering off that’s the first thing there. Going to indent over and we
start typing our paper here. And there aren’t any profound statements I’m
saying here and they’re not even really gonna fit with the citations I have I’m
just gonna show you how to do this okay we’ve got a statement here we’ve got a sentence we need to put a footnote in here what we’re gonna do is go to
references insert footnote ok? Then that’s gonna take us to the bottom of the page and
then I’m gonna paste in that citation so that I don’t have to type that in from scratch. Now a few things are going to be different here first thing in this footnote from
our citation the bibliography instead of having a hanging indent like this I’m gonna go back home to paragraph hit this right here this magic little arrow I’m gonna change the hanging indent to a first-line indent so it should just be a regular old indent like we’re used to seeing. Some other things were going to change too, this number here should not be superscript like it is in the text so I’m gonna’ go to font, then I’m gonna take off the superscript. Then it’s just gonna show up like a regular number I’m gonna put a period back here. Now in the foot know as opposed to the bibliography citation the last name
should be last first name first, so I’m gonna cut that go back here paste that in so there’s a few things I
need to change that comma is conveniently there we’ll need that we
don’t need a period after that person’s name just a comma and then at the end
here we get rid of this period and put in parentheses around the publisher
and then we do a comma and we say this came from page 15 of this work ok so like I said I have another video where I go into more detail on this but that’s that’s that’s the
basics of how to do this let’s say you have another citation from the same book. From same page of the same book. Uh, start a new sentence here. And lets say this is from the same source. This is a little interesting thing about Chicago we’ll go references insert foot note and this comes from the same page of the same book this here, so we’re gonna type in Ibid, which means from the same place then a period okay so that’s an
interesting things so that you don’t put this citation in a bunch of times it
would look a little silly now we’re gonna do the same thing here and change things
now this when I do that it for whatever reason it takes it down to 10 point so I’m
gonna raise that back up to 12 point I’m just gonna indent it over, ’cause I
probably don’t even need to go into paragraph for that, and make sure it’s the same indentation I’m gonna take off that superscript there, go into font,
superscript there you go, add a period and we’re good. So that is the basics that’s the basic to at
least get you going for typing up a Chicago paper again remember that that’s page 0, it’s not gonna be numbered, the numbering starts on that page right there Let’s go down here now I put in my
bibliography first if you do this kind of thing just be aware at the end it’s
going to add all these extra spaces if we were doing some work in there so make
sure those are out of there and this starts up at the top of the page. Is that as
far as we can go? Yes. okay so that’s just a really quick rundown on how you set up
your paper in Chicago style. thank you very much


  1. Awesome video. I didn't even to see most of this, but I couldn't stop watching for some reason. xD However, I did learn some new tricks. Much appreciated.

  2. 0:18 Double Spacing paper
    0:35 Making a title page (title, subtitle, name of author, course, course number name of class, date)
    1:52 setting up the page number (title page should not be numbered)
    3:45 Make your bibliography before your foot notes
    4:15 How to do a foot note (12 font, first line indent, remove superscript and put a period after the number, last name should be last, first name should be first, comma after name, not a period, get rid of period and put parenthesis around publisher and date, put in a comma after parenthesis and put in the page number followed by a period)
    6:36 Same source, same page number, different citation
    7:30 12 size font Ibid, first line indentation, and remove superscript

  3. If my paper is just a book review of one book, does all the page numbers in the footnote have to go in bibliography? Or just the name of the book?

  4. Oh my goodness thank you so much! I've always used MLA and was just told to use Chicago for the first time. You really saved me!

  5. This video is definitely the most helpful one on Chicago Style. Thanks a lot! Could you make a tutorial on how to cite primary sources like speeches or letters in Chicago?

  6. Its my last semester in college and possibly my last paper, and my professor decided to spice things up and make it a Chicago Style…. first and last time i will be using this, but great video…

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