Chicago PD – Unmasking a Killer (Episode Highlight)

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– I need a doctor for this. – We’re gonna figure
this out first. Your history’s
a real creep show. You started with cats. And then you moved on
to women. And then every time,
you just– you’re taking it
farther and farther. I think you need
the violence. You get high on it, right? And maybe that’s not
your fault. That’s usually learned behavior,
so, I don’t know, maybe your dad
knocked you around a bunch. A good lawyer could help
with that. But just tell us why–
why would you kill John Gleason? – It was self-defense. It’s true. When I moved in, I didn’t know
John was such a boozer. One night he gets tanked, he comes after me
with a knife. It was him or me. – Okay, John Gleason– John Gleason
was in a wheelchair. – Yeah, exactly.
I figured nobody would believe my story in a million years. So I got rid of the body
piece by piece. And you just–
you kept the head and the hands as souvenirs. – Fingerprints and teeth. It’s the parts
they can trace you with. It was–it was justified. All you can get me for is
unlawful disposal of body parts, but I-I had nothing to do
with that girl. – You know what I think? I think–I think you’ve had
these urges for a long, long time. And you’ve resisted them. But when this thing
with your roommate went down, something shifted for you.
Hmm? – I told you,
it was those two black kids. – [chuckles] Okay. I’ve been a cop, well, a lot of years. There’s one thing I hate. I mean, I hate it
when people blame the black kid. I get it all the time. I’ll tell you something. Please believe me
when I tell you that… it’s not gonna happen today. ‘Cause you’re gonna tell me the truth
about what really happened. – I need medical attention. – Don’t look at me. – It’s your shoulder, right?
Like this? – [screaming] [panting] – You opened an old wound
in this city. Church got burned. So you’re gonna come off
your story, and you’re gonna tell me
what happened… in this room, today,
right now. – You… you’re right. I…
[inhales] I’ve had these… I’ve had these feelings
since I was born. I’ve struggled
and I’ve prayed. I had a five-second rule. Five-second rule. Whenever I saw a woman,
I would… start feeling… that way and… I forced myself to look away
after five seconds. But when–when I saw her
in the park yesterday… [chuckles] What was the point? You guys were just gonna arrest me for Gleason,
eventually. [dark music] ♪ Why deny myself? And you know something? – Hmm? – It was everything
I could have hoped for… and more. [screaming]


  1. Oh yeah I'm in a wheelchair and I definitely could get away with murders.

    No one would ever suspect me.

  2. I hate this show, I only listening to some of it while on the computer, it accidentally came on after something else I was watching….the tone of the characters was so smug and nasty….didn't care for the way they treated the public either…yuck…..

  3. Good scene, but if that was The Shield (fx) Vic Mackey would have got every detail out of that guy and made a mess doing it. Watch some of The Shield interogations.

  4. When he goes u are gonna tell me now I was thinking โ€˜spill the tea sisโ€™ anyone else no just me ok ๐Ÿคฃ

  5. I love this scene. Voight is just like โ€œI wasnโ€™t the black kids it was you, you liarโ€

  6. Sorry folks, Hank Voight is a necessity so we can sleep at night. If I were a cop, this creep killer woulda been put down in the field. Look, the only reason theyd jail him is so the private corporations can sell soap, blankets, food…..

  7. I agree with all the comments this and svu are the best cops show of all times I love Benson and Erin and Upton best lady cops of all times

  8. Voight is violent as hell, how is he still a cop?! Ok yeah I guess it is a tv show but still, holy crap

  9. I wonder what Voight would sound like with a saw throat. Imagine how raspy and croaky it would sound.

  10. I love you voight a good cop dnt care what your color skin just do the right stuff like break his arm ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

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