Chicago PD – Lindsay’s Dangerous Gamble (Episode Highlight)

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[dance music] ♪ ♪ – Here you go, ma’am.
– Thanks. Hit me. – 21. – Oh!
– Yes! Okay.
Excuse me! Can I get another drink
over here? – This is unreal. – Do you want to take it
up to the room? – Maybe later.
I want to go out. Gentlemen. Lady. Thank you. [laughs] – Eight, nine, thousand. – Thank you. – Ma’am.
You’ve had a nice night. I’d like to offer you
a car home. – Aw, that’s so sweet. I’m actually okay to drive. Thanks. – Hey! – Where are you going? – The city.
I want to spend some of this. – You’re gonna drive? How many whiskeys did you have?
Seven? – Oh, now you’re counting? – Yeah, when I’m dealing
with a drunk, I count drinks. – Find someone else
that needs saving. – You know what?
Knock yourself out. [phone ringing] [siren wailing] – You know
why I pulled you over? – I have no idea, officer. – You were swerving. – Oh, um…
I didn’t realize that. – Coming from the casino? – Yeah.
– Where’s the cash? – Why?
– Look, hand it over,
we can forget the whole thing. Or I could throw you
on top of the hood, throw the cuffs on you,
take you in for drunk driving. – No… [scoffs] Drop the piece! – Patrolman, drop the gun,
or I drop you. – Officer Watkins, huh? You’re a disgrace
to the uniform. And you’re under arrest. Pretty sure you know
the rest of the speech. – You good?
– Yeah. – I guess I was just hoping
it wasn’t true.

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