Chicago Slang Words With Meaning! Chiraq Lingo Is Crazy 2019

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I’m very discreet kiss my mama. Goodbye. She faint 17 the way she was thinking here dream on bringing up a nine Boys man, she look like she’s only coming at y’all game with another Hi, y’all boys fucking bullying cooling. It’s coming out. There you gave on saying they want on my man. Look at it, man Look at it man. Look look on get situated all the way real clear. You get all the way situate. Here we go We got a little something-something shining out look Because I’m going to eat y’all look with a video real treat man on the topic of Chicago lingo What’s it to you sister You didn’t say man. Now look if you don’t know man you go anywhere in United States of America, man You go to New York. You got the own lingo you go to Philly. They got their own lingo their own certainly binocular Give it I’m saying you go to Houston you go to LA You don’t say everybody got their own lingo, man You digging the same man and Chicago for one got one of the most crazies vernacular. She’s getting the same man Like we say words that is universal, but we over Exaggerated you didn’t know say and we also say words. We’re just be like You can’t be serious you were saying that like It’s crazy fool you feeling like it is so crazy, man so not gonna even hold y’all the Malvinas booing him just jump into a man can hold y’all hangers so many words and I know For a fact I know for a fact that is a lot of words in here man that I totally forgot about But these are like the ones I could just hang off my head man Cuz we use so many words and I’m trying to just use the word that pretty much no same-origin was from here You think I’m saying in? Chicago yeah here you wanna saying so I’m trying to use those words You think I’m saying? Like I says we got some words that I’m sure it’s heard in other places I got the same mean and stuff like that. But here we just nothing over expressly They’re gonna say so just jumping into it You feel me the first word that anybody should already know she even have to speak about you digging the same man. It stopped Dianna and she braided Like a lot of you don’t even realize that their thoughts starting here in Chicago man Like a lot of people think that it started in, you know saying la Orlando something like that knowledge started right here in Chicago Illinois, you know st. Dot dr. Jana You know, you couple meetings for and stuff like that. Basically a new slang or a new terminology for uh, But you know trying to keep the you know sings guy keep it pg-13, but you know what, Pete you know sign yourself and that’s basically that Also, you know saying fun fact just give you a little history lesson real quick too as well before he was using the word stop Back in the day. I’m talking my life You know Mm. Omid mm stuff like that We used to use the word a call buzz down, you know saying like buzz now was originally from Chicago I’ve never heard that word nowhere else. You did gonna saying I always heard it from here You didn’t know Tom on so you just use the word buzz down use the word strike two as well We they’re gonna say, uh, those of you know words of use use like wait wait Wait back in the day you didn’t say but he’ll give you a little fun type of history right there Alright, so the next one your nigger on the same man is gang, you know say now when it comes using the word gang Really don’t have too many different meanings a lot of these next words I’m about a child with you know, you have to listen to the nature of the conversation to determine you know, what type of Prefix the using the word is and stuff like that like the word gang Usually represents like, you know, you talking about your homeboys like gang like, you know saying gang, you know, you know I got the gang with me You know saying like just give you a little bit of the veteran ology and stuff like that Like, you know, you’re talking some on you black man, who he will man me in a gang You know say so easy news word. And that’s type of play right there Also, you know gang means no gang like one thing about Chicago. We are a very heavy, you know saying a Gang ran culture you they’re gonna say like, that’s what we are. We are gang ran coaches, so You know gangers, you know again, you know organization or Street gang You know say so it depends on the nature of the conversation what they talking about How they’re gonna use that word and and profane to you you did Alright, so the next word and this right here. I just got a hit shot across the head will just Shovel these words back-to-back-to-back-to-back cuz this is what Chicago gets funny right here because this is what I mean when we over-exaggerated we overexpress ourselves now when it comes to like words that you hear like on phone them for Folks in them. You wanna say like on phone no doctors me on you and your guys like Nothing involved just you and your guys but if you’re switching to say on folks in them You kind of put it a little bit more of a certain group of people Like folks seems like a gang in Chicago mean, you know G do Beauty or whatever, you know They folks they riding under folks nation. So you’re kind of putting you know saying into a certain Classification when you say on folks in them. Oh you got people that says man or stoning them on Lord, and um, you know, I’m phoning