Chicago PD – Lindsay, Halstead… and Abby (Episode Highlight)

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– Wilson is running
through the showers wearing nothing
but a Kevlar vest, right? – [laughs]
Well, the lieutenant said, “All outdoor activities to be
conducted in body armor.” – [laughs]
– Do you remember, he had his girlfriend’s name
tattooed on his ass? – Did he tell you that was
his girlfriend? That was his dog’s name. [both laughing] – That actually makes
more sense. – I know. – I could do
another one of these. – Um, no, I shouldn’t. – Gotta get to the barracks? – We didn’t drink enough
back then? – See, I think we could’ve
drank a little more. Maybe fixed things. – Maybe. It’s good seeing you. I didn’t think
it would be. – [laughs] – Um, I should probably sign
the papers and get going though. – I don’t have ’em. I don’t have them.
There’s no one in Philly. – Abby. – I never told you
that I loved you. Even the day
that we got married. Didn’t feel right. But I did. I really did. – Abby, you deserve
everything good. I’m just not the guy
that’s gonna give it to you. – [sighs] – Hey. – Hey. – Um… I’m gonna go stay at Will’s
for a little while. – You don’t have to do that. – I love you. And I want to stay. Um… Who I was back then,
I’m not proud of it, and–and I know you think
that everything’s behind, but it’s not. And I’m still married,
and I gotta sort that out, and if–and– and I just don’t think
I should be here right now. – Whatever it is,
I can handle it. – I don’t know. I guess that’s what I gotta go
figure out now. I’m sorry. – [scoffs]


  1. I haven't watched this episode yet.

    I'm so freakin' confused.

    MARRIED? @$#*$(% MARRIED!?


    Damn, Halstead. Voight's gonna kill you.

  2. Abby: "Maybe fix things"
    Jay: "Maybe"
    Oh hell no! You better fix things with Erin like asap because I nedd you two together.For real, just let Linstead be happy.

  3. Erin and Jay's conversation didn't make any sense. Were they having the same conversation? Erin was being very supportive and I am sure she can handle whatever he has done in the past as her past is colourful and she is a strong woman. Running away to stay with his brother?? is that how they are going to handle 'issues' when they come up?? really??? #teamlinstead

  4. Lol nothing linstead related in this episode made any sense to me. Like out of all them in the detective unit it's jay who hates anything dirty going on, it just doesn't make sense to me why they made such a morally strong character like his not happen to tell his girlfriend that he was married???? And even a bling guy can see how in love jay is with erin & vice versa so why was it necessary to both leave & tell that Abby chick "maybe"??? I feel like the writers are trying to create some kind of conflict between linstead when there wasn't any in the first place. Coming out with a not so ex wife from the past?? Ha, how original. ?

  5. lol instead was really just too happy for the show and they couldn't find any reasonable problems for them to have "drama" in the relationship like dawson and casey on chicago fire. so this is what they came up with? this is literally like the equivalent of them fighting over closet space and someone moves out lol really this "conflict" makes 0 sense

  6. honestly I think hes leaving because hes confused and maybe wants to stay with his wife….. maybe he did really love the girl… but also he loves Erin which is causing him to leave…. I think he wants to give his wife and him time to see if they connect :/ poor Erin… I would honestly be heartbroken 🙁

  7. Halstead thought they were divorced but the girl never turned the papers in thats why theyre still married he didnt know.

  8. Everyone seems to be confused so I'm gonna try clear it up. Jay isn't breaking up with Erin or leaving because of Abby, he's leaving because he feels like he's going to spiral back into old habits and he doesn't want Erin to be there to see it., He knows Will can handle it. It's about putting someone else's needs over yours, Jay actually did a very courageous thing.

  9. I'm so depressed right now… Lol… What a cliff hanger… Dick wolf can really create suspense… #linsteadforevertho

  10. ?. I can understand Halstead needing to sort things out. But moving out is a step back from their relationship which I think is not a good move. It means that there is something lingering him about Abby. Gosh. Previously when Lindsey was upset at Halstead before (the whole Father DNA test), remember when her friend suggested to maybe leave Chicago. Did she? Nope. Because of Halstead. She still stayed for him I believe. I know it's a different situation, but she just basically told Halstead that they can handle it TOGETHER man. Come on Halstead. You better fix this soon.

  11. Abby needs to go
    First you didn't sign your first set of divorce papers.
    Then you turn up & tell him your engaged & need him to sign new divorce papers only to lie because you don't have a new fiancé & didn't even bring the divorce papers with you did you not think he would have moved on during all this time.

  12. well this was bull… Erin like never before was very supportive and tring to help uim and he just need yo figure something out? what ?!

  13. Well, many asked for more of Jay's backstory . . . You asked, they delivered 🙂  lol . . . Don't obsess over a tv couple that you know the writers will eventually have reconcile.  I think it actually gives his character some interest at last and not just wholesome, plain vanilla, can-do-no wrong Jay.

  14. I was quite thrown off by this twist but I'm glad they kept Jay in character. The guy as we have gotten to know is loyal and chivalrous. Glad the writers didn't go down the all too common cheating route. But now I'm really curious about the question mark between him leaving the military and joining the CPD.

  15. When Halstead was explaining to Lindsay about his ex wife in the break room and when Burgess walked in, the look on her face?

  16. Tonights show better clear things up! If the writers wanted to shake things up they should have had Jay experience flashbacks from a case that triggered him…Abby really I am still like WTF!

  17. Gotta admit Burgess hooked me. I have a weakness for beautiful, smart, quick witted brunettes on procedural crime dramas. Caitlin Todd ( NCIS ) Emily Prentiss ( Criminal Minds ) and now Kim Burgess.

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