Chicago Prize Submission: Catalytic Development of Auburn Gresham

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Hi, I’m Erika and I’m Carlos and we are excited to share with you our visionary plans for lighting up Auburn Gresham, a south side neighborhood with a rich history and an even brighter future We are proud that our neighborhood has a Community-written Quality-of-Life Plan and that we are on a journey to make that plan a reality We are implementing three catalytic development projects that will bring industry, black-owned businesses, and much-needed jobs back to Auburn Gresham We are standing here with our incredible Chicago Prize dream team At the site of the first project the Auburn Gresham Healthy Lifestyle Hub, which will bring health care, supportive services, and economic opportunity to 79th and Halsted just two blocks away from the new Metra station Which will break ground next year Our second project, the Renewable Energy and Urban Farming Campus, will transform Chicago’s south side Into a global leader in the green economy by converting food waste into nutrient-rich soil and energy that will allow for healthy food to be grown throughout the city And our third project is to repurpose the vacant Calumet High School building into an innovative mix of affordable housing, job training, and business incubation These three comprehensive projects will reinvigorate Auburn Gresham into a thriving destination and community hub representing the best of the neighborhood’s vision for itself Let’s get started!

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