them can either mean I’ve nothing gang tools really no same folks th they only know saying that’s a gang tools But that could mean another game you know saying like you had a look look check this out you have I’m focusing them on the guys on the game. All my kids are my baby My mama on my dead homies on my couch on my car on my momma already said that on my baby mama Come on on my dad, baby, you know say like one thing about Chicago bad leg We we we when we talk man, we always putting it on something lying or telling the truth We putting it on something man, like and you sit down listen to a conversation man You might hear mug be like man joke, man I heard as you what the bad man went over there and uh later on showing yourself my day and she didn’t give you no Play man on folks. No great, man. I swear to god man story I was tweaking the stuff like the rule and stuff like that all your nobody even hate on me I swear to God with my mother boy. Hey, you know say like You’ll be like what if you’re not from here man, you know I’ll say but it’s just the nature of the conversations what they talking about What determines how they go and we don’t play the word off myself like that you know I’m saying like you can easily be like man of Focusing them up the street, you know saying, oh, they don’t Bowl or something like that. You know, I’m saying you you talking about Like a whole different group of people They could be like it focusing them you know saying like the my people you don’t say like it just depends on the nature of the Conversations like all my kids like all my kids can be determining that you try. Uh, you know convince somebody that you tell them the true like oh my kids max what the down telling the truth man who ain’t got A lot to yourself like that or you could be sitting here laughing that something you’d be like oh my kids you buddies heads bad like was like it just depends on the nature of the conversation how the word is gonna be conveyed to, you know saying like I said, Man, we use we put we put it on every time you put it on people That’s a lobby put it on our kids. We put them on damn people. We put it on the president We put it on the nation. We put it on everything. Like that’s all we do We putting it on something that so that right there. I know I kind of you know Steps talking in that time before something that I just want y’all to get a better understand like how much? Emphasis goes into when you say on something. Let me put it on something light That’s what makes us so unique and we always put it on something Like I said people that lies and put it on some people trying to convince you or telling the truth they put it on something when you just laugh and having a Jump for time you put it on something when you mad when you mad you put it on some light. That’s all we do We put it on something you dig. So I hope y’all got a perfect understanding of that right there, but help me I don’t want to explain that again, man. So let’s go to the next one man so the next one you dig is finesse now finesse can you know saying for the most part be a Universal word or stuff like I don’t hurt people use the word finesse and other states and other cities and stuff like that but up Here in Chicago. Once again, man. We used to tenth degree finesse basically is what it higher sounds you don’t say finesse like a finesse you out some money or I Finessed you out of a car ride or I finesse you out of some drugs. What up? You don’t say? Oh, you know I finished your girl out of her, you know, she liked me so many different things. You think I’m saying like a Somebody can be like amen. Um How did you get them new shoes right there? You know me man. I’m gonna fuck this up You don’t say basically mean they’re you know, say either you know you got a full steal or you stole them like it means either or you don’t saying or you could be like oh Man, you know buddy over there man. What what you be on? Man, you know nothing man. We can finesse him and give him fast daylight You don’t say that’s the word play with that word man. You did so finesse you did. All right, so the next word, right? It’s stayin you digging them saying like once again saying can mean multiple times It just depends on the nature of the common stage of the conversation. Um staying can mean something easy as a man of You know, uh, you know budding them that’s uh up the street. Yeah. I know the man easy Stang basically easy saying and finesse like they can kind of you know fall into the same category stuff like that like saying like you will lick like You could be mean and there’s a terminology as you’re goofy Like you’ll stain, you know, I’m saying like somebody somebody easy get over on you. You ain’t gonna do another type you don’t say like you can say like What shorty be on man short you’re saying man like Macy saying there, you know show you’ll give it up You know saying she’ll die You don’t say it just depends on the nature of the conversation that word can be used and several different avenues You’re gonna say but for the most part though staying is what it means. No, I saying, you know, we’re gonna steal something Um, we’re gonna Rob some time for some, you know, whatever thing you did so that’s worse thing. All right, so the next word is Fufu or Fugazi or foo gang or how do you want to convey and stuff like that? Basically, that means