Chicago Style Hot Dogs ~ Vienna Beef Chicago Dogs ~ How to Make a Chicago Dog ~ Noreen’s Kitchen

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  1. Where is the ketchup? 😛
    They look really nice, I'm not a fun of veggies, but I would give one of those a try.

  2. I'm from Northwest Indiana and my family loves our Vienna polish and hot dogs! I don't know if you have a Gordon's Food Service near you, but in my area they sell 30 pack cases of their hot dogs, jumbo hot dogs, and polish sausages for under 30 dollars. I buy them every month, along with the other condiments.

  3. I grew in the farmlands/subs outside of Chicago and would not eat anything but Vienna beef hot dogs. My aunt down in Peoria use to stock up on them when she came up North but they may sell them down there now. She can't drive so I'll take some next time I'm there. But yes, all the other name brand hot dogs are garbage and will probably give you gout or cancer. Happy August! Oh – Portillos rocks!

  4. I love the Cubbies! I too had game seven on my DVR but lost it when I moved across country and had to return my box to the cable company. Sadness

  5. Now those are some dogs! Never had a Chicago style dog. Hot dogs are all the rave. I made some and will be making more. Love dogs!

  6. Yeah, I love a Chicago dog…minus the hot peppers. They are way too hot for my liking too. The pickles make it for me!

  7. Doesn't appeal to me. love hot dogs but mustard onions & dill pickles only. Go Bucs⚾ Pittsburgh Pirates!!!!

  8. this was so much fun! i think you should do a hot dog stand off for us Michigander, Flint vs Detroit! hahahaha

  9. we have a great little place here in Seattle called Matts Famous hot dogs and he makes the best Chicago dogs .

  10. That looked totally awesome but I know I wouldn't' eat it as most of what was on it I don't like. The only thing that I would eat is the tomato, hotdog, and bun. I lived with my Mom in Philadelphia Pa. back in my teens and the only place you could get a chili dog in that city was Hardees. Anyplace else you could not get chili, just Sauerkraut, slaw, mustard, or relish. Thankfully my Mom new how to make chili and I could still have a chili dog when I wanted one. =)

  11. You did it exactly right Noreen. Made me smile as I live 20 minutes from chicago lol. Your right do not ever ask for catsup at a stand. They will look at you funny and anyone standing near will say something lol. Have to have the celery salt and green relish and seeded bun. Now I know what I am having for lunch tomorrow lol love you guys!

  12. Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers recently open in our town and they have the exact same Chicago dogs. Now I have to go try one. ';D

  13. I craved Chicago Hot Dogs when pregnant in 1964! We'd drive from the NW suburbs in to the city to get them. They tasted like manna from heaven to me! My mouth is watering big time right now.

  14. Another home run Noreen…love a good Chicago Dog….your version looks great…excellent recipe, video, and channel😊😊😊😊👏👏👏👏

  15. I grew up in Chicago and you did them just right. Some of the Vienna Hot Dog joints there will add or replace the pickle spear with small wedges of fresh cucumber, just a slight twist, but it's good too.

  16. Lived in Chicago for 7 years and had these all the time. The place I ate didn't do the poppy seed roll but I've had them. Vienna Beef is the BEST! Sport peppers are AMAZING! Nice video!

  17. Had to comment again this is the BEST HOTDOG EVER! I thought I'd hate the pickle too! I'm glad Rick didn't remove it! It all goes together PERFECTLY!

  18. My Story:
    I worked in Chicago at O'Hare a few years back. I had never had a Chicago dog until then. I ate quite a few of them while I was working there. When I was in Chicago I used to eat lunch at a little restaurant where they served hot dogs and a lot of other things. I would order my dogs with catsup, mustard, relish, and onions my favorite way to eat a
    hotdog. They would put on the mustard, relish and onions. Catsup was available but I had to put that on myself, they would not put catsup on a hotdog. I live in Indiana and there are a couple of hot dog shops near me. One was named Sweet Home Chicago, (now closed) and they offered several different types of hot dogs including a Chicago dog. It tried to be a Chicago dog but wasn't. I reminded them that it had to be Vienna beef dog and had to have that bright green relish. Until recently I couldn't find Vienna beef anywhere where I live. But just recently I have found Vienna beef in two different stores-Fresh Thyme and Kroger. We are getting a Portillo's about 30 miles from me. I have been known to drive to Merrillville, IN to eat at the Portillo's there, about a two-hour drive.

  19. Oh yum, those look good! Well except for the onion lol Would someone from Chicago come flog me if I grilled my onions? Will they put me in hot dog prison? lol…. I just don't like raw onion lol

  20. I'm a Chicagoan, and watched your video with great pleasure. I'm also happy that you didn't question the ketchup rule. Ketchup on a hot dog is tolerated in these parts ONLY if you're under 16 years old. Nice job Noreen.

  21. Looks delicious. Where I live we have a few local wienerschnitzel restaurants that make a real authentic hot dog too.

  22. I only live about a 100 mi from Chi town and I have seen the dogs, relish and the sports peppers at my local Walmart.

  23. WOW, that looks yummy! I didn't know they had celery salt tho, will have to try these for sure! And that atomic green relish made me laugh😜

  24. i believe that if you love to cook that you should try everything at least once . yes i would try this as is in the video . wow that is some really electric green relish !!! ty noreen n rick . gnight n hugs from michigan

  25. i miss these, and love to make them! it's also a guilt-free item, it's one of the few glorified regional food items which are surprisingly healthy, since there are so many fresh vegetables!

    "Dragged through a garden," as the chicago style is often called 😉

  26. I am a chef in Canada but with American roots!  Every once in awhile I watch videos that are infact what I am eating lets just say I made my Chicago dogs and loved eating them to this video…celery salt imho is the best touch ever!

  27. Where do you guys find poppy seed buns? Can't find them here in Columbus, smh. I bet they're all over the place in Chicago.

  28. YOU DIDN"T SAY WHAT KIND OF ONION?!!!! my guess is yellow because white has more of a bite to it and will take away from the full flavor of the rest… JUST SAIYAN…..

  29. Those dogs must be barking. They look a little suspicious. Chicago PD will come and give you a visit and interrogate you concerning the construction of the dog. Stand by…

  30. "Draggin' it thru the garden". Gotta steam the poppy seed bun and ya gotta use the celery salt. Southside! Go Sox!!!! Lol

  31. 1.)The sport peppers (Thai peppers if un – pickled) are hot, but the heat only lasts for about 10 seconds (doesn't linger like a Jalapeño ) and has so much flavor.
    2.) You can substitute the pickle with plain cucumber. Cucumber really brings out the flavor of the celery salt. Many places in Chicago serve it that way (I.E. the legendary Fat Johhny's).
    3) If you really want the famous 'neon green' relish just add a few drops of blue food coloring to your regular relish jar.
    4.) Re – constituted onions will add a nice stronger flavor, as that is how they were originally served..along with re – constituted relish (hence the neon green origin)…which sadly, can no longer be found.
    5.) A Vienna hot dog tastes sooo luxuriously different than what many people are used to. I can guarantee that you will regret putting catsup on it…but if you must…it's ok…just try it on one bite first.
    6.) GREAT VID!…you did us proud!!!!!

  32. not enough mustard and onions and 3 sport peppers is better
    we always called it piccalilli and don't forget the root beer

  33. hello , Noreen , my name is Trina i live in chicago il,and a big time cubs fan , i love you and your family , keep up yhe great work i love you

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