CHICAGO VLOG: Touring the Windy City!

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Hi everyone Welcome back to Joan Day Welcome back to Joan Day Where are we? Where in Portillo’s in Chicago First time Not my first time I also met subscribers earlier. So thank you so much for saying hi I hope everyone else says hi instead of commenting saying I saw you but didn’t wanna say hi Don’t do that Don’t don’t don’t do that Just don’t do that Here, our number It’s so Christmassy!! I brought my Leica so I’ll be taking a lot of photos today A lot of nice photos Such a sexy hot dog Wow Alright. This is my brother’s favorite hot dog place in the world, right? Yeah, I went to Cal and there’s this hot dog place called Top Dog and Abe was obsessed with that place It’s over. It’s over? Wow It’s like a massive hot dog. It looks like this Oh it’s really soft How is it? It’s good! It’s good huh Mhm Better than Top Dog? Yeah Dad and how are you enjoying the hot dogs? Pretty good Thank You Portillo’s and thanks Abe for the rec (recommendation) Don’t thank me I can’t hear you cuz you turned around Don’t thank me, thank Chicago Thank Chicago He says Alright, to the next destination we go I hope you guys enjoyed the I guess photos slide? Yeah, cuz I took a lot of photos and it’s just so beautiful here Look at this Abe : Come on now Beautiful Okay, let’s keep exploring (In Korean) Let’s go! You guys, we just left Magnificent Mile It was so crowded I just like didn’t wanna vlog but we got to check out a lot of stores and flagship stores, which was pretty cool Yeah, that was pretty cool. Yeah So now where’re we off to? We’re gonna get some coffee because all three of us are sort of kind of cranky And we’re probably going to the Apple store and then like go to another part of downtown Abe : because this is a little bit too crazy right now Joan : Yes And we want to get Lou Malnati’s for dinner. Right, the pizza? Like I love Chicago deep-dish and I’ve had it in SF but I’m here in Chicago for the real deal Abe : Yo, I remember that! Joan : Yeah, Zachary’s, in Berkeley. Abe : That was so good! Yeah So we’re just walking around Our dad is really fast at walking He’s right over there But Apple store first because I wanna get this cord so that I could transfer my photos without using the app Sure. Yeah, you don’t know what I’m talking about. Okay, let’s go to the Apple store. Okay. Oh, it’s so pretty (In Korean) It’s really pretty Yeah, so pretty So many people Check out this view from this Apple store, wow This view? Alright let’s go So I’m gonna need… this I need this Wait, is this for? iPhone? I think it’s this one I was really quick, but I got it. I can easily transfer my photos from Leica to your phone Okay, let’s go find dad and go get popcorn I know I didn’t vlog too much, but I tried to take a lot of photos But I will be doing all the touristy things in this vlog right here. I’m going to combine it all in one So I’ll see you guys in tomorrow’s update Hi Where are we? We’re in Lou Malnati’s Because we took the L yesterday. Took the L yesterday So excited for Lou Malnati’s, are you? I’m Yanis like don’t at me but I think the pizza from San Francisco that style was a little better Zachary’s? Yeah Really? Yeah I will let you guys know But this was like highly requested Everyone was like you have to go to Lou Malnati’s and vlog it, so I was like okay Personally, mom and I didn’t really like it Yeah, but now we’re here with dad So and pizza is one of my favorite foods, that’s why on Joan Food, it’s Joan Food pizza and wine That’s so bad for you You’re still lactos I am But we asked for like less cheese Like really less cheese, please Yo!! Wow Thank you! (In Korean) I will eat well Alright, so here it is you guys it looks so good Gotta get that spice Dude, It’s so good what are you talking about This is so good, I don’t know why Did it taste different in all the other ones? We finished eating, got coffee and we wanted to go to the Art Institute today, but the line is so long So what are we gonna do? We’re gonna go to Cloud Gate Yes Also known as the.. Bean Man the line is so long it got even longer There’s a lot of people but we’re finally here Have you touched the bean? Many times Many times? It’s not a big deal Let’s go touch it right now. Sure We touched it We’re by the water Yay Fun fact about me is I like giving my dad false tourist information. I know I’m like Abe stop lying to him But yes, we’re just walking around now The weather is quite nice today It’s not as cold as yesterday It’s a good 40, 40 degrees 46 I thought it was 46 44, 46 it doesn’t even matter It’s in the 40s. Yeah, that’s minus Let me check in Celsius 5 degrees 5 degrees? 8 degrees Last time I checked it was 8 degrees, which is fine It’s really cold in Korea right now too so Whatever Yeah, yeah We’re at the pier Yeah We’re at the Navy Pier. I want some ice cream or doughnuts What do you want? How can you get ice cream like when it’s like super freezing? Because it’s good Just inhale the air Gonna get some doughnuts at Stan We basically ordered everything that they recommend so Let’s taste it Wow You have the prettiest hands Abe Doughnut review, It’s crusty on the outside moist on the inside It’s perfect Perfect, perfect amount of crunch perfect amount of taste, perfect amount of sugar, perfect amount of chocolate We moved from that seat over here What’s wrong? Just kidding Joan : And then this one, Abe : I’m camera shy They have like bananas inside I love bananas My dad is still full from pizza But like for me after walking I was like I need food right now Wow this place is bomb Really? Better than Krispy Kreme? Ah I gotta sleep on that It’s very sweet But very good Alright guys, so we’ve just been walking around and eye-shopping We haven’t bought anything But we’re finally getting a bit exhausted We walked about 15000 steps now so Yeah, we’re just gonna enjoy the rest of our night And take some photos with my new camera And go home So I hope you guys enjoyed watching todays vlog Here’s a shout-out of the day for those of you guys who translated and transcribed this one right here And I will see you guys in the next one Have a Joan Day!