uh, Something is fake. You think I’m saying like I Usually be like man just right here to Shane I got on right here, you know saying cause me a twenty thousand somebody like manners that fool That’s bull a stuff right there or that food gang or Fugazi chain Or you can have on some some some Jordans or something like at all You know I’m saying so my black and um join us for food sales show Do you know say or no Fugazi and stuff like that? Basically for the most part it means fake something. That’s not real You know Basic, that’s all it means. I mean you can use it other type of you know, vernacular is the stuff like that But for the general purpose, it means something that’s fake it is so that’s the word, you know, same fufufu guys All right. So the next word is and it’s so hard to say this word Like it’s so hard to thinking these words and just say these words like justice and without like saying them into conversation It just sounds weird when you just say the word by itself without talking, but this is the word everybody Everybody everybody Use this work it basically is. Whoo. Yeah lady Basically what that word means just like how I’m going the west coast no sale, you know up in that. Um Up and Netto in that Bay area and stuff like that y’all like to say yada the mean stuff like that basically means like you know like Someone and so forth you dig it on say like as in a Conversation since like I can be talking somebody and be like man chill watch all on man I heard that, uh, folks and Slade on you stuff like that me that you many line ants on my room and shutting them They try to come do and what the bad stuff like that HR blowing stuff like that So we hopped out we ran doing eyelid stuff like that. You know, I’m saying showed. Yeah, he he cut through to the gangway They try to come back to you know Saying we get the bra on and stuff like that stuff like that Then when I was running back to the store and stuff like that They try to catch me in the stove what the band and stuff So, you know, I hadn’t had a finesse my way doing stuff like that No, say I talked up on the car lately Right, if amazingly like so on and so forth like I’m not gonna use a better terminology in that But I was just the best I can take off tops out here, but it basically means so on and so forth you know I’m saying like yeah, like we did this and did that whoo, like We about this we about that. Yeah, you don’t say like the so on and so forth You don’t say that’s basically with me, you know, you know, that’s that baby Ollie I can’t take no better way to that man. But that’s a word man next word And like I say this word is pretty much used in a lot of places but we use it a lot like a lot anything I’m saying, but the next word is goof like We use that word in everyday conversation and it means what it means like you’re goofy. You know, I’m saying you’re goofy you’ll stain Whatever like you know sure you know show you over there and show you a coupon Saying or no saying you can talk to your homeboy. He told a funny joke or whatever He you’ll be like well You goofy is in your life and just depends on the nature of the conversation like it mean it can mean something good Like you funny like you goofy sale or give me like you goofy like you align your dweeb? You know saying like it just depends on the nature of the conversation You’re gonna say but be good you know saying that’s pretty much all that is as the next word is Buford Buford is basically falling to do the same lines as school, you know saying, you know Elaine we You’re goofy no Beautiful. You don’t sing just another form of fashion. No same using that word, but I Sold dummy and dummy, you know, this is uh, like I said universal word but once again we use it with so much emphasis up here that I thought I had to put it to the to the list but basically dummy is what he means like no duh, duh me or Pam Tommy like, you know, basically like, you know Tell me you stupid what you don’t say you dummy and they can mean both ways You mean that, you know, you joking with your friends or something like that, you like down dummy or you know? You can be you know saying coming at somebody roses on my you did gonna sign but you know This depends on the nature of the conversation once again, but yeah, don’t use that word a lot to up. Here’s with Yeah, X word is short now one thing about Orlando They use the word shotty You don’t say like shot it you like that’s how to solve you like shouting or whatever the case may be we just say short you don’t saying like short do you mean several things like sure did you mean like I Got my shorties with me like you got your kids with you or you mean I got my shorty with me meaning that you got your girl with your lady or you mean um You mean and and in a disrespectful way Like like like family with shorty like basically saying that you look you know You little to me like you little shorty. You’re on saying that’s in a disrespectful way or or somebody can be like Do you know them over there at the gas station? Yeah, I know the man Oh shorties over there Like they look like you even mean like they some shorty like for real like no organ like they of age. But yeah They ain’t on them. They shorty like you’re on satellite show didn’t have so many different means behind that one word Once again, it just depends on the nature of the comments of high person That’s gonna