Chicago PD – Her Last Wish (Episode Highlight)

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– That’s it? – Yeah, Tonya’s
getting charged and DCFS is gonna
shut Brady down. Everybody there’s gonna get
an alternate placement. We found a really good family
for you in Libertyville, the Melnicks. They’re coming here
to pick you up. Hey, I’ll give you a minute. I’ll see you at home. – Is that your girlfriend? [chuckles] – I’m sorry.
– Thank you. – Hey.
– Hey. – You ever find anyone
to claim Sam? – No, I didn’t. So I did. Last page. – What is this? – She wrote down instructions. What she wanted
to have happen if she died. I don’t think she thought
she was gonna make it past 16. – Gonna actually do this? – Already done. – I’m coming with. – Doesn’t have to be
somewhere fancy. Just some place
where you can’t hear the noise. Some place quiet. Empty. Right when the sun’s coming up, I’d like someone
to take me there. And I think it’d be all right
if, right at the water, someone left me there to stay.


  1. Not one of my favorite episodes . . . actually found it slow and hard to keep my interest.Β  But just MHO . . . guess if you enjoy seeing Halstead being pawed by teenage girls, it would . . . lol

  2. Personally one of my favorite episodes from this season. I really liked it because of how kind Jay was to Ellie in trying to help get her out of the Brady House; as well as this ending of Voight and Platt spreading Sam's ashes on the water.

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