  1. your dad is camera ready :)) he's always smiling 🙂 you make me wanna buy Leica camera but it's expensive T_T <3 from PH

  2. I've been loving the vlogs so much because I recently found out I'll be doing exchange in Chicago! The city looks amazing!!

  3. Hi Joan!!! It’s 8 degree celcius and you’re looking so good!! I would have just looked like a lumpy mess if it’s that cold. Could you give us some tips of how to layers clothes in winter? That would be realllllllly helpful!! Thanks Joan and I’m loving all your uploads so far!!!! 🥰🥰

  4. Lol this is so weird 😂 I’m watching a vlog that I can actually relate to~ (also portillos is a must on a Chicago trip)

  5. Joan, Abe looks a lot like your dad. And Joan looks like her mom. What a wonderful family❤️👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🏠

  6. Thanks for sharing your Chicago experience, Joan 😍 it's amazing how you and Abe look so similar yet he looks a lot like your dad and you've got your mom's beauty 😻🤗

  7. Everyone says Christmas in Korea is pretty but Christmas overseas is so much homier and cozy 💖💖💖 I love you and Abe and yay leica

  8. Abe, did you try the chocolate cake shake at Portillo's? Ahhh I wish I could have given you a list of places to check out!

  9. Chicago is one of my favorite cities that I’ve ever visited. (Let’s be honest here I haven’t traveled much) but I had so much fun but I regret not trying Chicago style pizza. I really want to go again and maybe plan out where I want to go more.

  10. I missed CHICAGO sooooo bad and this vlog really really reminded me the time that I spent in Chicago. LOVE IT! And super excited that it starts to have subtitles in the vlog!!!!

  11. OMG so I want to that pizzeria when I was in Chicago with some friends and we all didn’t like but I think that we didn’t like it because there was a lot of people and it took them 1 hour to sit us down and 3 hours to get are food

  12. Hi Joan, how do you like your Leica camera? I'm thinking of investing in one but not sure if it's worth it… Thank you and have fun traveling!

  13. Am I the only one seeing the 50% off anything window! I could never just pass it without walking in🙈. Love you Joan!

  14. Abe: that’s so bad for you. You’re so lactose
    Joan: but we asked for less cheese
    // employee cuts pizza and transfers to plate //
    Me: yo that’s not less cheese 😂

  15. It's so amazing having to see you vlog about the places I'm so familiar with. I'm glad you're enjoying Chicago, I always say that o matter where you come from, we'll always make you feel at home <3

  16. Yesss Portillo's is the best! I always get Italian beef and strawberry shortcake (it’s sooooo good)! I go if I’m ever in Chicago or Cali! It’s so cool seeing try some of my favorite food places 😭💕

  17. i always find it so interesting when people (especially youtubers i watch) film themselves exploring chicago. i’ve lived here my entire life so it’s to fascinating to see an outsiders point of view haha

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  19. Recommendation from a Chicagoan is to come back in the summer and take the river walk!!!! Its amazing as one of my favorite things about the city is how many trees there are.

  20. Lou malnatti's house salad is yummy too. And the pesto pasta dish 😍😅😅😅 and when you said popcorn did you go to garrett's?? 😅😅😅

  21. Art Institute has free admission on thursdays.. the museums have a lot of free museum days which they post every now and again

  22. Nice video! Subscribe to out channel as we are a Chicago vlog couple here to provide good ideas for what to do in this city!

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