Chicago PD – Credit Union Robbery (Episode Highlight)

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♪ [gunshots] 5021 Ida, those shots fired
are coming from the South 1600 block,
North Schiller Credit Union. It’s locked. [glass breaking] Go. [gunfire] – Ruzek, you okay?
– I’m good. Stay down. [gunfire] – 10-1, 10-1, we got shots
fired at the police. We got
a bona fide robbery happening at North Schiller Credit Union. – Gun! Go! [tires screeching] 5021, Land Cruiser fleeing
southbound towards 18th street. Young, David, Henry, 8-4-2. – [groaning] – All right, just stay calm. Keep pressure right there,
all right? You ready?
This is gonna hurt. – Aah!
[groaning] – Get me an ambulance.
1656 South State Street. – Copy that.
– [groaning]


  1. I left Chicago in 65 when I graduated from Lakeview high school I would have back on Google and every place is gone I grew up in your old town district I swim North Avenue beach I went to church and say Michaels the old Hudson Street police station is gone and so is the old Hudson Street fired station off of North Avenue makes me sad to hear about all the violence in Chicago used to sell it with our fish now the pumps think think I used guns Hank reminds me of the police officer that saved me from going the wrong way

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