Chicago Pizza Battle: Which Deep-Dish Pizza Is Best?

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This pizza fits the bill
for all the superlatives. It’s the cheesiest. It’s the pull-iest. It’s
the sauciest, and it’s the thickest. It hits all the marks. I can’t stop eating! Malnati’s is the oldest name in Chicago
pizza. This recipe has been around since the ’40s. It’s never been changed.
That is what really sets us apart… …besides the butter crust. This is my first time trying deep-dish
pizza. When I came to Chicago this was… …the place I wanted to come. I was told that you don’t start this
pizza by the tip. You actually start at… …the crust and get a little tiny sliver.
That way you get everything in one bite. I have the upper arm strength of a child. Can I fit this? I can’t stop eating! Overall pizza was great. I had high hopes for Lou’s and it was
definitely a lot more than what I was… …expecting. So I would give it an 8.5 for overall taste. I really liked it. But because I wanted a little bit more
taste from the crust, I’ll go with an 8. So we went to Lou Malnati’s and we just
weren’t that impressed, and so we… …actually kind of gave up on Chicago
pizza until we came to Giordano’s. We use a lot of cheese in our pizzas. Our large pizza has upwards
of two pounds of cheese in it. I don’t think any pizza in Chicago gives
the cheese pull like ours does. What is this pull? You can wrap this
cheese around like a scarf. I am not a true Chicagoan. I can’t do the scrape for my life!” First you get the theatrics
of the pizza, right? But theatrics aside, the taste of
the pizza actually speaks for itself. Every element of the pizza works. This pizza fits the bill for all the
superlatives. It’s the cheesiest. It’s the pull-iest. It’s
the sauciest, and it’s the thickest. It hits all the marks. Overall taste wise I
would give it a 7. As much as the cheese pull was great… …I would have liked more
sauce, the crust to be a little thinner. That was, hands down, the most incredible
cheese pull I’ve ever seen. Overall taste, I would go with a 9.5.


  1. I'm sorry but giordanos is dog food compared to Lou Malnatis and the original Uno's pizzeria on Ohio street downtown. I personally think unos has the best pizza on the planet, with Lou's a close second. Giordanos is like Pizza Hut around Chicago land

  2. I had this in Chicago it sucks!! This is not pizza , I had it at 3 places was always a fatty mess eaten by too fat people!!

  3. I tried Lou’s Malnati’s for the first time ever last week, and it disappointed big time, honestly idk how the chain brand is as big as it is, giaradanos hands down destroys Lou’s not even competition

  4. If those are the best Chicago has to offer they have nothing on NY/NJs best pies not even a debate or thought.

  5. 1:13 "It's made with MOZZARELLA"… What kind of "mozzarella" is that??? Do you even know what is mozzarella? How does it look? And taste? GET REAL!

  6. Your embarrassing yourself using a knife and fork. This is why God gave us hands. OMG this is pizza not a steak.

  7. Giordano's pizza isn't even close to Lou's…..feed it to the New Yorkers , they have no idea what real pizza is…..

  8. Nice sauce pie! But that is NOT a pizza!!!! If you give this thing to an italian person like me maybe he will like it but they will never guess what it is! Stop calling pizza whatever has bread and tomato sauce on it. Itnis like i take italian pancetta and i call ot bacon. It is misusing a label.

  9. I ordered a Giordano's pizza and had it delivered to the hotel I was staying at while in town and they didn't cut the pizza. Lmfao👎

  10. 2:51 this makes me more than upset, I have lived in Chicago for over 15 years and The mispronunciation is infuriating

  11. I've had both and Lou's is by far my favorite all time pizza. I've tried a few different locations for giardanos and I find it bland in comparison. The sausage from Lou's is also outstanding.

  12. It's a very tough call, I love them both. Giordano's tends to have more cheese while Lou Malnati's tends to have better sauce. Both have excellent crust.

  13. I’m from Australia 🇦🇺 and that’s just like a bakery style open pie. I make these all the time at home what makes this a pizza? Can anyone tell me?

  14. Pizza with no meat is not pizza to me. But at least they both made the basic Chicago style with a layer of cheese, then a layer of meat if you use it, more cheese, then sauce, then romano and cook. Chicago style is a deep dish pizza with upside down guts.

  15. I guess I like simple things but I don't want all that on my pizza. I becomes a meat pie. It'ts good. But just a little cheese is enough for me.

  16. Spent a few days in Chicago, and made it a point to try both places. Got "The Special" at Giordano's (minus the green pepper) and the "Chicago Classic" at Malnati's. Personally — although they were both good — I liked Malnati's better. Their crust was more flavorful, and their sauce had more of a fresh tomato taste. Your mileage may vary.

  17. What suprises me the most …is not the food but how they maintain their figures eating that much 😂

  18. I am from Chicago but never been a fan of deep dish pizza. Lou Malnati's is the best by taste. Their sausage thin crust is the best!

  19. you can't grade pizzas if you do not know anything about pizzas. ''i wish the crust was a bit thinner'' if like saying ''i wish my pizza had a hot dog on it'' thanks for wasting my time

  20. :21 the frame rate of the camera makes her look like one of those creepy chicks from some Asian horror movie.

  21. I gotta say, living in Chicago, the best pizza there is easily Giordano’s. I’ve tried both when I was younger, and even now. If you go to Chicago, make sure to get yourself some Giordano’s pizza!

  22. Dear Italians

    Not everything has to be traditional and most of you havent even tried pineapple on pizza so u dont really know what ur talking about smh

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