convey that work and you will have a better understand of you know Saying how do you throw that word at you? but yeah shorty next word is tweaking and tweaking is basically like higher sound like you can tweak it like Showed you tweaking like, you know in New York they say bugging or something like that but you tweaking like you you off the drugs like tweaking or You turning up like you tweak him or you just did some stupid like you you do drive and you hit something like boy What are you doing? You tweaking y’all say like you you you you Oh see right now you out of control. You tweaking your own the same But that’s basically what it means they want to get It depends on the cop the nature of the conversation for you to get a better understanding of you know How they convey in it, but tweaking is basically high sound tweak tweak Next word is check it out and check it out community two things off top Check it out can mean like, you know saying I come here check it out You know saying what about most by the roast, you know homeboys gonna roast by the flame you want the bad stuff like that on Java stuff or check it out like You know your guys trying to show you something your gosh. I’m gonna you don’t say in China politic like yo, come here Check it out real quick I’ll let you know I’m saying or you know, if you mean that you know It’s just some people that you don’t know they’ll be like yo, yo, you’ll show you check it out real quick basically means like You know saying you come over here we didn’t get that feeling get on You know, I’m gonna beat you up or whatever it like so check it out real quickly knowledge You know say like so it is depends on Not only the nature of the conversation but also like the environment like what’s going on Will you get a better understanding life? No, you know yo check it out You’re on saying but you know, yeah check it out. Dustin is just another word that we use up here You did the next word is merchants and merchants is bass you like, you know Put it on some like put it on your bed Mom or prayer when you’re dead homies, or you know, put it on your locked up guys You know put put it on some basically like merge it, you know Whatever you merge only full of you told that you basically that’s all it is. Like you can be like man I just came up on two thousand dollars. Just that quick man. What a better man May I put that on such-and-such, you know say like it just basically means that you know Man you my man put it on something man light like it once again That’s all we do is put something on something so Murch it is just another form Of just know you can almost something you don’t sleep so mercury That’s where I can just find out. All right, the next one is the ops Basically nowadays. This is pretty much a universal word. But once again started in Chicago daps meaning basically the opposition a rival gang somebody that you went to with Whoever’s somebody that you dislike whoever you dislike is consider. Yo ops or whoever dislikes you is consider Yo, Bobby Bigelow saying like that’s pretty much The best way I can describe that word people hate knowing, you know, you might say well I know my ops, right Do you know what I have nothing but basically means people that don’t like you and you don’t like them And the next word is no lackin basically no lackin Tino like and basically Meaning that uh, you know, you mean several dates meaning that always got a gun on me I always got some type of weapon on me I’m always prepared or I got my head on a swivel like you can’t run up on me You can’t you can’t sneak up on me I ain’t never lacking like mean like again depending on the nature of the conversation can mean several different things But basically meaning that I’m prepared for anything and I’m resting on saying just know that like I see everything I’m not like oh so you can’t run up on me. I’m not like I see that car I’m not like I see them in the gas station. I’m not like I got it on I’m not like like you means so many things once again just depends on the nature of the conversation But no lack And for the most part that’s pretty much all the words that I can think of off the top of my head Like I said, I had a list but it’s a lot more words out there like as I was talking As I was talking about I was remembering words as I was talking I know it’s so many more out there I have to come for part two before part watch it was good enough. You did go But yeah, this is pretty much you know Saying Chicago lingo and his – you diggin I’m saying I hope you like this video Make sure you Rachel Scott kind of all that little stuff to this page And I’m a howl at Shaw and the next one man. You are no fly game. She are we rocking diggin I’m saying man I let y’all gone


  1. Pidd, Buddy ass, Bogus, cluck ( old school word) bussa, or runner lol… fave word was bodeen, or something like that when people got tired of saying bogish lol

  2. We used Buss down in NY all the time bacc in the 90s. I don't know where it started NY or Chi but in Brooklyn that was the word for a Thot for sure. I don't hear it so much now.

  3. All constructive Criticism, I understand you said you guys exaggerate words lol but “ya did what I’m saying “in the middle of every three words needs to be worked on
    Like when people say “LIKEEEEEE” when they need a fill in lol

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